Why Income Taxes Are the Biggest Fraud Ever Perpetrated Part II

Under the King George government the 13 Colonies struggled after their own currency was rejected by the British rule in favor of the European Central bank  Royal currency. The Colonials found that their once stable currency was not subject to inflationary cycles that devalued the worth of their new dollar. Now out of their control and in the hands of the private families such as the Rothchilds economic changes could be imposed that were not the decisions of the 13 Colony government! This was just one more straw that broke the Camel's back in a number of grievances that the British royalty refused to remedy or even address. As a result, war was imminent!

Breaking the bonds of fiscal slavery

Once the War of Independence was fought and the 13 Colonies regained their own sovereignty still the Eurpean Central bank had to be dealt with. It was not until the Presidency of Andrew Jackson that finally the foreign bank was thrown out and abolished! Now America could finally establish its own banking system and manage a currency based upon being backed by true assets such as gold and silver! Jackson, the hero of the Battle of New Orleaans against the British in 1812 would survive several attempts at his assassination by operatives of the European Central Bank and for the next 75 years the US expanded its territory, set up international trade agreements, and enjoyed a thriving economy!


However in 1913, President Woodrow Wilson, a progressive and known antisemite cut a deal allowing the resurrection once again of the European Central bank under the Federal Reserve along with its terrorist collection arm the IRS. Promising more banking stability and an insurance of economic growth the American people were rewarded 16 years later with the Stock market Crash of 1929 followed by the Great Depression in 1932. A worldwide depression quickly followed as all international markets were impacted! As Norman Dodd, a young banking executive was informed by his Morgan Bank Manager, sound banking principles would never be practiced again in the US. This, Dodd would find out, after he had been directed to investigate the causes of the Great Depression and report back to his Morgan Bank board of directors. One year later they sat as he gave his presentation without any intention of acting on Norman's findings.

Fate of whistleblowers

Dodd was offered a highly paid cream puff job in order to obviously shut him up, but after a year of keeping his feet on the desk he couldn't handle knowing what he knew and remain silent about it. Collecting a nice living, keeping his mouth shut, and not rocking the boat was not his style and when confronting his superiors he was fired . Norman Dodd found out quickly that there was no longer a job availeble for him in the entire industry! Dodd had been blackballed. He was forced to seek another career as an investment advisor. Dodd would later fullfil a crucial role in exposing Communist influence in America's educational trust foundations in years to come.

The dirty deal

Under the Emergency Powers Act, once FDR was sworn into the Oval Office America would experience a foreign controlled banking system once again and in years to come an income tax burdened population would be subjected to inflationary and recession  cycles that artificially increased and devalued real estate, the US dollar, and would eat away at the buying power of the American consumer as they were harassed by the Internal Revenue Service who enforced the Congressional call for more tax increases and threatened with stiff penalties as the decades went on!

Sad conversion

The United States was now a tyranical entity having converted its citizens to the legalistic definition of commercial product under Maritime Law who were nothing more than economic generators to offset the debt paid by the Federal Government to the Federal Reserve in order to recoup the fake losses in equity and currency value to the private familes who owned the banking cabal known as this Federal Reserve! Each American born after the mid 1930's would be enslaved into a system they did not understand and were not informed about. Their Birth Certificates no more than a Stock Market indicators of what their estimated income would be and how much of it would be taxed over a lifetime! The US Citizen was no better off now than a cow in a pasture for the farmer producing milk and breeding new calves for future income for the farmer. Only the farmer now would be the families who owned the Federal Reserve!

Progressive taxation

Income taxes began as a very small percentage of the worker's paycheck until today when many citizens can easily see how they literally work for the equivalent earnings from of January to May just to pay their tax burden over the course of a year! It's funny how America became the greatest nation on the face of the earth without income tax until 1913! For more than one hundred and thirty two years Americans were not unconstitutionally taxed for their labor or wages under an unapportioned tax as they are now! Taxation without representation led to the Revolutionary War in 1775. As hamstrung with the ever increasing cost of homes, auto, food, licensing, and other state, county, city, ad Valorem taxes, and federal taxes Americans are the most highly taxed nation on earth! Yet, our government spends billions in foreign aid each and every year! Much of that goes to the IMF which defers to the UN and to countries that are our enemies! How did this insanity begin? Why do the people accept it?

