Clarification in my stance concerning the Nikki Minaj affair.

First off, when you go to this video, you will see this is not the title. But I'd like to begin by saying that I have said many times and anyone who knows me knows this...I'm ready to be wrong at 'any time' to be in the 'right' at the end of this!
Now, I left a comment to this video.
"Nikki also said pray. Everyone can avoid it like it's nothing. But it's also a YouTube policy. They don't want anyone promoting prayer either. Wake up. Do as Jesus said. Pray!"
Someone named 'messenger ministries' attempted to chastized me saying she was/is a part of the system, was sold out to satan(as if I did not know, as if they were giving me news) was just Grand standing to help the system to mock the rest of us, and that 'I' and no one should pray for her (which...I never said).
I would like to clarify a few things. First off, I could be fully wrong about her actually being a 'him'. To be honest with you all, unlike Beyonce, Gaga, and Cardi B, along with May West, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy, Madonna, and many others, I have not seen any actual proof or indications that Nikki is a man. Not one. I could be wrong for both considerations. So far..'she' looks like a 'she'.
Is she a sell out? Yes. Has she taken oaths to be where she is? Yes. I know she has some masonic connections. Has she done 'works to betray and debauch and degenerate the youth? Definately! 'That' can all be proven and demonstrated.
But when it comes to what has just happened, there is no denying that it goes fully against her fallen master and his fallen desires and wishes.
If she is grand standing, we'll find out. If she is faking, we'll find out. You all have to remember something. The enemy is defeated. He lost when he murdered Jesus and hung him up. He lost when Father in Heaven raised Jesus up three days later. He was lost before, and he has and is truly lost ever since. Everything works towards Father in Heaven's will and praise, and nothing the enemy or his followers have done or do will EVER effect, affect, or change this. In the end, it will ALL BRING GLORY AND HONOUR AND PRAISE TO FATHER GOD YAHWEH IN HEAVEN AND YAHUSHUAH CHRIST JESUS, NOW AND FOR ALL ETERNITY! AMEN HALLELUJAH!
I feel sad for those who give too much credit and power to the adversary, to the enemy and his servants and workers. They are much like the 10 who saw and life experienced awe-inspiring miracles and deliverance in the wilderness but still only saw 'giants' as big and themselves as 'too small' instead of the two who remembered God in Heaven's miracles and glory and deliverance and saw 'Father God in Heaven' as BIG and those 'giants' as the 'small'!
Having said that, here is my reply to 'messenger ministries'.

" @messenger ministries  did I say 'pray for her'? No. I said her sin against her master's was suggesting WE PRAY! THAT is why they had a baby.
Nice emotional knee jerk reaction. Unfortunately I'm not 'perfect' like you. If she's a fraud, it will come out. NONE of them...or your fears and concerns...are more powerful than the most high Father God in Heaven and Christ Jesus and none will make a showing against them!
Now mabye go read Ezekiel chapter 18. Specifically verses 20-23 and verses 30-32. Then remind yourself of Christ Jesus's solid instruction to 'pray for your enemies'. I will choose to 'not' argue with my King. I'll leave you to make your choice. Just like his other instruction, 'Treat others how you would be treated!'. Since I have been forgiven of much, I have no problem with others being forgiven of much."

I pray to Father Yahweh in Heaven and Yahushuah Christ Jesus that this clarifies things for people out there.
Liars (WHOEVER anyone out there thinks they are...Minaj, Tucker, Fox, deep state, satanists, luciferians, witches, media whores, etc) and the fallen father of lies...WILL EFFECT NOTHING AGAINST THE MOST HIGH BUT 'WIND'!

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