All members should read the following before you look at "Gasland" propaganda movie. I guess, 12160 will be featuring Michael Moore movies on its next movie night.


Creating a Crisis


 “Let no crisis go to waste”, Rahm Emanuel.


The shutting down of the Yucca Nuclear waste storage facility should finally make it obvious about the left’s intent to create an energy crisis. The Carbon Cap and Trade bill failure is now being implemented by bureaucratic fiat. The anti-nuclear power forces with the aid of the Japan disaster are all but assured to prohibit new nuclear power generation, although it has already been accomplished by shutting down the Yucca Mountain Waste facility. The shutting down of gulf drilling because of the BP-Macondo will add to the crisis. Add in the propaganda in an effort to shut down hydraulic fracturing to produce our vast natural gas reserves and it is obvious that these efforts will set up takeover of the energy infrastructure in which the government has had historically little control when compared to banking, auto, agriculture and health industries.


Although there is much ado about oil imports(which by the way are no longer crude oil but refined products since the Clean Air Act effectively shut down a large part of domestic refining capacity), no one seems to note that these imports are made by private companies providing a product to a willing consumer. In short, there is no government involvement. No wonder we haven’t have gas lines even though we have doubled the percentage of imports than when that genius of economics and foreign policy James Earl Carter tried to manage the situation. The government has little control of the energy infrastructure other than removing federal lands and waters from drilling, indirectly shutting down refinery capacity, the fantasy of the strategic petroleum reserve and giving tax benefits to its selected “green” generators. Energy for the most part is produced by private enterprise in the coal areas, natural gas development and distribution and by private companies producing and importing what we need. This situation is unacceptable to the federal powers that have had little opportunity to inject their largess since it seems to be running fairly well. The left cannot stand that such a large area of the economy that affects every other sector is out of their manipulation.


I submit that the current energy policy is not being done through ignorance of the subject matter or in a deluded effort to save the planet from Carbon Dioxide. The energy policy currently being implemented is specifically intended to create an energy crisis. The shut down of the Yucca Mountain facility makes this obvious, since nuclear power cannot be a scapegoat for the religion of Global Warming. When the realities of the Carbon Cap & Trade being implemented by fiat are realized virtually everything will increase in cost at a time that our economy can ill afford another hit. Of course government, always ready to deny responsibility, will blame the energy industry for gouging the public and senatorial investigative show trials will be aired ad nauseum preordained to reach the conclusion that only the government can run it properly. Of course the shortages that will soon follow will be blamed on foreign producers who no longer accept dollars in payment.


The truly frightening point of the preceding argument is the extent that the left intends to go to squash dissent. It is now apparent that the intent is not just to create rolling blackouts (see California), but to create a disaster in which thousands of people will freeze or bake to death while what little is left of the economy goes into shambles. The current bill’s mandates being implemented by bureaucratic mandate are estimated to shut down as much as 50% of our coal fired electrical power generation. The EPA has already overturned the Texas Air Control Board approval of new coal fired plants in Texas. With no nuclear power to replace, then the only alternative to maintain electrical generating capacity appears to be natural gas. That is now being attacked through specious arguments about the ecological dangers of hydraulic fracturing techniques.  (For all you “glue” heads that have gone organic, doubling wind and solar power will cover up to .5% of our electrical power generation). Of course the fracturing argument will delay bringing enough natural gas to market in time that unfortunately will not forestall the inevitable agenda or the photo opportunities of frozen “grandmas”. The policies currently being put in place are truly evil in that they are purposely being implemented to create economic mayhem that will be overshadowed by the de facto murder of thousands without “power”. The pun is intended.

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Wow, blatant propaganda as anti-propaganda!


So you saying

-- Fukushima was good.

-- BP-Macondo / Gulf oil leak is wonderful (BTW: It is still leaking).

-- Hydraulic fracturing is great for the earth.

-- Cap-and-Trade my @ss any day


Now your argument against the "left" (you are giving the left too much credit -- you really believe they have so much power?) that"an energy crisis is being manufactured" but the supporting evidence is so much bull, I don't know where to begin.


If any one is creating this artificial energy crisis, it is the energy firms themselves. And it is not the first time they'll be doing it.

I fully agree that you don't know whwere to begin. To rationally dispute through intelligent discourse is not possible since every disagreement becomes like an argument against religion with a born again Christian's faith based beliefs. Your response is classic demogoguery and simplistic reaction that  are found with belief systems that are unassailable by science or math. Just for the record.


1) Nowhere did I  say Fukushima was good. However more people were killed at a bridge in Chappaquidick New York in 1969 that have died in nuclear power accidents in the US.

2) I did not say the Macondo blowout was wonderful. However, the amount of oil leaked into the Gulfstream was .ooooo93 parts per million oil versus volume of the gulf stream. I guess you have knowledge I'm unaware about it is still leaking.

3) Hydraulic fracturing does not hurt the surface of the earth except for maybe the surface preparation. The explanation of why this is the case would require math that is obviously beyond your comprehension. When you get out of junior high alegebra and have takem applied differential equations please respond.

4) Cap and trade if Kyoto was fully implemented would reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere .o7 ppm per year. The amount of increase of CO2 in the atmosphere is 1.5 ppm per year of which 85% is identified from natural causes. So reduction due to cap and trade would reduce based upon the IPCC human   contribution of CO2 to .155 ppm per year.


As far as the left's power the examples used reducing our energy production mix have been done. Looks like quite a bit of power thus far. Particularly as we have seen recently the billions of dollars of taxpayer funds thrown away to corporations that were big donars to Obama et al.


I am out of the country. Just checked and made sure Lenin is still dead in Red Square, you might want to get out some and actually see something rather than be spoon fed from the Secular Socialist propaganda.




Amazing things people will believe in! ;-)

BillyBob, You have it stuck way up your wazoo so try to get some sun -- it might shake a few neurons loose...


BTW: I LMAO at you still going after Ted Kennedy after he is long dead and your brilliant "Hydraulic fracturing does not hurt the surface of the earth". Duh! The ".ooooo93 parts per million oil versus volume of the gulf stream" bit was pretty funny too and enjoyed the Kyoto bit, oh brilliant scientist, you! You must be a Pachuri groupie, as your "facts"  seem to come from the smutty "Return to Almora" :-P






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