Distorting messages

It is often said that the greatest achievment of the Devil was to convince people that he did not exist. This way, they could be assured that they were not being misled and could continue in their world of dismissing absolutes. Of course. the fatal error is in denying evil exists especially in politics and dealing with the public on a massive scale reassuring untruthfulness became a milestone in conduct for the leftists! Government while erroneously proclaiming the separation of church and state intentionally distorted Thomas Jefferson's letter to the Dansbury Baptists when he said that the Church must never be separated from the state in order to influence moral legislation but the Democrats succeeded in redirecting the intentions of our Forefathers claiming that separating the church from that state rather than separating the state from interfering in the conduct of the church in the matters of the government. In doing so, an immoral and unethical modus operandi emerged as Democrat Party agenda began to poison the direction of American politics. The masses have been effectively deceived into accepting the unacceptable!


In websites like the IRS.com and Quatloos. com the corrupted federal government agencies use propaganda to convince those on the trail of government corruption that certain people who have taken a stand against illegal and unconstituional income tax have been beaten, have been proven wrong, that their arguments are no longer valid! They claim that prior Supreme Court rulings that render the IRS an illegal claim to collecting income tax is old legislation no longer relevant! They are lying! These court proceedings are still valid and when they proclaim that IRS assertions of tax liability are no longer applicable they are lying! Everyday, juries who have not been prejudiced by prosecutors for the IRS are ruling in favor of the victim who alleges IRS abuse and the the IRS has no legal jusrisdiction according to the US Constitution and past Supreme Court rulings but you will neve hear this from the sold out news media or any admission by Congress concerning the IRS. The deceptive site "Quatloos" has been linked to a southern California liberal group.


The more and more we turn to government these days for solid answers to problems and conflicting policy the more we realize that the corruption and lies are stifling. Only the truth can lift the fog of lies and tyranny that run deep in a Federal government we were taught to count on like God, but that is a falsehood as the government is made up of men and women full of frailty, greed, and ambition that does not represent the interests of the people they are supposed to serve!

Embedded Deep State

The only people that lose coming up against the tyranny of the IRS are those who have been betrayed by the corrupt federal judges put in their places for the purposes of upholding the Big Lie of the income tax. You have already seen this when the courts have resisted President Trump in enacting legal executive orders to protect our nation's borders by activist Obama appointed judges who are clearly legislating from the bench! The worst thing that a US citizen can do is to ascribe to what the IRS says as its published propaganda pieces like "The IRS Really Hits its Stride" or arguments of past IRS agents are now denied by the IRS, what a lie! These people like Sherry Jackson Peel, Joe Bannister, and Jim Turner who were all special agents and were advanced officers  with excellent careers completely disintegrate IRS claims by identifying their lies! Advising citizens to resist the propaganda presented by the IRS supported by the weight of a compromised US mass media who have been ordered to further this lie! Our citizens need only to obey our Constitution! Anymore than that falls under being victimized by the lies of the rogue Deep State government who must be stopped!

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Comment by Doc Vega on August 13, 2019 at 6:16am

ron proul An insurance spokesman once said that if any insurance came up with a retirement plan like Social Security they would be sued and run out of town! The amount of corruption and ID theft that the system invites demonstrates you should never rely on the government to manage funds especially when the SS individual trusts were allowed to be deposited into the General Fund thanks to the Democrats. Doing this ensured that someday the system will go bankrupt!

Comment by ron proul on August 12, 2019 at 5:41pm

It was also the Fed that came up with the idea of Social Security, promising that if you belonged you'd get your withheld money back along with employer shares. Well as it turned out you only get the employer share that congress then decided to tax, cuz it wasn't yours, and your 50% with holding used to operate the fund, as it turns out that tax windfall netted the government up to 70% of the contribution. When challenged on this they say the monies are in U.S. Bonds, yeah right try to get it when the fund goes broke. The second biggest fraud foisted on the taxpayer

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