Establishment Equine Etiquette or "Would u like fries w/ your Pinto Burger?"


MIAMI, Fla. (CBS Tampa) – Burger King will reportedly test its meat to make sure it is 100 percent beef after horse DNA was found in beef products from one of its food processors.

Diego Beamonte, Burger King’s vice president of global quality, told Bloomberg Businessweek that “details for DNA testing have not been worked out, and no timeline has been set for implementing the new procedures.”

Burger King addressed this topic after it was disclosed that Silvercrest Foods sold beef products containing horse meat to other retailers.

According to the company’s statement to PR Newsire, Burger King says it will test specifically for equine DNA.

Burger King told Businessweek that it dropped dealings with Silvercrest after learning that meat supplied by the distribution company contained horse meat. Burger King went on to say that product from Silvercrest was never sold in their stores.


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O man takes "have it your way" to whole new levels lol. Creepy ass King.

what ju talkin bout??..the king rules!!...they raise chickens shaped just like they're buns ;) lol

yukkk...processed chunks coated in chems.....and its EVERY corporate fast "food" chain as well...same shit, different package...hey!!..just like gubbermint ;)

This just occurred to me, if you see the King in your bedroom late at night. He is there to take your guns and make you eat horse meat, so just a heads up. Better to know than not know.

if i see the king in my bedroom late at night, he will get my "nightstand" gun....barrel first ;)

If you like minced meat theres 99% possibility you've been eating tons of horse meat. Besides horse meat is tasty and healthy. Besides its total hypocrisy to say that a horse has more right to life rather than a cow or some other live stock. It's probably the imprinted "Disney" image that hunts people. Besides it was common eating in the western world until the 50's - 70's depending were you lived.

I always wondered what the Government did with with 20,000 horses that they culled from the plains a while back. Now II don't wonder anymore. I remember I did suggest that they process the meat and ship it to Africa for free food for the poor there, but I never dreamed they would keep it here in America for food.

                                             One day I was so hungry  ...well 'you know'.  ".I could eat a horse"....

Lets hope theyve been sent to a burger chain so people actually got something healthy inside their body for once.

Look at the documentary American Outrage.
The pictures make it obvious.
They left them to rot on the prairie.

meh food is food. horse. duck. cow. chicke. pig. buffalo. if its meat its edible. as for processed food its delicious and i exercise plentifully.... now if it was human DNA id be worried. xP in china they have dishes based on horse meat.

but would #38 make a good roast??

Needs a lot of wine and vinegar :-) but i believe it would make a good rump stew. 


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