Regarding my idea/plan called: OurName4Freedom.

How to Strengthen The R3VOLUTION

I've Got MyName4Freedom - Go There And Get - YourName4Freedom

That's the simple slogan we can all be applying to Unite the Entire Freedom Movement.

Note my FB Username: DanielHall4RonPaul.NY All Ron Paul supporters can make their FB Username in this pattern: OurName4RonPaul.STATE. Showing UNITY.


Example: One site we all have (as well as many others) is: < danielhall4freedom is my GDI Username. We naturally create our own unique Username in the OurName4Freedom naming pattern. That's the first thing we each do on the form the SIGN UP NOW button brings new owners to be, to.

We can ALL have Usernames of this UNIFYING NAMING PATTERN. We can each SIGN any Social Media content we Post or Share using our Domain Name. By using our .WS (We Sovereign) Domain Names in any and all of our Social Media contents... we can create a WAVE showing our Unity and Strength. Each domain name initially redirects automatically to each of our Sales Sites. We just ask our fellow Freedom Fighters to go to our link to create TheirName4Freedom domain name. This is how we easily GO VIRAL

I worked for New York Telephone for 22 years.

I know the enormous ability we have to ORGANIZE, UNIFY and STRENGTHEN the entire FREEDOM MOVEMENT using a simple, easy for everyone to do, database technique that can provide ALL THE FUNDING for every individual person and every individual facet we need to address within the entire movement.

Currently there is the Username character limit in GDI of 35 alpha-numeric characters. "4Freedom" takes up eight of them, leaving 27 characters.

000000000000000000000000000 to 999999999999999999999999999 WITH abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz strong>OurName (or slogan)

The combinations are virtually endless and can all end with We Sovereign

Every facet, such as "Stop Agenda 21," "AdamVsTheMan," "We Are Change," "End The Fed," "We Are The FUTURE," and all the other "issues" and concerns we face within the movement: No NWO, 911 Truth, Watch The Vote, et al can be strengthened and unified in such a way that each and every facet can generate all the funding necessary to allow each of them to produce professional quality YouTube channels which will each become SO POPULAR so as to let us create: our own MAIN STREAM MEDIA, millions of us United4Freedom, a literal EMPIRE OF TRUTH.

As well, we can and should be hosting continuous, mega rallies and continuous professional quality music festivals all around the world.

Each facet should have film crews. ie. digital video cameramen, light and sound crews, writers, video editors, directors, actors, music performers, sound editors, et al. There are all these talents already in and among the movement. We are "online people" and we are mega in number!

The only problem is that we ARE NOT wholly organized and unified.

Each facet within the movement already has a figurehead. Tom DeWeese of Stop Agenda 21, Adam Kokesh of AdamVsTheMan, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange, for example. These crews can/should be provided... to every figurehead... of every facet within the movement by our simply doing ths Domain Name BUSINESS where we pay Each Other..


Simple application:
Please see

All the training necessary:
Please see http://


The reason the movement is WEAK instead of STRONG lies in the naming patterns being scattered and separate.

They should be organized in a unifying fashion vs a disperse fashion.

We need to PULL TOGETHER and the naming pattern of our domain names holds the KEY.


* ((( -> Citizen999999999999999999994Freedom/RestoreTheConstitution)))

Do you see how we can each have and the "OurName" portion is unlimited in number of individual possibilities yet we can all be united /whatever figurehead entity/facet within the movement we desire to rally around and support?

.WS ... can come to be known around the world as We Sovereign.

We can all be united together in the Freedom Movement, each be individually sovereign, yet all in unity rallying around any and all facets we choose to support. And we can be PAID HANDSOMELY for doing so.

We can pay ourselves and as our incomes grow use that to pay those in the movement to be the crews we need. crews of digital video cameramen, light and sound crews, writers, video editors, directors, actors, music performers, sound editors, et al.


1. Be invited to go create your Username and Domain Name (described above)
YourName 4Freedom

2. Invite a few others to go to YOUR new .WS domain name to create
TheirName 4Freedom

3. We earn the income to do all that needs to be done within the movement by PAYING OURSELVES.

I invite a few here now to study and try this out. It takes literally minutes to set up.


There is strength in numbers and unity... we have the numbers. We just need to organize correctly.

The Naming Pattern is the KEY:

OurName 4Freedom .ws /Webmasters for any focus we choose to rally around.

INCOME and WORKING CAPITAL (not debt) to do all Activism wholly and professionally! This is all provided to each of us BY US  as such.

SIMPLE... Millions can afford $10 a month.

As these make more we can teach others to do this too.

7 BILLION PEOPLE IN THE WORLD will NOT stop growing.

We can provide for all the people who live now and future people on to eternity w/OurName4Freedom.

We Are The Future

We Sovereign .ws

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