.WS = WE SOVEREIGN www.ourname4freedom.ws/Ron_Paul


watch vid at www.yourname4freedom.ws , that's the mechanics we are all provided as soon as we each join through one another...

we can all work together and create the money we need to end the need for money... using what we make to work on all facets of our RBE... in unity w/4Freedom.

to unite us all 4freedom and help in the ron paul campaign... we can all make it a profitable business

to end debt, end the fed, end money, move towards a rbe

unlimited numbers of people around the world can do this

learn, share & teach www.explorefreedom.com/4freedom


.WS = WE SOVEREIGN www.ourname4freedom.ws/Ron_Paul

I used to own 27 Fort Place, Staten Island, NY 10301 Am a LIFE MEMBER at: http://sidet246.tripod.com/

I spent Jan. 16 - 21, 2012 in San Jose and Jaco. I bought a 2 bedroom villa through Costa Developers in the Esterillos Este area (about here http://g.co/maps/4qnz8 ) which I am told will be completed initially by May 2012. I am retired early (age 53) and live in Riverdale NY USA. I am studying by watching many of your and others videos here online. I aim to frequent Costa Rica regularly. Looking to share perhaps in sailing/boating, even car rides from NYC area to Pacific side of Costa Rica. It's wonderful, so much information to prepare for what I see as my future there. Pura Vida! Thank you.

www.DanielHall-SupportsRonPaul.ws RON PAUL FOR? PRESIDENT? 2012.  www.OurName4Freedom.ws  .WS = WE SOVEREIGN

End Debt = End The Fed = END OF WARS   RON PAUL 2012

https://www.youtube.com/user/iCostaRica24?feature=watch   Yes-Starship Trooper 1973 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Jhk5MEugJY Yes-And You and I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KPi9jFIObQ


Subject: Costa Developers. I am buying a two bedroom house to be built in the Esterillos sub-division.

Dan 718-682-1513 Riverdale NY 10463


.WS = WE SOVEREIGN www.ourname4freedom.ws/Ron_Paul


My Username & Domain Name = DanielHall4Freedom


1. Go to www.YourName4Freedom.ws

2. Press the Sign Up button...

Make your Username:



3. Complete the entire form (short pg. by short pg.)

Make your Domain Name:


(.ws is default top level domain extension)

The Freedom Movement translates .WS as We Sovereign.


4. Automatically once you submit immediately upon completing the sign-up form... your domain name goes to a Replicate Sales Site that provides others YOU INVITE to go to the Sign Up button via your domain name... for THEM to (open an account just like you did) but making THEIR Username & Domain Name:


Whatever We want to use for OurName/TheirName is wide open. Yet we are ALL 4FREEDOM.

We each get PAID monthly commissions as we INVITE others to JOIN us becoming UNITED by using "4Freedom".



We can grow to millions upon millions of us by each of us just inviting a few to do this.

We can UNITE the Freedom Movement and get PAID monthly commissions doing it.

You being good at VIDEO STUFF here can create videos that explain this process.

We each see our networks GROWING.


This is a super-great opportunity. Our using Free Enterprise to EMPOWER the grassroots, Boots on the Ground, FREEDOM MOVEMENT.



YourName 4 RonPaul (= your Username) YourName 4 Freedom (= your Domain Name)

Example, My Domain Name is:


GOAL = $4000 Monthly Income (ALL AUTOMATED)

Reach that goal by each of us getting ours and using ours to invite 5 others to get:

TheirName4Freedom .ws


... .WS = WE SOVEREIGN Win Ron Win * Cyber Rally .WS = WE SOVEREIGN

.WS = WE SOVEREIGN www.danielhall4freedom.ws/Family .WS = WE SOVEREIGN  www.OurName4Freedom.ws/Ron_Paul .WS = WE SOVEREIGN  www.DanielHall4Freedom.ws .WS = WE SOVEREIGN www.YourName4Freedom.ws Win Ron Win * Cyber Rally To support BOOTS ON THE GROUND

... Some link groups I use on Facebook: http://voteronpaul.us/ http://imgur.com/oR22T www.ronpaul2012.com/sign-up-as-volunteer/ www.facebook.com/groups/watchthevote2012/ www.danielhall4freedom.ws/Family .WS = WE SOVEREIGN

www.OurName4Freedom.ws I like Ron Paul.

