When the Asymmetrical Warfare against the US is Really a Spiritual Battle

Hayward: Democrats Embrace the ‘Four Stages of Ideological Subversion ...


The Communist Democrat, as anyone with any political savvy would recognize, have adopted every possible destructive influence ever used by Marxists. Their long term plans for subversion of democratic and peaceful societies is well known. They’re in it for the long run. Theoretically, the disinformation phase of demoralization takes a couple of generations to gain momentum after the young minds of children have been indoctrinated enough for them to become adult activists who, in turn, will support other up and coming self-deluded youths to bring about the upset of a civil society. From traitors within government to corruption in the courts, the system becomes the enemy of the people it’s supposed to serve as we are now seeing in America.

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Words from the wise

It was President Ronald Reagan, who once said that, “The loss of freedom can only be a generation away.” It would seem that those words were prophetic!

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Worship of injustice

But, what American, as we know it, is under siege from is not just Communists, radical leftists, jihadists, or anarchists, we are up against pure evil. The devil himself is behind this push for the self-destruction of the human race, whether it be simply the US, western culture, or the entire world as the Globalist Agenda is more and more being purveyed to the masses as the illegal immigration movements assisted by NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) using seemingly charitable donations to accommodate those who criminally trespass across our borders and the borders of European countries to further the cause of a “One World Government” that makes it mandatory to accept abortion, sex change operations, gender dysphoria as normal, murderous criminal pardoned because it must have been their unfair background that made them this way, government seizures, and the loss of privacy, all mixed in a cauldron of soul crushing evil. A prison planet where pedophiles rule, drug cartels ply their deadly trade without fear of prosecution, and your demand for law and order makes you a target! Social justice is a myth of the Marxists that implies the exact opposite of what it becomes which is a suffocating form of state control over all.

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Truth is hard to find

The influence of the NGO’s, the lying mainstream media in collusion with Democrats who are destroying America, and the weaponized judicial system have gotten too many of the politically uninvolved and ignorant to accept being gradually taken over by those who would lie, cheat steal, and kill in a heartbeat, just the way any Satanically inspired followers would. We are in the midst of spiritual warfare-Good against Evil, but the details are mired in distractions and rationalizations by the spin doctors whose job it is to distract and distort what the truth is behind the issues. Half of America is composed of the deer in the headlights who don’t seem to comprehend reality so that they are on the fence, misinformed, and inactive as Rome begins to burn.

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No mercy!

The good and conscientious holders of office who are working hard to serve the people are not only in the minority, but are hated and maligned by the evil opposition. Make no mistake about it. These legions of lawless, Godless, and ruthless subversives in the form of activist judges, corrupt Congressmen, Democrat donors, and foreign entities who are attacking America have no mercy. They cannot be reasoned with as they plot assassinations, false flag operations, and fund violent rioting for publicity and intimidation purposes. Once again, the destruction of a civil society while undermining all decent and moral conduct does not serve mankind, it only converts society into a massive prison with a population afraid to step out of line, who have lost what little freedom they ever had while the demonic, mindless, conflicts continue. Needless warfare, raping and pillaging, the very essence of Satan’s joy carried out by paid off politicians, defense contractors, and violent criminals fueled by the sadistic spiritual realm we are faced with today. The question is, do the people understand this? Do they realize who is behind it? When will they act? Will they wait until the streets are burning and supply chains are in crisis mode? By then, it will be much too late.

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