Application Development Requests for Liberty or SHTF Scenarios

I am looking to develop an application that will serve America and help us make things better. I don't have a clear idea of what to make yet but have some rough ideas.

If anyone has feedback or ideas let me know. My primary area of development is windows applications or web applications using ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight or PHP.

Ideas so far:

An exit polling app where a person can enter something to make their exit poll mean more (e.g. have another member verify their identity but still remain anonymous. might be impossible) but the idea is to uncover cheating like when Ron Paul was cheated out of many of the primary votes. If the exit poll app shows Rand Paul winning in a city by 20% and Jeb Bush wins by 20% than we would have some proof there was fraud. The challenge of this app isn't technical but rather functional. One thing I thought of is that exit polls will have a person promise to prove their identity if a certain city vote is more than X percent different than what was expected. So if Maine showed bush winning by 5% but Paul should have then all Paul exit poller's would contact an independent third-party for verification, once that is complete than the official results could be contested. this would work great if there was a high level of participation which of course is unlikely - one of those apps where needs critical mass b4 someone uses it and nobody will use it unless it has critical mass.

An app and website that makes sending encrypted messages (text or otherwise) easy. I would want to have reward for anyone that can crack the process as proof it is solid and as a means to find any problems. I also would code it in a way that I have no control over messages, so I can't be forced to give info to anyone. It would be a non-profit type app, free. Maybe with some ad revenue to cover costs.

An emergency messaging system for families/friends should the cellular network go down. Each family could sign up for a private URL in which they could post encrypted messages. People would need to "check" for messages so if others didn't know your URL they have no idea where to look for your messages, sure they could get lucky by trying url after url but it would contain all encrypted messages with other "controls" to verify the identity, and each attempt to read a message would be logged so you could tell if someone else tried to read it. Messages can expire and delete automatically after time, etc. notifications could be sent to your group on a new msg being posted, etc. lots of stuff could be built in. Unlike Mesh networking this would require some internet that worked but not cellular service.

An event multicaster website. Anyone from any area can report an "event", saw helicopter, saw gun confiscation, spy drone in area, etc., and persons could sign up for alerts by location, type and confidence rating. The confidence goes up the more people that report the same thing, if 1000 people report an event and it isn't contested as fake, than those 1000 people earn trust multipler so next event they report is exponentially stronger. Something like this concept. Would maybe monetize it with ads just to cover costs of servers.

Open to other ideas or will help you with yours. 

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