White House Fallacies Over Russian Hacking

When the Chinese hacked into the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) exposing some 20 thousand American identities to possible fraud we heard little reaction from the Obama Administration. When Russia hacked into the Department of Defense and the Pentagon once again there was little reaction on the part of the White House. Yet, when alleged hacking by the Russians was linked to possible e-mail leaks over Hillary’s breached illegal home brew server all hell broke loose! They could have been bothered over national security risks or their very own ineptitude, no, but when it came to a threat over their remaining in power suddenly the DNC got aggressive. When John Podesta’s improprieties were exposed and the “rigged system” both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump had referenced came to light that was when suddenly the White House showed concern.

False allegations

Julian Assange interviewed just a day or two ago was quoted as stating that the Russians did hack into the federal online system, but did not have any part in changing vote counts or interfering with the integrity of the Electoral College as was also confirmed by the intelligence memo released that in carefully worded message said that the Russians hacking had been confirmed, but there was no evidence that the US electoral process had been affected. The process had been politicized however as Hillary was never prosecuted for her violation of State Department handling of classified documents as well as her intentional obstruction of the investigation and destruction of evidence. Only when the Russians may have assisted in the release of the truthful account of how the DNC prevented Bernie Sanders from amassing votes and Hillary authorizing the use of force against Donald Trump rallies did the Democrats raise their voices as well as their impotent response.

No limit to the ruthlessness

One might recall that 2 members of the DNC died in quick succession once suspected members of the campaign had leaked evidence to Wiki Leaks. One man was killed in a traffic accident while riding his ten speed bike. Seth Rich as murdered, shot in the back on a busy street without any motive of robbery as his wallet had not been stolen. Julian Assange, who also had his top human rights lawyer die in a controversial suicide due to leaping in front of a train, issued a $20,000 dollar reward for information leading to who was responsible for the murders.

Pattern of lawlessness

In the recent past the United States under the Obama State Department interfered with other foreign governments such as aiding the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt only to have a Muslim Brotherhood leader, Morsi, a friend of Hillary’s placed into power. The Obama White House assisted in the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya and unlawfully put US Air Force assets under foreign command without Congressional permission. President Obama sent DNC election officials to Israel to attempt to unseat Netanyahu during his re-election bid and failed. Once again, the Democrat and liberal double standard applies here. It’s okay for America to interfere in foreign elections even allowing our enemies to take power, but it’s not okay for the Russians to attempt the same! Clearly and typically hypocritical and the very essence upon which the Obama administration has operated.

Deception you can count on

Chuck Schumer makes threats toward Donald Trump saying that US intelligence agencies can carry out grave consequences against presidents who do their job the way the new President Elect will be carrying out his policies. The message is clear that in the next term the Democrats will continue their vengeful wrath against Donald Trump with all their false accusations and deceptive narratives even enlisting the aid of former AG Eric Holder, convicted of contempt against Congress for withholding subpoenaed evidence and having acquitted guilty terrorists during the 1993 Twin Towers attack. America will once again be thrust into divisiveness thanks to the continued efforts of a party that would rather risk American lives than do their job in patriotic and Constitutional fashion. The mainstream media as well simply want to deflect the true implications of the extent of DNC wrongdoing by provoking the Russians.

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Comment by Burbia on January 7, 2017 at 4:37pm
Obama Drops from 3rd to 48th in Forbes’ “Most Powerful People” List

DECEMBER 15, 2016

This is the elite’s expression of disgust over Obama’s poor performance in Syria, which led to their failed march against the highly prized Revolutionary Iran.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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