What Massive False Flag Bombing are they Planning Next?

Last month a Union Pacific train load headed to California from Wyoming made a horrifying discovery once arrived at its destination. One of the box cars was completely emptied. That boxcar contained 30 tons of ammonium nitrate, normally fertilizer which is bad enough for the loss of the agricultural and food industry, but ammonium nitrate is the same source of explosive used in the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 that ravaged the Alfred P. Murrah Building. The alleged domestic terrorist Timothy McVeigh and his co-conspirator buddy were thought to have hauled a load of the ammonium nitrate load in a rented trailer, parked it in front of the Murrah building, and detonated it early in the morning thankfully before too many people had showed up for work, but still there were victims. One might recall that a high ranking US Army officer who reviewed the blast damage said that the force of the explosion could not have been simply the ammonium nitrate alone there had to have been an accompanying source of explosive. The media could have been expected to ignore the story and did!

The inside job

How does something as crucially threatening as a load of 30 tons of explosive simply disappear from a train load full of supplies and merchandise that has check points, firemen, and brakemen aboard to assure that the cars all make it through to the destination safely and without interlopers or theft either? It had to have been an inside job! Funny how that happens. Funny, how industry colludes with inside jobs to enable the dirty deeds to be accomplished. One might recall how in 2019 with the sudden emergence of the coronavirus planned pandemic that magically all these newly designed accoutrements were being advertised on TV! masks, gloves, scarfs that could be slid off the face and onto the neck, masks with internal filters for better breathing, just like that!  Yet, what did we see disappear from the shelves? Vitamin C, Elderberry products, Golden Seal root, Fenugreek, and almost all immune supplements such as effervescent vitamin C and antioxidants! Was this all a coincidence? Hardly. It was a well-coordinated unveiling of a little known ailment that required the supposed lockdown, mask mandates, and vaccinations along with all the convenient accessories that the consumer industry could profit off of!

Intentional exclusion of evidence

What was the aftermath of the Oklahoma bombing? Why the Patriot Act of course where such people as civilian survivalist groups, militias, suspected White domestic terrorists, White Supremacists, and anti-abortion groups were all grouped together as the probable cause of this false flag event so this was justification to kill the privacy rights of all Americans now that a bombing had been carried out by a former US soldier (McVeigh) and, of course, and his buddy’s ties to Middle East terrorist groups that they had visited with and had a number of phone calls with were ignored and the foreign source of collusion with the bombing went without further investigation. This was a perfect example of “Never letting a disaster go to waste.” Oh, I almost forgot. Joe Biden worked on the restrictive nature of the Patriot Act as well. Another of his useless contributions.

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