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At 10:15am on August 16, 2016, Robert Colescott said…

Thanks for your message Less Prone.  I hope you and the members appreciate my comments when I make them from time to time.  Thank you for providing another source of information and for allowing comments.  

At 1:18am on July 17, 2016, Kroenen said…
At 1:02pm on April 4, 2016, Becster2016 said…
I've been learning alot lately... But need to learn more
At 5:38pm on March 5, 2016, Princess Leia Lucas said…

Happy to know you. I am trying to go public with my story, but estranged husband and government want me penniless, and gone. Appreciate your candor! Hugs to you, from P. Leia

At 8:00am on January 1, 2016, Anti Everything said…

Appreciatcha, Less Prone. Maybe I  say Less Prone More Productive! Anyway, glad you find the material posted worthy of a read or view.

At 11:05pm on December 29, 2015, TAQ'UEE HICKS said…

Thanks for the welcome. I feel I am in the right place.

At 6:43am on December 5, 2015, Sarah Rotella said…
Thank you, I agree.
At 11:00am on November 23, 2015, Doug McArea said…

Thank you my friend

It is heartening that it would seem that more and more people are becoming enlightened to reality. It is, however, an uphill struggle to inform the more immovably passive who are led by the major media. The starkness of the truth can frighten, anger and be a deterrent to awakening them. We must tread carefully and put forward our findings in a manner that inspires curiosity.

At 7:11pm on November 16, 2015, truth said…

HWoodTom was offered an admin job by one other admin, and later, when told,  approved it via others in favor of him... I simply changed my mind HWood. It happens, apologies, no need to run  for the door Tom..

At 6:51pm on November 16, 2015, Central Scrutinizer said…

Tom, Hw00d here, Admin, gotta ask WHY???

At 4:47am on September 3, 2015, Rick V said…

Thanks for the warm welcome :) I've hated the lies that invade most aspects of current earthly existence as long as I can remember. Time to surround myself with truth seekers.


At 10:30am on July 15, 2015, Kaylee said…
Thanks less! I m excited to be here.
At 4:09am on July 15, 2015, Galerius Maximinianus said…

Hi Less. Thanks for the welcome!

At 9:36am on July 14, 2015, Ahyash Yasharahla said…
Lol the NWO does suck. They are the devil's progeny but there is more than one way to skin a cat isn't there? It starts by communicating. The enemy likes to work through ignorance but they can't keep all of us distracted.
At 11:45pm on June 11, 2015, Ian Tso i'Wohali MacLeod said…

To anyone who knew Liz Dillard and John Ryan, I've some sad news - they are no longer with us. Here's what information I have, such as it is. Please let any friends of theirs know. This is a copy of what I've posted on their pages:

Liz had been saturated in the new Denver with an unidentified, apparently unidentifiable mold that almost killed her. She ended up hyper-sensitive to artificial substances like air fresheners, you-name-it. She couldn't eat GMOs, anything with preservatives, etc. Recently (a few months ago) she was unknowingly exposed to an air freshener that had soaked into the seat material right by her face in John Ryan's truck, and she became irrational. Her friends and family got her home, but John HAD to work (he was a truck driver) so they could have a place to live. He was going to do some repair work on a rather special, old guitar of mine - a Harmony hollow-body electric - that had belonged to my late wife's father, and I had loaned them a night-vision scope in a woven vinyl case. Well, suddenly we lost touch.

John and Liz both stopped calling, then their phones were shut off. I finally, just 2 days ago, managed to make it over to their trailer, and it was empty. Some neighbors informed me that Liz's family had shown up with a trailer, emptied the place out and left. The story is that Liz shot and killed John while he slept, then shot and killed herself. I've had some trouble with money and other things and hadn't been able to make it over until just a couple of days ago. I'd been trying to help out, but not enough, apparently.

If anyone from their families would contact me I'd very much appreciate it. My email is ian_t_macleod@yahoo.com

Liz and John, it was a hellofa time to check out, dammit! We'll meet again, though. Love to you both; sorry we missed each other this time around!


At 3:07pm on June 8, 2015, Ian Tso i'Wohali MacLeod said…

Hello! I'm in Central Oregon, and trying to get out of this area. There's NO ONE in my own family I can talk to about this. They think I've "gone nuts" in my old age or something. Friends, family - they're "...sick of hearing all this conspiracy theory crap. Get a life!"  They don't get it, won't look, won't listen. I'm just an old medic/paramedic, etc., disabled (nerve damage, 7 back operations)... I've an old 5th wheel I'm trying to get into shape, and an old pickup to pull it. Oh yeah - I've been a professional musician, and I'm a singer/songwriter. I've a few on YouTube, but that's about it. As for getting people to listen and ACT - I don't see it happening. Until there's a REAL disaster that really touches people, nobody's going pay attention, and by then it will be too late. I wish I had some better ideas.

At 6:42pm on May 22, 2015, Rich by Drone said…

Thanks for the welcome. I'm happy to be here and looking to meet as many patriots as possible especially any that live near me in the Jax area.

At 3:23pm on May 18, 2015, Charlie Bluehawk said…

I am 56 years old. I spent 48 years of my life trying to get people to care - about anything.  I failed.  I did two Internet Radio Shows (honest-government,org, youtube.com/the2012fad, and justicecaps.com). 

The evil we see today could end now - right now - if people cared. We outnumber the "masters" at least one million-to-one.

The reason evil exists is that people do not care. Why? I have no idea. But I threw my entire life away based on the belief that "people are basically good."

I was wrong.

I finally fled the USA in 2007 and went to New Zealand - a country so ugly, so evil, so vicious, so brutal that it made the USA look good. How was that even possible?

I grew up with ex-military street thugs who were so stupid they made "The SImpsons" look smart - and yet they personally knew a USA President, , and millionaires , and every headlight act in Vegas.

They were the scum of the Earth, and yet they never went to jail, were never even accused (only by me - the "village idiot").

They did business with CIA/Mafia guys; sub-continent Braham class drug lords; iranian drugs lords; Saudi princes - and they were morons.

So - do you want the world to be a better place? Figure out how to get people to care.

Figure out how to get people to just say one word: "no."

Get people to say "no" to Obama and his mass murders. 

Get people to say "no" to cops shooting people down in the streets.

Get people to say "no" to a military that butchers countries across the world for the benefit of a corporation and their "bottom line."

If you can figure out how to get people just to care - you will win.

At 8:40pm on April 23, 2015, Cowboy Tech said…

No matter what someone says, you will always come to know them better by their actions over their words.

Intent, knowledge and wisdom applied with understanding.

Words for knowledge, understanding and wisdom. Action for example.

At 7:22pm on April 10, 2015, Regine g. said…
I just added a comment earlier on, but it disapear...
Anyway I am new a this "game" but it is a serious and scary game, because somebody is playing with our life... Somebody is trying to play with our food intake, our personal life including health, pet, anything making us an human being, but, for the profit of an other entity..... Not for our use. Anyway after scanning so many of my food at home, and thinking about all the intake of GMO I ingested through the years, without my knowledge and against my will, if somebody asked me, it is just scary. Can I grow my crops and have my feeds, no, so, I am not sure where to go to avoid all of this. And I cannot keep on to scan the barcode of the food I eat, every single time. What about restaurant, what r they feeding u also? So.... At least I can control the food for the kids (my bb pets) and for me, wish me luck....

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