PEACE www.DanielHall4Freedom.ws PROSPERTY

Patriots, we have to seriously empower the R3volution, the Freedom Movement, the Ron Paul Tea Party. The serious way we can do this is via Small Business. We are MOST POWERFUL ONLINE.

There is a company that 'pays people to refer people' to their "Website Package."

We can arrange it so that each Freedom Movement PATRIOT can be earning $4000 a month. With this sort of extra income coming into the hands of We Patriots we will be able to conduct the entire FREEDOM MOVEMENT in a way which will overwhelm the GRASSROOTS.

All we do is: 1. Obtain this "WebSite Package" (It costs $10 a month.) 2. Make our Username AND Domain name in this fashion: OURNAME4FREEDOM <--- That's our Naming Pattern.

"OurName" can be whatever we want, but we will all be united around "4Freedom."

Because the OurName portion is able to be 22 characters long there is a nearly infinite number of names, nic-names, combinations etc. of what OurName can be. 3. As we each get ours, we then invite others to get theirs.

The company provides all the rest. We just take 5 minutes to open our account. In there we create our Usename... and Domain Name: OurName4Freedom.

Mine is DanielHall4Freedom. - - - - - SUPER EMPOWER THE R3VOLUTION

This is a domain name business that provides a "WebSite" package for only $10 a month. What I am suggesting is that we can all UNITE and use the .WS to mean for us: We Sovereign.

.WS = We Sovereign.

We are selling a legitimate product that is a HUGE communications tool for us all here online. For each OurName4Freedom domain name we create for ourselves (which costs us each just $10 a month...) as we sign our Status Updates and Posts with our 4Freedom Domain Names... until any of us has actually built our "WebSite" automatically re-directs our URL to go to a Sales site tracked by each of our Usernames.

All of us are familiar with Usernames and passwords for all the stuff we do online.

Here's an example of one of the Sales sites we all get (There are about a dozen or so other sites (variety) but they are all "tracked" according to each of our UNIQUE Usernames.): www.YourName4Freedom.ws

We can make each of our sites (as we desire) to show and tell all sorts of stuff for whatever FREEDOM means to each of us. As for me and my house...

Ron Paul becoming President = FREEDOM. That's my gut feeling.

We all have the ability to build our sites however we please.

Since we are being paid to refer others to get this product, as we grow in UNITY and enlarging ourselves into a mass network of us, each of us just doing a little, grows to more and more of us. As we grow we're each receiving more income each month.

We can hire Webmasters (possibly friends) to maintain and put on our WebSites our desired content.

Ex. I sign my Status Updates, Posts and Video shares... www.DanielHall4Freedom.ws

If we each did this we'd turn our efforts here into a profitable enterprise, each could create an LLC and use all the tax benefits of owning a Small Business. .WS = We Sovereign.

Over the years I have seen this continue to grow and grow and as they do they improve the product. Value of ownership increases.

We're gonna need to do a lot more in The Freedom Movement. Stuff being done costs... in order to get Ron Paul nominated and elected. This Small Business, Domain Name UNITY and Strength and Increasing Monthly Income for each of us Empowers us all to do ALL the MORE Boots on the Ground, Donations, et al.

- - - - -

It takes 5 minutes to fill out a simple form online and payments and commissions and customer support are all automated and/or conducted by the company.

If we start doing this we can create a WAVE of people each signing their posts in social networks proudly supporting Ron Paul via the content they place on...

THEIR .WS ***** We Sovereign WebSites... signing (in each of our places), www.MyName4Freedom.ws

We can make the process of donating into a profitable business so we can all donate to that MAX... and have the funds to continue all stronger on into the future. www.OurName4Freedom.ws

- - - - - Yours, www.DanielHall-SupportsRonPaul.ws www.OurName4Freedom.ws .WS = We Sovereign

$7 million days every month! ... Win Ron Win * Cyber Rally .WS = WE SOVEREIGN www.danielhall4freedom.ws/Family .WS = WE SOVEREIGN  www.OurName4Freedom.ws/Ron_Paul .WS = WE SOVEREIGN  www.DanielHall4Freedom.ws .WS = WE SOVEREIGN www.YourName4Freedom.ws Win Ron Win * Cyber Rally To support BOOTS ON THE GROUND

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