UK prison population hit record high after Cameron decided to take an “iron fist” approach toward those involved in the unrest

Official figures released by Britain's Ministry of Justice (MoJ) have revealed that the prison population in England and Wales has hit a record high for the third consecutive week.

The prison population reached 87,214 outnumbering last week's all-time high of 87,120 and falling 1,600 short of British prisons' 88,818 usable capacity.

The astronomical rise in Britain's prison population came after the British Prime Minister David Cameron decided to take an “iron fist” approach toward those involved in the unprecedented unrest that spread across the country in August.

The British government ordered courts to refuse to release people arrested over involvement in the unrest on bail. Figures released by the MoJ showed that two out of every three people who were sent to court over their involvement in the unrest have been jailed on remand. However, last year, only ten percent of those charged with similar offences were remanded.

Furthermore, the British courts decided to hand out harsh and disproportionate sentences to those arrested over involvement in the unrest, jailing them for an average of 10.4 months compared to an average of 5.3 months last year.

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Wow, I can't believe these new figures you've produced, up almost 7,000, from when I last wrote the less than 2 years ago.  The fact of the matter is, the likes of Cameron and Co, with the help of their other buddies in power, love to assets strip a country of its rich resources, by “pretending” these industries are losing money etc..  If that was the case, - then what madman would ‘buy into’ such as industry, - the same as, - why would a person spend millions on a political campaign when the end result lands you with a job that pays a wage that would take a lifetime to recoup your initial investment?  They do it because they know once they’re in the seat of power, they can set about raiding the treasury and handing out all those lucrative government contracts to their Masoinc mates.  As isn’t it also funny how these ‘losing money’ companies and industries soon turnout the be among the biggest money earners on the planet, oil, gas, electric, water etc. - The next two biggest guaranteed money earners are the NHS, and the Prison/Criminal industry, prisons, courts, judges, barristers, solicitors, prison officers and the police etc.  Presently we have in excess of 80, 000 prisoners, [now over 88,000], whom have been turned into a product, whom without this “product”, thousands would be out of work and pocket, billions of pounds would be lost, - so it obvious that it’s in all of their interests to keep it forever going.  And this is yet just another reason as to why they and their chums in SERCO, are wanting to get their greedy little trotters on the manufacturing side of the “product”, and privatise the prisons, - just imagine the masses of lucrative contracts there are to be had.  80,000 prisoners, that’s 24,000 [now 29,330] meals every day, envisage sorting out your mate’s with the meat, bread, potatoes, rice, vegetables, eggs or milk contracts, - that’s a lot of dosh.  Then don’t forget all those uniforms for all those thousands of prisoners and prison officers, then we have the beds, the bedding, the cups, the plastic cutlery, your stainless steel trays, and the millions of pounds worth of equipment to kit out the kitchens, - or to supply the TV’s, the desks, hotplates, computers, fax machines and photocopiers etc., to also go alongside with the army of administration staff etc., - and this ladies and gentleman, is the “only reason” they are wanting to privatise the prisons, don’t believe all the bullshit these Masonic politicians such as Ken Clarke tells the press whilst in between posh lunches and naps, - as they know there’s billons of guaranteed tax payers money to be had.   

     Many buildings both ancient and modern are deliberately designed in a representation of the famous Masonic pillars; Boaz and Jachin, and with the pommels or balls which are actually called chapiters at the top of the pillars.  The intentional feature subtly speaks volumes as it’s lets you know who designed it, built it, and the kind of people who work in it, and more importantly who controls and runs what it after all represents.   Many a prison has this kind of attribute and aspect to its facade, and many lower level Freemasons, are also prison officers.  I’ve told you the ‘high level’ Freemasons are wanting to buy ‘certain’ prisons, as they don’t want the run down Victorian shitholes that need millions of pounds spent on them in renovations, - so are only interested in the nice new shiny ones, just like Winson Green, Birmingham.  Take a look at my photo section, and you’ll see what I mean. 

     The saying; “Money talks”, is equally at home in prison than anywhere else in the world, where in fact it can buy your freedom in certain parts of the globe.  It goes without saying, everyone knows how rife and prevalent drugs are within the prison system, and that many a convict, who may never had an inkling or taken any kind of illegal drugs prior to being sentenced, quite often end up finding themselves unable to cope with the prison environment and regime, and who then decide to experiment with drugs hoping it will work as a form of mental escapism, in which heroin certainly does give that effect, though not long after their initiation to the “devils dust”, many then find themselves hooked on the stuff and developed a habit, - and who now are well and truly addicted to the “gear”. 

     There are many prisoners, whose families “on the out” - are forced for various reasons to pay and support the addiction of their loved ones, who are then supplied the drugs from inside the nick , and where the price is at least six times as much as what it is on the outside.  The family pay the “broker come dealer” on the outside, and then in turn the “broker” informs the “co-dealer”, who’s a serving prisoner, to then supply the drugs that have already been prepaid for, or a “credit” debt has been settled.  I won’t go into details how the drugs are smuggled in, but can assure you it’s not just prisoners visitors who get drugs in, but those much closer to the system and who have a much easier way of doing so, and it is these types of people who are the major players in the smuggling rings, and can be often found wearing a uniform! 

It is time to overthrow these bastards once and for all!  Humanity get off your knees and stand for the freedoms that your ancestors fought for! The zionists control all of our rotten treacherous bastard politicians!  This time we storm the Bastille not because the parasitic Rothschilds duped the peasants to do so, but because we have had enough of the bastard Rothschild dynasty controlling and manipulating us for centuries!  Enough is enough!  The Rothschild reign of terror is over! 


This message is directly to the insane zionist Rothschild Dynasty!   Stand down or be executed by the people's of the world, that have just cause to wipe you off the face of the Earth that you have rule and almost destroyed because of what you are!  Insolent parasitic primative inferior reptiles, afraid of spiritual evolution and positive energies, because they are everything that you are not!  You are the laughable joke of the cosmos!  Grow up and stop behaving like a spoilt demented brat, or you will pay the ultimate price for your arrogance.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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