19 Facts About The Deindustrialization Of America That Will Make You Weep


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The United States is rapidly becoming the very first "post-industrial" nation on the globe. All great economic empires eventually become fat and lazy and squander the great wealth that their forefathers have left them, but the pace at which America is accomplishing this is absolutely amazing. It was America that was at the forefront of the industrial revolution.
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It was America that showed the world how to mass produce everything from automobiles to televisions to airplanes. It was the great American manufacturing base that crushed Germany and Japan in World War II. But now we are witnessing the deindustrialization of America. Tens of thousands of factories have left the United States in the past decade alone. Millions upon millions of manufacturing jobs have been lost in the same time period. The United States has become a nation that consumes everything in sight and yet produces increasingly little. Do you know what our biggest export is today?

Waste paper. Yes, trash is the number one thing that we ship out to the rest of the world as we voraciously blow our money on whatever the rest of the world wants to sell to us. The United States has become bloated and spoiled and our economy is now just a shadow of what it once was. Once upon a time America could literally outproduce the rest of the world combined. Today that is no longer true, but Americans sure do consume more than anyone else in the world. If the deindustrialization of America continues at this current pace, what possible kind of a future are we going to be leaving to our children?

Any great nation throughout history has been great at making things. So if the United States continues to allow its manufacturing base to erode at a staggering pace how in the world can the U.S. continue to consider itself to be a great nation? We have created the biggest debt bubble in the history of the world in an effort to maintain a very high standard of living, but the current state of affairs is not anywhere close to sustainable. Every single month America does into more debt and every single month America gets poorer.

So what happens when the debt bubble pops?

The deindustrialization of the United States should be a top concern for every man, woman and child in the country. But sadly, most Americans do not have any idea what is going on around them.

For people like that, take this article and print it out and hand it to them. Perhaps what they will read below will shock them badly enough to awaken them from their slumber.

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Here is an article that I am about to put up. This explains it all. http://ampedstatus.com/the-road-to-world-war-iii-the-global-banking...
Yeah I was already aware of this, but thanks. Some good points, but they also have missed a large and quite important point as to why this economic fiasco is occurring. It has a big part to do with the over use and abuse or even partly the lack of knowing how to properly use the "game Theory" or "The Nash Equilibrium". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nash_equilibrium

Lots of Economic theories such as this have been either abused or improperly used through the years for ones own selfish capital gain.
It's the little things that make a big difference.
It doesn't take a beautiful mind to realize that
The Declaration of Independence has become
The Declaration of Dependency, We the People
are under the electron gun in an unsustainable
system Failure, the Game is Rigged. Gandi lived
in a hut and refused to buy salt. John and Yoko
sat in bed and said Just Imagine. THE FUTURE OF
products) refuse to buy into it.
89 shopping days left till Consumerian Day
were are our values don't bargain with your life
Look real hard at every thing you purchase. I don't buy foreign products including food if there is any alternative, but the alternatives seem to be shrinking every day.

In June we bought a 2010 Subaru Legacy that is built in Indiana. Yeah, I know Japanese company and probably 1/2 the parts are made in Japan but at least Americans put it together, sold it to us and service it.

Many parts from Ford and Chevy are made in Mexico Canada and China. So there are really no 100% USA vehicles anymore.

Here's another fact that was not listed. The new Reverse Economic cycle has now thrown the productivity and goods producing market into a switch frenzy. Now, things made in America will cost you less, and things made in China will cost more. Sounds good, right? Wrong. Finding things made in the US is literally impossible these days, so not too many things purchased will be cheap, seeing as pretty much EVERYTHING is made in China or B.R.I.C. Also, the new reverse economic cycle is not as good as it sounds, due to yes the products made in the US will be cheaper than the stuff made in China, but because the GDP here in the US is so terrible compared the debt production, there will be no way to collateralize the production of the US made goods, seeing as no country out there wants anymore of our debts. Thus causing the US to loose more money than make money on the production of a US made product. Things are going to get very interesting here pretty soon.
A car is one thing, all the things that are used
by fast food industry, everyday disposable's
that we don't think twice about. Not just the
food itself but the utensils, packaging, wrap
all the bi-products of the oil companies you
can conceive of are paid for in the cost of a
product and put it in a plastic shopping bag.
Just a tiny example

 Later I will show you what is called passing the Buck. I will post for this page, and well lets just say it fits right in////



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