An intriguing response to Max Blumenthals revelation that Israel worked the hell out of the 3 teens murders

Max Blumenthal's work strenghens the view that 18 days separate the killing of the 3 young men and the finding of their buried bodies in a shallow grave reaching 30-40°C everyday. Yet rabbi Yaakov Roger of Abu Kabir forensic institute wrote ( that "worms were not found in the bodies" and that "according to doctors at the Forensic Institute, there is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon". Science would suggest that the bodies were kept in the cold most of that time, something that only Israelis could achieve.

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It's starting to sound more and more like another false flag. There has been speculation that these boys actually died in a car crash and the bodies were used to stage a murder. If this is true, how evil, sick and twisted is that?

I don't know where the Rabbi was going with this.

Either it was a purely scientific observation, or he was eluding to some God power thing that the boys were spared maggots. IDK. But no matter, because it is what it is. And it should be questioned.

From what I understand, those closest to the investigation didn't treat it as a hostage situation, but only put that forward for the public, and surely a great excuse to round up a bunch of people and beat some ass. They worked quietly on the assumption that the boys were dead, based on the gunshots heard on the phone call. Then when it was revealed they had indeed been killed by WB Palestinians and bodies retrieved, I thought that maybe they had some past interaction/history with the murderers, which we haven't heard anything them, and certainly not from them, confession or otherwise, since they were picked up and their homes were destroyed. Nothing. And I've not heard anyone asking any questions about them, either. So the 2 picked up the teens up hitch hiking, out of Jerusalem to WB. Israeli police have the whole recording of the phone call made from one of the teens to the Israeli police, not just the part we've been able to hear. Only they have pics and forensic evidence from the car, IDs bullets retrieved, etc, and complete autopsy report done by and Israeli Rabbi. But even on its face- could it have been more of a retaliation thing for price tags rather than trying to start WWIII? Why kidnap people in your own car, torch the car and leave it on the side of the road and bury them in your side yard? The boys were not discovered for almost 2 weeks, you know that stuff would have smelled like hell from a shallow grave. But not even maggots. 

OR could it be that the boys were members of the price-tag settlers that have caused IDF such of grief? When IDF can't control them, it looks bad for them. 2 birds with one stone in that they get rid of a few trouble makers, keep them in a fridge for however many days while they run rough shot over the WB, name 2 fall guys of a certain ethnicity and wallah- an excuse to obliterate Gaza.

Did you know that an IDF higher up, about a week before the boys went missing, was giving the Knesset testimony about some legislation he didn't want to pass about terrorism or something, and gave a "scenario" about 3 teenage girls being kidnapped, and how the legislation would hinder their recovery.  I'll try to find the story and post it.

I may be paranoid, but truth is govt's have always been willing to spare their own citizens for what they perceive as the greater good.

Sorry to blabber. I'm kind of tired and emotional.

I love me some Pearl Jam. This last week has been surreal. Like, whats for dinner? Don't give a fuck for what is going on in Gaza. So it was good to see this. Mostly for what Eddie Vedder says, but also because he's kind of basketing, too. And damn, not looking too good either

But anyway, They're doing Daughter-if you have to forward to about 3:00, I wouldn't blame you- its a terrible recording.

wasnt there a cell phone call within the first hour ...saying they were kidnapped then the sound of gun fire then the call ended ?

Yes. And part of the call can be heard here:

The entire recording hasn't been released or" leaked."

This made me so happy that it took about 3 hours for me to wonder how much this will fuck with Eddie's and Chris Cornell's personal relationship.

It sounds as if Eddie is 'Going off the rails on a Crazy Train.'

I can't blame him. I feel that way most days with all the BS misery raining down on us all, especially for those of us in the know!!!



Crazy, but that's how it goes
Millions of people, living as foes
Maybe, its not to late
To learn how to love
And forget how to hate

Mental wounds not healing
Life's a bitter shame
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train

I've listened to preachers
I've listened to fools
I've watched all the dropouts
Who make their own rules
One person conditioned, to rule and control
The media sells it and you live the role

Mental wounds still screaming
Driving me insane
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train

I know that things are going wrong for me
You gotta listen to my words
Yeh-h yeeeeaaaahhhh


Heirs of a cold war
That's what we've become
Inheriting troubles, I'm mentally numb
Crazy, I just cannot bear
I'm living with something that just isnt fair

Mental wounds not healing
Who and whats to blame
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train

Rabbi also addressed rumors and images distributed on the network, which were allegedly the abducted bodies after death. "I want to add that the horrific images that ran throughout the various networks have no relationship to the deceased may G-d avenge their blood

Anyone who has seen the fake images distributed?

I've not.

Canadian commenting the 3 young boys

He has Canadian/American and what seems to be an Israeli flag...  mixed with selection of Christian crosses on the wall

What a Zionist troll

Yea fuck that guy.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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