Flashback -Alex Jones goes bat sh-t crazy on BBC Sunday Politics show

There seems to be a conspiracy to get Alex Jones to make a fool on himself on TV.

There seems to be a conspiracy to get Alex Jones to make a fool on
himself on TV. On Sunday morning he appeared on the BBC’s Sunday
Politics to talk about the Bilderberg Group – as you can see in the
video above. It starts fairly quietly enough but, over the length of the
interview, Jones gets wound up and up and finally explodes. It comes at
4.40, after Andrew Neil politely requests that his guest “shut it” for
the umpteenth time. That’s Jones’ cue to throw a bananas rant about how
the Euro is a Nazi plot, the government is killing us with water and
“You will not stop freedom!”

Alex Jones Full Interview - BBC One Sunday Politics

Alex Jones Full Interview - BBC One Sunday Politics

The frustrating thing about Jones is that his clowning around makes
it harder to take the questions he raises seriously. And some of those
questions are important. We’re currently going through the biggest big
government scandal since Watergate, with revelation after revelation of
mass surveillance and political harassment. It’s actually not
unreasonable to ask if government is out of control and whose interests
it really serves. The problem is that Jones takes reasonable questions
and provides bat sh*t crazy answers that then discredit the questions.

more @ http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk

David Icke Addresses Thousands at Bilderberg protest

'This year’s Bilderberg 2013 meeting has witnessed and extraordinary culture of secrecy surrounding the security operation, at a time when the public are told that austerity is the order of the day. But that’s not all…
Police officials are maintaining that the reason for such secrecy in advance of the event, and the extraordinary security measures has all been done in order ‘to combat the threat of terrorism’.


Bilderberg 2013 -Live Streams - News

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You put your neck on the line James and surely you will lose your head.

Alex Jones has NEVER been anything but a INSIDER/TRAITOR/NWOer etc. He has played his game well to those who have been deceived. He speaks of the security of the Bohemian Grove as INTENSE...and one would easily see why, because of the fact there are Prime Ministers/Presidents/Kings/Queens etc from pretty much every nation on the planet in attendance to the satanic ritual that goes on every year the last two weeks of July. With that kind of security, which includes cameras, recording devices, armed guards, dogs etc how could Alex, as shown in his so called documentary on Bohemian Grove, LITERALLY JUST DRIVE RIGHT INTO THE GATES OF THE PLACE IN A VERY LARGE TRUCK WITH CAMERAS IN FULL VIEW????? He then walks around the Grove with companions, again with cameras in full view, and NO ONE STOPS OR QUESTIONS HIM? Just the fact that he is not a member (supposedly) would have set off alarms to all of security and attendees that he is an intruder, yet not a single time does anyone approach him. As a matter of fact there is a point in his video, where Alex sits amongst Bohemian members and one guys says Hey Alex how's it going...a clear sign of his familiarity/association/alliance with Bohemian/NWO members.

Add to this, the fact that Alex made documentaries about his "infiltration" into the Grove, his supposed encounters with members/his recording of the Cremation of Care ritual and he is still alive today to talk about it????? You are all too aware James that anyone exposing the activities/secrets/personal information of the elite end up dead, missing or jailed forever on all manner of fallacious charges. Just look at what is happening to Manning for his revelation. How about John Walker Lindh? Or Julian Assange?


James, the whole point of this page is NOT to support/knee pad Jones, but to question his psychotic Outbursts. This is the second time he has been interviewed and gone through the same behavior. All other passionate talk show hosts are fully aware of how the media can take behavior/comments/claims/appearance and use them against the very same person, so why would Alex give them FUEL to use against him at a time when ALL EYES ARE ON HIM? Controlled Opposition as another poster said, plays both sides of the field to deceive the masses. As I said earlier in my post I used to listen to Alex daily until he began to distort truth and began self obsessing. I will credit him for getting me involved in discovering what is really going on in the world in regard to secret societies and government goals, but I am not going to KNEE PAD him as you seem to want to do.

So far as your Zionist Propaganda comment? Are you trying to discredit me by making such a false statement? I am completely against the zionists which includes Alex Jones and their minion politicians/supporters. You should be aware supporting zionist is supporting your and your country's destruction as you already see happening.

Your comment on my name being interesting means what?

BTW Why does it bother you that I exposed Jones? Are you a zionist supporting shill?

