Dream of Power of A Testimony, Lets Study Verses

Mark 6:30-44Mark 5Mark 7:31-37Mark 8Joel 2:28-32Acts 2:17-21John 14:6Mathew 21:21-22Mark 11:20-26

Your 1st dream really speaks to me. The J.W. Jesus called me out of that cult. More specifically in 2006 when I looked up to Father in Heaven ready to rededicated my life and get serious. I 'thought' they were 'the way' because of the 'appearance' both the world gives them, and they give themselves and profess. That was when he made it clear that the J.W.'s were NOT 'the way'. Talk about a head spinner. I needed clarification because this confused me and my 'understandings'. Yet Jesus said "Not yet! I will not give them to you yet. 'YOU' need to be cleaned up first. Face 'yourself' first, remove those layers of dross and scum, otherwise they and any other I send you after will 'go to town on you' and 'have fun with/make play of you'. Once I consider you clean enough, then I will clarify what is wrong with them. 'Then' I will give it to you and give them and many others in to your hands to expose!"...which he did 3 years later, when he baptized me...as 'no man' would.
The J.W.'s remind me of the Pharisees. Self righteous. Haughty. High minded. Yet bringing nothing truly good, no growth. Rather, frustrating and confusing those within that 'flock'. They had made me feel that way since childhood, so I 'knew' what Jesus was telling me was 'true', it was EXACTLY what I had lived, life experience.
The very names say so much. Pharisees. Phares...headlights in French, making you think of 'illumination'. Pharisees....'far I sees'. Believing and professing miracles and the supernatural. Yet they don't see very far do they? No, not that 'far' ahead at all. Never coming to true fulfilling understanding and clarification. Still 'hiding' and denying many things and only revealing to whom the 'elders' consider 'worthy' after being 'questioned' by said 'elders'. So very....masonic...'illumined'!
And the Sadducees. Making me think of the other very holy 'appearing' group...the Muslims. Very devout. Very 'strict' in their religion and following it 'strictly'. Denying themselves often. Fasting. Denying miracles and supernatural things. So very very 'sad you see'! Getting close to God in Heaven, just...not close enough. Messing it up somewhere along the way, near the end. Much like those J.W.'s.
One must give their testimony and share, like that 1 Samaritan leper who turned back to praise Jesus, not like the 9 Jewish lepers who took the healing yet walked off and kept it to themselves.
Like the man born blind who did not fear 'any man' like his parents because being born blind, he knew what 'true' blindness was and, being overjoyed to finally 'see' truly, refused to deny the one who gave him sight no matter what it would cost him.
How many miss the testimony of the village of pig raisers who asked that Jesus 'leave' their village. No one takes note. They were Jews. Raising pigs. Does anyone not know from the laws of Moses Father Yahweh in Heaven's 'view' of pigs/swine? What was a village of Jews doing being involved in the raising of pigs? Be it for food or for profit, since they were to have nothing to do with the filthy pig? If for food, they were ignoring the law of Moses. If for profit and to 'snare' others by them, certainly not demonstrating brotherly love whether to their own or to Samaritans and men of other nations. The most telling is that they don't recognize the demon possessed man delivered and healed, they don't recognize their own deliverance. No, they recognize lose of 'profit', and not a 'true prophet', and ask/demand that he leave. As well the other great lesson/witness/and testimony. When Jesus asked the demons within the man "What is your name?"...and he answered "Legion, for we are many!". Legion...as in 're- legion'...."for we are many!". Indeed, so many false 're-legions', one for every flavour and taste, however one wants their ears and egos tickled and fondled and stroked!
Amazing 'witness' my brother in Christ Jesus, amazing

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