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Dear MoveOn member,
A trapped animal is a terrified animal in unimaginable agony, exposed to predators and the elements, dehydration, starvation, and extreme psychological distress in separation from their young, before finally meeting a brutal end.
Many other civilized countries have banned trapping, and we should follow suit.
That's why I created a petition on to the United States Congress and President Barack Obama, which says:
Traps are indiscriminate—many family pets and unintended animals have suffered and died in traps. Children are always at risk for stepping into a trap, particularly since trappers want to expand their range to national parks.
Since trappers only comprise 2% of our population, and have openly stated that they only trap for fun, the other 98% of us should speak up and ban this practice.
–Debra Warrens
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Getting caught in a trap and knocked in the head a few hours later is indeed a gruesome end but compare it to being nipped to death by a pack of wolves or eaten alive by lions.

How about humane traps? So you are justifying an act of cruelty by juxtaposing it with a greater act of cruelty? So, by that logic, if I were to rape a 19 year old girl, it would be ok, as long as I don't rape a 16 year old girl. Instead of confiscating all the guns, we'll just confiscate the rifles, that should be ok then.

Humane traps is the way to go if you insist on killing animals.

Yes, I am justifying an act of cruelty by juxtaposing it with a greater act of cruelty, which is the only measure we have. I can't say I can relate to your fantasies about raping women or confiscating guns.

My fantasies? They were arbitrary examples. Are you always so ambivalent and disconnected from reality?

And why not remove the cruelty factor? Why can't you slaughter them humanely?

That is my point.

Great point there. I love fishing and hunting myself. But trapping no........ unless i had to. I hate seeing animals suffer or in stress. My uncle use to trap in metal cages i was with him once or twice but didnt like it at all. Banning it?....... I dont know if people can treat/kill the animals they trap humanely and quick i dont mind.

 I trapped in NJ up until they banned it in the 80's.  I hunted, sport fished and also commercial fish for a living.  This woman is just a voice piece for the hegellian dialectic elites.  I see this tactic to be very similar to red and blue states Dem/GOP Good vs evil.  Its more like us and them.  They LIVE, we will die.  Unfortunately, its all hegellian dialect and greek to most because they watch animal planet.  They have no problem eating a steak raised with all kinds of man-made toxins that are supposed to keep the meat tender etc...etc...

  Its the same ol BS, the same reason they are going to take your guns away, because you dont need them aymore, the govt will take care of you.  Meanwhile they have already taken most of your right away.

  Just like the pig farmers trap, and that's how they are treating all of us that fall prey to their trap. 

  A pig farmer wants to increase his livestock back in the day.  Well he puts a section of fencing up with a pile of food next to it.  The wild boar come up to it very cautiously at first, when they see that no one is around, they eat some and then all of it. 

The farmer keeps repeating this baiting/feeding process and over time he slowly puts up one section of fence at a time.  Then one day say, over a month or so the wild boars/hogs have been going into a completed pen feeding without paying attention to the fencing that was being put up.  The last thing to complete and trap the entire herd of wild hogs is the gate.  The last day of freedom for the wild hogs comes when they all go rushing in for the free handouts and BANG! the gate slams closed behind them.

  Isn't that like the government now?  Handing out FEMA bucks for your destroyed homes from the perfectly created Frankenstorm Sandy.  They don't want you to know how they are trapping you, they dont want you to know the skills needed to be a trapper.  But did you know that is what settled this country? Trappers.  Trappers  came to our shores to catch fur because North America was rich with fur bearing animals.

So you see, there is no need for people to know how to trap or any basic survival skill.  They consider themselves the supreme trapper using lies and deceit, giving you pennies on the dollar and calling destruction an act of god.  I would guess it is god, their god satan. Satan is the great deciever/trapper and he is setting his trap for the harvest of lost souls, for those who know the Creator not. 

All I gotta say is wake up...soon

I hear you. There are humane ways of trapping though. What you have identified as trapping, e.g wild hogs and putting up an enclosure, I would not consider that trapping, but the domestication of wild animals. Trapping is much more brutal and unnecessary given so many other alternatives. I've seen animals caught in traps, little cubs, with the parent animal lingering around, distressed not able to help their young. The whole thing is disgusting, inhumane, ruthless, and so unnecessary and should definitely be illegal. Anyone that demonstrates such moral ambivalence towards the lesser creatures among us should not be trusted, is a savage, and unfit for society. Such a level of cruelty is analogous to a psychopath murdering innocents, and not someone I would trust babysitting my children or walking my dog.

Any idea how many pets get caught in these things every year? It's horrible.

I do not know whether this woman is knowingly part of some hegelian dialectic. I can not speculate what her intentions are. Though it is my observation that move on petitions are usually pushed by your textbook idealist that frankly, I rarely identify with.

This is clearly one of those exceptions.

No, how many pets get caught in traps every year? What kind of retard would trap in a residential neighborhood? Did you free the trapped animals you saw and nurse them back to health and return them to the parents? Do you think a wolf would do that if he came across another wolf eating a baby raccoon?

What kind of retard would trap in a residential neighborhood? Plenty. They are usualy killed by the trapper to avoid public backlash. However, people often find them trapped. Call your local animal hospital. They can tell you.

"Did you free the trapped animals you saw and nurse them back to health and return them to the parents?"

I have seen videos of this.

"Do you think a wolf would do that if he came across another wolf eating a baby raccoon?"

No. Are you a wolf? Are there limits to your mercy then?

So you haven't really seen it, you saw a video of it. As for your story about trappers preying on residential neighborhoods and slaughtering pets to "avoid public backlash", sounds like it could make a great after school special but it doesn't sound like reality to me. I don't have a local animal hospital to call, that I know of. Why don't you vent your frustration on people with yards that look like miniature golf courses and who trap and kill moles and rabbits and other creatures that they call "pests". And no, I'm not a wolf, wolves will eat small animals alive, I beat them in the head first.

Seeing a video is seeing it, is it not? Video is visual media, so yes, I have 'seen it'.

"As for your story about trappers preying on residential neighborhoods and slaughtering pets to "avoid public backlash","

That's not at all what I said.

"Why don't you vent your frustration on people with yards that look like miniature golf courses..."

Why won't you address the issue at hand? The inhumane treatment of animals for your personal satisfaction. You trap and injure animals as a convenience. Let's face it. There are many other ways of feeding yourself that are far less egregious.

No, you haven't seen it. Watching a video is not the same as encountering it in your life or participating in it. You're speaking from ignorance. As for your fable about trappers trapping in residential neighborhoods, you did say it. I have addressed the issue at hand, of course it's inhumane to kill and eat animals. All predators are inhumane and generally inflict much more suffering and in a much more callous fashion than humans do, at least the human writing this comment anyway. Have you ever heard of minks? They kill for fun, I don't, despite your fantasy that I get "personal satisfaction" out of it. I do not and you are steadily talking out your ass. Blow me. In a three-way with Debra Warrens.


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