Terrorism: The Perfect Perpetual War

What kind of operating scheme can render the world into lawlessness, profit the perpetrators handsomely, and can be conducted indefinitely? If you answered, the war on terrorism, you were right. Let us review.

  • Lawlessness is the perfect environment in order to get away with a scheme, right?
  • The sale of weapons by arms dealers, bankers financing them, and the leaders of many countries involved in these deals is very lucrative, right?
  • What kind of conflict can literally go on forever? Terrorism, right, no proof of one single nation as the aggressor, operatives spread all over the globe, orders on demand for acts of hostility easily implemented from any laptop or PC. Doesn’t get any easier than that, right?
  • Many critics of the war on terrorism point out that is it is  a war on us and our liberties as more and more laws are enacted to supposedly curb the sale of arms, approve invasive violation of personal privacy, and creates the ultimate excuse for a crackdown on civilians any time any where.    


Convenience for the ruling class

Terrorism is the only threat that can legitimize the destruction of our freedoms and accelerate our existence to being under the command of a fascist one world order that seems to be well on schedule. When war becomes so profitable and convenient for those who seek it than it will never be eradicated from the world. If it is a convenient way to create conflict, misdirect investigation, and destabilize nations unfriendly to the sponsors of the terrorist state.

When allies become enemies

Is it not surprising that an incident that consisted of two alleged terrorists shooting at civilians from their car and throwing grenades turned out to be British soldiers in disguise? When notified of this development by Iraqi police, the British showed up in a tank convoy demanding the release of their men. When the Iraqi police resisted the British used force to get their soldiers back! What were the British doing a form of clandestine violence, the very enemy they are supposedly committed to stopping?

From the most unlikely source

A retired Israeli military officer is caught selling arms to terrorists in Iraq. These weapons, having components made only in Israel, have been responsible for the deaths of many US soldiers. What would an Israeli officer be involved in selling arms to radical forces for? Disconcerting, but true, the evidence leads us down a deadly and twisted path of corruption but, even worse, traitorous behavior. That behavior seems to be linked to the persistent terrorism constantly plaguing the Middle East as well as other parts of the world.

The Clinton Legacy

Going back to the 1993 bombing of the New York World trade Center we know that Eric Holder (convicted felon pardoned by Clinton) represented the terrorists responsible for causing the death and destruction that occurred then. His clients, convicted terrorists, were granted pardons. During the President Clinton’s terms, a number of deadly terrorist acts that cost American civilian and military lives were met with little if any response, though the President had vowed that the cowards would not be allowed to escape the vengeance of America for these heinous acts.

Iraq strike three you’re out

Now, as Iraq is overrun with Islamic terrorism, President Obama seeks to include Iran, a state that has sponsored terrorism and vowed to destroy America and Israel, to negotiate with the Taliban. Thanks to the rapid withdrawal of American forces under President Obama without adequate training for Iraqi forces who would replace them, disaster seems inevitable. Witnesses have reported that the vastly outnumbered Taliban and terrorist operatives were met by an Iraqi military that laid down their guns and joined the insurgents. Now the Obama White House will rely upon Iran to negotiate with the terrorists rapidly gaining ground in Iraq.

Proliferation of the atomic threat

Little known to the US public that  the US media’s intentionally overlooks, Iranian and American officials met in Geneva discussing ways to allow Iran to acquire a nuclear arsenal. With the onset of Iranian negotiations being allowed by the Obama State Department over the threatened overthrow of Iraq it seems that nuclear armament will be assured. The Middle East will be assuredly brought one critical step closer to a deadly use of force.

Aiding and abetting terror

The American government seems to have a history of very close ties to terrorists that have caused much death and destruction among our soldiers and civilians while the horrid acts of hostility seem to go unpunished or inexplicably forgiven. It is clear that this contrary behavior by the diplomats indicates an insidious relationship with an enemy that can only be explained as for the purpose of perpetuating a never ending war that many will capitalize upon at the cost of the blood of innocent victims while the atrocities drag on. Only token prosecution and blistering speeches never backed by action seem the only response to this nightmarish scenario of Machiavellian horror designed to keep the profits from death alive and well through-out the world! 


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Comment by Spydaman13 on June 22, 2014 at 4:48am
Especially when u got ALCIA-DA

"Destroying the New World Order"


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