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The Colorado State Lodge Fraternal Order of Police site has posted a rant saying that citizens ought to “get on their knees and thank” cops for looking after them.

Portions of the rant are highlighted here at length, because it must be read to be believed and recognized for the absolute narcissistic, psychopathic, arrogant drivel that it is.

In case you haven’t noticed…there is a war going on in our own streets today…it’s a war on law enforcement and unless YOU want to walk the line between good and evil, maybe YOU should do something to stop that war. Only YOU can make a difference and WE as a community everywhere must take a stand against those who would like to see our law enforcement officers neutered and defenseless. Our officers need to know that they are supported by their community and their leadership. Far too many today are more worried about being sued when they have to make a split second life or death decision that will experience days, weeks, months or years of armchair quarterbacking by the ill-informed.

I’ve walked that thin line. I have many members of my family that walk that thin line still today. I have many friends who I call brother or sister that walk that thin line, and many more that have recently left the line. For those I say their lives matter, they made a difference, they did something that mattered, and when one of them dies…guess what, I’ll hashtag the hell out of my mourning because by whatever God you worship or don’t, by all things holy, #BlueLivesMatter.

Instead of you getting on some high horse thinking that you are being so damned enlightened with your “All Lives Matter” bullshit, you should be getting on your knees thanking each and every one of those people who gave their live so you can sleep at night, so you can walk the street, so you can enjoy the safety that they provide. Will any of them ever ask for your thanks, no. Do they deserve it, you bet they do.

Read more: http://filmingcops.com/cop-americans-should-get-on-your-knees-below...

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Sadistic, delusional narcissists these pigs are.

you been awake a long time,.. this is for people just raising from the sleep.  Never forget that!  Our job in life is to guide and herd them. 

I am also 1 of your biggest followers and fans.

Not to be humble or anything but I am hardly "awake". I'm might be slightly less stupidier by comparison to most dumb people, so it appears that I'm awake (thanks to the dynamic of relativity). But I'm not awake.

It's sorta like when you take a mediocre-looking girl & throw her in with a pack of her ugly friends. She might appear to be one of the hottest women you've ever seen.

(which frankly is my guess why she has so many ugly friends)

I never have ask anyone to give their life for me. I never ask anyone to fight for my freedom. Besides PIGS (People In Government Service) are over paid and the job is only as dangerous as they can make it.



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