“American Collapse Theory”

The last three decades has seen continued decline in the American economic system. It’s inevitable collapse is now just a matter of time, and there is nothing even well-meaning politicians could do to stop it or even reverse the trends in motion.

For a long time, the world’s economic system has functioned under Dollar hegemony which was backed by American military hegemony.

The American founding in the 1700′s originally had a backward economic model with agricultural exports coming from the south and mines and commodity exports coming from the North. The country had to import scientifically manufactured products. For a time, American workshops were known for low quality, sweatshop work. These products were exported and exchanged for British paper money.

This was truly a poor economy but cheap American labor began to attract global capital.The United States over many years engaged in the processing of low-end products , and accumulated a very large industrial base entity which created a solid foundation that led to innovation and cutting-edge technology which began to erupt in the United States.

By World War 1, Britain was shocked to realize America had far surpassed her former colonial master. By World War 2, America produced 60% of the world’s capacity in military hardware. Britain quietly lost control of the world as the paper money could no longer cover up her declining industrial base and core economy.

Since 1979 the United States failed to prevent the Chinese industrialization reform movement and China ‘s rise is almost complete. At the same time, the American’s turned their economy over to the financial sector. The problems since 2008 are only the tip of the iceberg.

Chinese technology is now eclipsing the U.S. Recently disclosed reports mentioned that back in 2005 NASA could not find a vibration testing table over 9 tons and had to import a 16 ton vibration testing table from a Chinese company.

It became quite comical when the U.S. Defensed Department learned of the situation then had a law passed to ban export to China of vibration table technology over 9 tons when in reality the U.S was totally reliant on this technology from China. China has since developed 50 and 75 ton platforms which are two generations ahead of anything in the U.S. China is also now winning the space race launching twice as many space missions in 2013 on only 1/17 the budget of NASA.

Today, China ‘s fourth -and fifth-generation fighter and even integrated hypersonic aerospace fighters have surfaced,showing the strength China has gained from her amazing manufacturing industry. In China ‘s J- 20 and J- 31 fighter jets have been launched. The aerial maneuverability of the Chinese J-20 and J-35 are now ahead of the U.S. F-20 and F-35. With the “plane diving” capability of the J-20 and J-31 against the U.S. F-35 it is like putting a hawk among pigeons.

As American economy crumbles, its military and dollar hegemony are falling with it. China has signed currency agreements with over 20 countries. Even Europe and Australia have jumped in to use RMB with the Americans powerless to stop it.



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Hmmm... I thought we were in a full blown depression already. You mean, there's more hard times to come? :(

I want my 'American Dream' back!

Sweet dreams my dear, sweet dreams.

We don't make shite, the dollar is shite, and we pay China to go into space.

Yep, there is little to no manufacturing of products and goods in a AmeriKa these days and no decent paying jobs to be found anymore. It's no wonder we're in a quagmire.

Well... let's do something about it. I know so many bright, intelligent and able bodied people in the real world and on 12160. "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade." CARPE DIEM!

Sounds good, but I only have control of my own actions, not the masses and their shared nightmare.  Hell even many of my good friends want more and bigger big bother for the better good of all you see, it's for our own good.


The world is a projection of mass thought.


Good luck

You mean to tell me that I can't control people, places or things and can only control my own actions? Dammit!!! It would be so much easier, lol. Only if our beloved Govt and TPTB would discover this little piece of valuable info. 

Leave me the hell alone, let me live my life and you can live yours as you choose or loosely translated... don't piss in my back yard and I won't piss in yours ;)

Massive Sell-Off Coming Buy Gold-Gregory Mannarino

Greg MannarinoBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com

Trader and financial analyst Gregory Mannarino was bullish on the stock market a few weeks ago, but he’s now done a 180.  Why the reversal?  Mannarino says, “What the Fed was doing was driving cash from the emerging markets into the U.S. equity market and driving cash into the U.S. bond market, and it worked . . . This is played out now . . . and I told everyone that this would not last. . . . We are right now on the precipice of a correction phase, and it could be severe. . . .  (more…)

I was born '81 and America has been in depression for my entire life. Fuck what the MSM says.

I succinctly remember the pain in a friend's fathers voice in 2002 after he was explaining to us that he was laid off as a pilot. We could hear our parents talking about it, stuff we wernt ready to hear yet.

Another vocal point was around 2009, being in my late 20s, drinking some beer outside on the porch at a wedding party with a bunch of dudes in their 30s-50s. Same story as above.

Scattered across the decades of my adult life, the same stories. Few, if any, have ever recovered.

I remember a friend getting a DUI in his own neighborhood. We asked, CAN THEY DO THAT? These are our private streets. They did it. It fucked his life. He was a good guy.


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