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The PLA Probes for Weaknesses in US Military (A Comedy)

The Chinese PLA has been probing for a weakness in the US Government and society being that our military has been deemed too strong. This is absolutely hilarious! …

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A Secret Device That can Look Backward Into the Past?

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Recently a clergyman serving at the Vatican made a discovery. Deep in the archives hidden below the ground levels a strange instrument exists. A device that can look into the past and produce images. Described as the Chronovisor, somehow it has remained hush and spoken of little though it has been in existence for hundreds of years. The Monsignor who viewed it and glanced back into the past claimed to have seen images of Jesus on the way…


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Where Did the Pivotal Point Occur in US Economic Decline?

Expecting the federal government to solve all social woes led to the downfall of the American society. It began socioeconomically when under the Johnson Administration the snowball began rolling downhill with LBJ’s “Great Society” the idea that deficit spending to guarantee income against poverty mainly for Blacks…


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District Attorney Bragg of New York Fails to Get a Grand Jury Consensus 2nd Day in a Row!

You can't realize what a failure this is until you realize that a grand jury does not provide a defense attorney for the accused. It is only allegations made by the prosecution. Not even probability of guilt is discussed only if it's plausible that there could be a case. Reports that a hand picked jury of 23 could not even find a reason to proceed with a case against the former President. Because the case is so astonishingly weak!  …

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Stormy Daniels Admits in Interview She Never Had Sex With Donald Trump Who Paid her to Violate Her NDA?

Stormy Daniels discusses the pearls of wisdom she got From Donald Trump and an offer to appear on his show, but insisted there was no sexual contact between the two of them. She later violates her Non Disclosure Agreement and not only loses in court but is ordered to pay the Plaintiff (Donald J. Trump) back for court costs! Yet, as the southern border is being invaded, Americans can't afford their utility bills, gas prices are way too high, Democrat deficit spending is out of control, and…


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Regrets of a Young Women Who Had Trans Surgery!

This is the sad testimony of a young adult who was convinced into taking sexual reassignment surgery. She carries scars for a lifetime and after coming to her senses she regrets taking advice from a surgeon who told her everything would be alright. She'll never be able to breastfeed her baby now as those organs are gone. This is for those stupid enough to make an impulsive decision convinced by the LGBTQ and Democrats that fighting mother nature is not a wise…


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Words of Wisdom from Lauran Boebert

Word of wisdom from Lauren Boebert GOP Representative  gives us words of wisdom on the Congressional floor and why can't we ear this truth from many more of our so-called political leaders? This is why the Democrats hate her so much! …

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Waking Nightmare of Today

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Waking Nightmare of Today


Looking back into an unchangeable past

Don't know how long this all will…


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This is How You Steal a Government and a Country While the Sheep Sleep

Corpse of Ngô Đình Diệm in the 1963 coup.jpg

It used to take bloody assassinations committed by the quote unquote, “Lonely Gunman” or a hit squad of mercenaries or elite soldiers to achieve a coup de tat. Not anymore. All you need today is enough disinformation, a public too timid to stand up for their country, an educational system that forgot what country they teach in, and a government no longer patriotic to the nation’s constitution it took an oath to uphold and defend. As the…


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How Do You Know Sasquatch isn’t real?

Image result for Sasquatch in the woods

If you know the forest and woodlands as an experienced woodsman, hunter, camper or hiker, there are things to look for and things that are routinely existent in the wild. You’ll know to watch for bears. You’ll know to keep your head on a swivel and not get caught by a rampaging Grizzly rushing your blind side because her cub was too close. You’ll know to look for a pair of eyes that belong to a cougar staring silently out you out of the…


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An Ancient Satellite Orbits Earth-The Black Knight

Image result for Donald Keyhoe

In the mid 1950’s predating the launch of the Russian Sputnik satellite another orbiting object was detected. Prior to 1957 there should have been no such artificial satellite. Yet, astronomers, eye witness accounts, and pilots reported that an unknown object seemed to be in an orbit that was difficult to track. Ufologist, Donald Keyhoe, was the first journalistic source to make mention of it. The former US Marine Aviator and assistant to…


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Donald Trump Ran Government to be Fiscally Responsible not a Bottomless Welfare State Pit

President Trump went to NATO to collect compensation for America's military support of the alliance and brought back 40 billion to the American people. Why didn't Obama do that? Why didn't Clinton do that? Why didn't Ronald Reagan do that? It's called supply side economics where the government is run like a fiscally accountable business not out to lose money but to pay for itself. We had that under Donald J. Trump no other US president as Trump was a businessman not…


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The Democrats and the Left Resort to New Tactics to Escape Prosecution!

Image result for Trump on Democrat criminality

Trump Expects to be Arraigned by Tuesday for what? 

With all the illegalities and unconstitutional chaos being unleashed by the Democrats upon America we now have a new strategy the leftists are using to stonewall and delay legal consequences. What happened when suspicions were more than plausible after the stolen Presidential Elections of 2020? Despite the incredible visual evidence of…


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Even AI Recognizes 666 The Mark of The Beast!

Our society has evolved into an ignorant self worshiping and atheistic culture of chaos and confusion. Thanks to government run school districts, Satanic Hollywood, a globalist owned mainstream media, and our lying political leaders America is at the very brink, yet even Artificial Intelligence recognizes the Beast the number 666, and how the governments of the world have conspired to make life on earth for man hell on earth. With all things comprehended by AI and that it must recognize in…


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Arrest Warrant Issued for Vladimir Putin by the ICC

Do these world organization warrants mean anything at all? George Soros's own home town of Czechoslovakia issued a warrant for his arrest years ago and nothing has happened, as a matter of fact, one of his election campaign funded district attorneys is now being allowed to arrest Donald Trump even when the Feds refuse to touch that warrant. The world has become a joke went it comes to illegal and frivolous litigation!  …

Image result for ICC issues warrant for Putin


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Who is Violating US Air Space With Bizarre Configured Crafts that Defy Our Laws of Physics?

According to Dr. Stephen Greer of the Disclosure Project the US already has black project ARV's (alien Reproduction Vehicles) so what did US Navy aviators carrier launched off the coast of San Diego run into in the skies over the Pacific? Are these also top secret projects or someone from another dimension? Whoever they are our technology must be child's play to them! the F-18 Hornet is no match for these UFO's.…

Image result for F-18 Horney pilot who chased a tik tok


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DHS Secretary Mayorkas Exposed as Government Disinformation Specialist for Woke Corporations

Whenever I hear Democrats go on and on over how stupid someone is or how unqualified they are for their office it's usually the exact opposite and they're eating the Democrat's lunch because they are exposing the worst political party in American history, and Senator Josh Hawley shows us just exactly why as he cross interrogates DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for unleashing the open borders crisis at our southern border with Mexico acting as though a secured…


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Like a Dying Bear

Image result for a dying bear

Like a Dying Bear


This forbidden place I've gotten to

So far from the morning dew…


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US and China Have A Couple of Stealth Fighter Encounters

Image result for f-35 fighter jet

In March of this year both China and the US had a confrontation of sorts between the A number of F-35 stealth fighters and the Chinese J-20’s. It’s not known how many aircraft were involved but it was what is called a professional exchange between the air groups. At least twice so far in…


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The Case for an Artificial Moon?

Image result for the Moon


The moon as we know it has incredibly distinguishing characteristics compared to the moons orbiting other planets within our solar system. Add to that the bizarre observations made upon the moon surface of excavations, wheel marks, instrumental debris that doesn’t belong to the Apollo manned missions, and the very size of the moon, and one has to wonder. Since the sighting by one astronomer of what he described…


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