This will be the last update within this issue, all the data has been collected and, including Federal Documents.

if I may be allowed, to many now have fear in there heart, so i will share my knowledge, (U-235) is a weapons grade Uranium, (U238) is depleted uranium. (238) is used to help bring fission, or fusion to reactors. Also to help harden weapons to penetrate  the enemies weapons, tanks and shelters, and war ships.
Nano equipped Labs, Nano is a term- so small it is not seen by the human eye, It also allows fusion between organic and in-organic items. the life form must have a host (in-organic), in order to complete programing.

Virus's can be programed in the DNA Structure to allow its function to be completed.
A Virus, is also a non harm-full organism, as well as deadly, depending on the programing.
Fungal Hyphae, is a organic virus, the interfacing of it into in-organic material took place a long time ago.

 Depleted Uranium Engagement Points, Widespread depleted uranium contamination of DNA in populations results, these items have been permanently contaminated with toxic materials because of the Iraq and Iran War ... oil-chemical complex, chemical and fertilizer plants, pharmaceuticals.

A Federal Military Project A Cleaner War Zones

Rev. Michelle Hopkins- Military Aerosol Spraying Update

The Military Aerosol Spraying of Snow (DU) on North America and Iraq. This news is to show that there is no conspiracy against the people but only to clean up Uranium (U-235) and (DU 238). A Federal Military Project, for a "Cleaner War Zones."
The only conspiracy was by the Government to attempt to cover up what is taking place.

if you don't like Political Hip Hop then don't watch, it is the the hidden messages within. This video was also formatted as,  Dear Anonymous: We are Sorry We Didnt See-YouTube

Operation Iraqi Freedom- 2015

Life is what you make of it and freedom is yours, never let that slip away.

Aka Anonymous

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I am in full support of this TTTG News Network, TTTG Networking is now seen World Wide as one of the most honest News Reporting Forums.

 Their videos are posted under CC- Share Alike, and this allows down loads that breaks International Boundaries. A Inhibitor placed into effect by your Government.

from my wife and I, best to all for new years 2015


"Destroying the New World Order"



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