Message to those interested and even to those not so interested to accept that the traits of a human is GOOD, is to take notice that we are at a pivotal point in history. Olds who seem to have secret access to life prolonging medicine should be allowed to remain in charge. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXQ3GMNzRXM

Alex Jones is rich. The ELITE allow him to put all this stuff out there and to go to the Bilderberger events and film all this stuff. But Matt Hale and Edgar Steele. One a lawyer and one was trying to become a lawyer and they both wrote books about Jews and one was going to run for public office. So the FBI. Framed these men. This is the agency that infiltrates trailer trash drinking Pabst and talking smack about the president. But the Crips and BLoods have they infiltrated them? They infiltrate the Motorcycle gangs all the time. I've never seen anything about infiltrating the black and Latino gangs and you know why? Because they would arrest millions if they did that. Right now Snowden should be able to find a freedom loving person to take him in. I suggest to the guy get a sail boat and sail to a deserted island. He might get immunity in Iceland maybe but he has to get there and no way he go by plane. He's on Hawaii and that is a small place.

We can't win because if Alex decides to go against the elite they take him out in a second. Look what they did to Hal Turner. They don't scratch their heads and say we are all going down. This Jones guy has exposed all of the shit we do and then they burn all their records and haul arse. No they just shut him down. So someone feeds us the truth about the elite but leaving stuff out is fine, but if he really exposed this stuff. They take him out no problem. So the ones that tell the truth like Snowden, Edgar Steele and Assange you see how they go after them. If Assange were to release a lot more the US government would go to the Ecuadorian embassy and say hand him over, because this diplomatic immunity stuff is bullshit when we can go and attack any country we want.

I hate busting your bubble, but assange is still free isn't he?  I could give you all the articles about his fabulous life style he fell into after he was vilified by the press and those on the right, playing their role in opposition to those on the left.  Its weird,  once you actually see this and how it works, you can never buy into their garbage again and you can never trust everyone or anyone, they are walking around free as a bird, and alive, then they are doing something for those who take people out. When assange released all those so called secrets on one giant data dump,  I read them and these were very old news, considering the length of a news cycle which can be very short.  He released stuff that serious bloggers already knew about and was not anything that hadn't been out there before, and yet, the talking heads on fox were screaming b loody murder as they are designated to do.   Its ok, people are waking up all over the planet and when that final wake up is done,  some of these so called leaders are in for a very rough ride. 

Message to those interested and even to those not so interested to accept that the traits of a human is GOOD, is to take notice that we are at a pivotal point in history. Olds who seem to have secret access to life prolonging medicine should be allowed to remain in charge. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXQ3GMNzRXM

Postovani g. James. Hvala Vam na odgovoru i opaski da ste zapazili 3 od mojih cetiriju objava na temu Dosega presudne, preokretne, tocke povijesti covjecanstva. Tako sam barem potvrdio moju pretpostavku da se moje ciljane objave prate. Zelim Vam dobar posao na mrezi. Klaudio Vinkerlic, Porec, Hrvatska.

what dose having to be a Jew over the truth ?A lot of ppl seem's to think that Alex Jones is a lil carzy about his conspiracys but to me;some of the thing's he has said in his past about our damn ''Government'' has come true.=Look we see them now trying to take down the constitution don't we lil by lil? And you have to look in the united nations and who really want's this nation of our,and why Obama kiss's ass so damn bady?Its the one's behind the seen's that i worry about and the number one's our the Islam countrys and the big banker's,oh ppl come on now put your head in the danm sand and see that your ass will be cut off lol !!!after all Obama is the son of Islam.

Jones could tell us tomorrow like Icke the lizard people control us and then throw a monkey wrench into the whole mess. He is telling us what the Illuminati are doing, but he doesn't say Jews and he doesn't tell us what we can do. I mean expose the shit but we can we do? They go after Matt Hale and Matt Hale and the FBI framed both men and got them forty years in prison. Just because they wrote books about Jews, but Alex Jones is able to expose all this stuff but the government doesn't touch him. So that right there should tell you something

To me its called ''socialism''its a form of grganized crime and slavery. it basicly go's against freedom to me that is Racism that i defined ,what we have here is [the have's and the have not's]! It's all about power over humanity,and Alex Jones is expose's this.

Yes and Jones is paid well and he's syndicated. To be syndicated means your nose has kosher poop all over it. Jones exposes what the Bilderbergers and the Illuminati is doing, but I want just one person to tell me what we can do about it? I mean this is the politicians job. We are supposed to tell the politiicans what we want and they do it, but fat chance. How many want to eat GM food that makes you sterile and sick? Write to your politicians and tell them and see if they care.

I did write and got a response from and assistant like fat chance the politician even saw it. She acted concerned and then like flipping a switch she changed after she got my info. Someone told her to shut up. This is what we get folks. Secrecy and just like in Russia if you said something the government didn't like they took you out and shot you. Here they throw you in jail and shooting is better. We allowed this federal government to become so strong and now we have reached the point we have no choice but to fight them. Because if we sit back we get more surveillance. Would you want cameras in your house filming everything you did like on the toilet and taking a shower to make sure you didn't waste time? We will be going to war with the government. Our money created that monster. Our money paid for all their technology. They always warned about a strong federal government


"Destroying the New World Order"



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