Bible's "7 Seals" - #1: The Conglomerate of Universes Theory (Universe Creation Theory), GOD-guided Evolution Theory

Seal #1: The Conglomerate of Universes Theory (Universe Creation Theory), GOD-guided Evolution Theory

The Big Bang/Bit Bang - a supermassive white hole - 13.8 billion years ago was the result of a supermassive black hole in another universe. Our universe & that SBH share the same event horizon. That SBH & SWH formed an Einstein-Rosen bridge (wormhole). This duality combines these two singularities in a birth-life-death-rebirth cycle within The Conglomerate of universes. This 'simple' cause-and-effect explains both infinite space and eternity. Self-replication is the simplest design for everything from a cell to a universe to a mind.    GOD-guided evolution includes panspermia, intelligent design58, complexity, organization, the appearance randomness (chaos theory), purpose, altruism, DNA/RNA, catastrophism, reincarnation & follow-the-leader/God-incarnate, & ET intervention.


Genasis74 1:1, “In the beginning GOD7_4 created the heavens74 and the mother64 earth.” The Bible’s sequel/prequel must explain how “GOD created”/what caused the beginning of this universe and what comes after its end? The prophecy of "Then I saw a new heavens and a new earth" - Isaiah 65:17, 2 Peter 3:13 & The Revelation 21:1 has been fulfilled (see the Earth-like Plan-it Nestor).


"Scientific research can reduce superstition by encouraging people to think and view things in terms of cause-and-effect." - Albert58 Einstein


Planets, star, galaxies, and universes are born and eventually die. Many physicists, i.e. Michio Kaku and Brian Greene agree that the Big Bang/Bit Bang of this universe was actually a supermassive white hole which was the result of a supermassive black hole in another universe. This is a hypothesis that’s very hard to prove anytime soon, but this would solve one of mankind's greatest mysteries: "How could eternity and infinite space really work?"

"A duality occurs when you can look at the same phenomenon in two distinct ways, taking one theory and mapping it to another theory. In a sense, the two theories are equivalent." - String Theory for Dummies


Both the Big Bang/Bit Bang and black holes are singularities which are points with infinite density and the radius of zero, and where the laws of physics break down. We’ve now directly observed a supermassive black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy and astrophysicists conclude that there is a supermassive black hole at the center of every galaxy. These two singularities - a Big Bang/Bit Bang/supermassive white hole and a supermassive black hole - are linked in a death-rebirth relationship. This is a simple, cause-and-effect, duality explanation of how there is infinite space and infinite time (eternity), which includes before the birth of this universe and after its death. Our universe is one of billions in The Conglomerate of universes. (The term 'multiverse' is often used to promote parallel universes: a hypothesis that every possible decision of ours creates other universes. I AM opposed to this, knowing that observing our decisions thus destroys the other possibilities.) Traversable wormholes (Einstein-Rosen bridges) theoretically allow very fast (instant?) travel from one part of a universe to another part of that same universe and allow travel from one universe to another; thereby proving The Conglomerate theory. Science58 may find a way to utilize natural wormholes and produce artificial star58gates in the future. (Perhaps they already exist and are kept secret from the public?!) But for now, we can only conclude that since the Big Bang/Bit Bang and black holes are the only two58 known singularities, this must be an example of duality. The boundary/event horizon of this expanding universe is also the boundary/event horizon of a SBH in another universe.


"Deep in the past, some unknowable event triggered the first foundations of a multi-universe…and many heavens were born with physical laws adverse to life. They collapsed back on themselves or diffused into vapor and were never heard from again. But those universes that were born with physical laws familiar to us were also the ones able to make black holes that allowed them to trigger 'daughter' universes. Over time, a fantastically large and complex multiverse resulted with most parts of the cosmos having physical laws that allow life – natural selection functioning on a cosmic scale." - Dr. Lee Smolin, Penn State University


Many Jews, Christians, Muslims, and other 'creationists' have a tendency to not question what was taking place before “GOD created this universe”. Many Christians and others have a tendency to throw around the term 'eternal life' without putting much deep thought behind it. Unfortunately, many have conceptualized eternal life as “something that begins once you die and continues into the future forever”. That's not eternity, that's perpetuity! There are countless perpetuities, but only one eternity. To properly believe in eternal life, one has to properly define eternity as all of time - past, present, and future - and then explain what was taking place before the Big Bang and what will take place after the potential death of this universe! It's hard to conceive of eternal life without accepting The Conglomerate as ‘universe creation theory’. The good news is that we have all eternity to further research it and prove it!

"Self-replication is any behavior of a dynamical system that yields construction of an identical copy of that dynamical system. Biological cells, given suitable environments, reproduce by cell division. During cell division, DNA is replicated and can be transmitted to offspring during reproduction. Biological viruses can reproduce, but only by commandeering the reproductive machinery of cells through a process of infection. Harmful prion proteins can replicate by converting normal prions into rogue forms. Computer viruses reproduce using the hardware and software already present on computers. Self-replication in robotics has been an area of research and a subject of interest in science fiction. Any self-replicating mechanism which does not make a perfect copy will result in the creation of different variants and thus be subject to natural selection as the variants which are better at persisting in their environment will outlive and out reproduce variants which are not so suited to their environment." –  

“Even if we did have multiple universes and their gods, you’d still have to have a transcendent GOD to create and govern these universes and gods.” – Rev. Robert J. Spitzer, Magis Center of Reason and Faith


Guardin’774 of Eden428 decoded: Earth is ~4.567 billion years old. I believe that ~6,000 years ago, some ‘ET God-guy’ appeared in the Tigris-Euphrates River Valley and cloned himself to “create Adam in our image” – Gn 1:26. He then cloned Adam and changed a chromosome to “create wo-man”Gn 2:23. The 1st, 2nd & 3rd greatest souls and their offspring would eventually interact with the humans nearby - Gn 4:14-17. Science recognizes ‘Mitochondrial Eve’ who lived 200,000 years ago and that all humans today are descended from her through our mitochondrial DNA. ‘Eve’ means “the mother of all the living” – Gn 3:20. The near future should bring confirmation of “ancient aliens” and their history with global culture. GOD-guided evolution includes this biocentric universe, intelligent design, reincarnation, ‘apparent random mutations’, sudden catastrophes, complexity, panspermia and alien intervention. 


(See Discover Magazine June 2011, First Look Inside a Black Hole p. 28 Beyond The Event Horizon - “Cosmologist Andrew Hamilton’s stunning computer models reveal a place where time runs backward & entire universes are born”.)                                           3/8/11 14:29 t 12/11/15 11:54

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How big is this Conglomerate ‘universe ?

Our universe fits inside one supermassive black hole which is at the center of one galaxy of almost 200 billion in another universe within The Conglomerate of universes.

I tweaked the op.


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