David Duke: The Greatest Danger from Obama= Assassination!

CNN just ran on January 16, a hateful piece called White supremacists watched in lead up to Obama administration. The article implies that people like me are creating a climate that could endanger Obama. First off, once more I must say that I am not in any way a White supremacist, but a White civil rights advocate who believes that Whites just like every other people have the right to defend and preserve their heritage and rights. Unlike the Jewish supremacists who have murdered thousands of Palestinians in pursuit of Jewish supremacy I have always condemned violence and illegality by anyone. Even more importantly, I have made it clear for all awakened White people who read my articles and hear my voice that any physical attack on Obama would be an evil act that would also have catastrophic results for the rights and heritage of White Americans. As usual, the CNN article carefully left the fact that I have worked very hard to tell any White person who will listen that such a deed would have terrible consequences. If the media really wants Obama to be safe it would seem to me that they should inform whoever is reading that the best known White spokesman in the world would condemn any attack on Obama and that I have clearly stated that it would be an incredible danger to White rights freedom and heritage. Instead, the media falsely implies the very opposite of my position. That fact is very, very scary. What are their intentions? Here is a copy of the original article on the danger of an Obama assassination that I posted back in October — David Duke

The Greatest Danger from Obama:


How a possible assassination would be a tragedy not only for Obama and his family, it would be an absolute catastrophe for the rights and heritage of European Americans.

By David Duke

The greatest danger to European Americans has not been the election of Barack Hussein Obama as President of the United States. A far greater catastrophe would be his assassination.

As White activists have pointed out, the election of Obama along with the rapidly changing demographics of America is a powerful wakeup call to European Americans. His election makes clear that we are losing the nation and principles of our forefathers. It has already led to a dramatic increase in our ranks.

We must also be aware that Obama is not the cause of our losing the America of our forefathers. He is the effect not the cause.

Although Obama supports it, he did not create the situation where millions of White Americans face the massive racial discrimination of so-called affirmative action.

Men of Obama’s race are not the masters of a controlled media which never protest that millions of better-qualified White people are discriminated against in college admissions, in jobs, in promotions, in contracting. Every study shows that African Americans on average score far lower on qualification tests, have much poorer academic records, and have a far greater chance of having a criminal record. Yet, for Government jobs such as the U.S. Postal System, the ultimate in a well-paid, secure government job for life, African Americans are employed at 300 percent more likely than their percentage of the population.

You can show patterns of mass discrimination against Whites in everything from the hiring of factory workers, to admissions to colleges, university graduate programs or medical schools, to the hiring of professors at universities. Yet, there is no loud complaint from the media or political establishment concerning the violation of the human rights of European Americans.

The EEOC, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, is an Orwellian institution that actually promotes blatant racial discrimination against the best-qualified. It is the very opposite of equal opportunity. And there is not a shred of acknowledgment of that plain fact by America’s mass media or the political establishment. Even Ron Paul doesn’t dare make a big point of anti-White racism.

The fact is that the American government is blatantly racist; it is racist against White people, the very people who founded the nation to begin with. European Americans constituted every signer of the Declaration of Independence and every member of the First Congress of the United States under the Constitution.

Although Obama supports anti-White discrimination, Obama had nothing to do with the triumph of these programs. They are the responsibility of the Clinton’s, the McCain’s, the Reagan’s and are even more so the result of a racist, controlled, anti-White mass media. However, with Obama as President, people will see much better the anti-White nature of these programs, far clearer than they would with an “only on the outside” Whiteman as President.

Obama had no role in the policies of the U.S. Government that have transformed America from a 90 percent European-American country in 1970 to point where we will be an outnumbered, shrinking minority by 2042, probably even earlier. At the present rate of immigration and differential birthrates, if there is not a revolutionary change in policy, by the end of the century Whites will then be about the same percentage of the population as African Americans are today. Even the Black population alone will outnumber us. America will reflect the political positions of ever more radical racially driven groups such as La Raza (the Race) and the NAACP.

Although Obama favors the transformation of America to a Third World nation resembling the darker half of his own antecedents, he did not make this happen. The anti-European masters of the media and the political financiers and operatives, as well as sell-out White politicians, are the ones who did this. And right in the middle of this was none other than the very proud sponsor of Amnesty, John McCain, a man so committed to the racial transformation of America that made an adoption from Bangladesh.

The real difference in McCain and Obama is that Obama’s racial background as well as his membership in a clearly anti-American, anti-White Church makes the European-American demographic Armageddon, far clearer to the average American than does the failed “great White dope” John McCain.

The racial clarity of an Obama presidency has and will continue to trigger a further awakening of millions of European-Americans to a long-awaited organized political resistance.

Furthermore, the election of McCain would have said to millions of those Whites who are beginning to wake up, “Whew, we really avoided that Obamian catastrophe; we still have people in government watching out for us! Everything will work out; we can all go back to the ball game.”

In reality, McCain as an ostensible, Republican, Conservative will continue to betray us and use the power of the Republican infrastructure to lead us farther down the road to our own destruction.

No Republican would have a problem opposing Obama’s appeals for amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, but many would have had big problems opposing a Republican president who pushes for it. I know that because I once served in the House of Representatives in Louisiana. Politicians are ambitious and the republican hierarchy can determine who rises in the party, who gets best committee assignments, and they can determine who gets endorsed by the party bosses. An uncooperative republican can not only lose the election campaign funds he needs, he can see an insider republican opponent getting that funding.

We have had years of republican presidents and republican dominated congresses, but the march to European American demographic oblivion has gone on unabated and relentless.

There is no reason to believe a McCain presidency would have changed that. In fact, there is as much reason to believe McCain would have accelerated it even more.

On the opposite side, the fact that a member of an openly anti-American, openly anti-White church won is a real wakeup call to European Americans that the time has come for us to stand up openly for our own interests, heritage and freedom, just as the minorities have openly done for decades. African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans all have powerful organizations for their people.

The media and politicians have high praise for Jews who stand up for their interests and agenda. In fact, they have the most powerful lobby in the U.S. Congress, it is a lobby dedicated to the Jewish agenda and to quote, Israel as a Jewish State.” Obama and McCain have both reaffirmed their commitment to “Israel as a Jewish state” and sworn to send American boys and American gold to fight endless wars for Israel. European Americans demonized for openly advocating our own interests? Admittedly we must be pretty terrible people for not wanting to go bankrupt and die for Israel in the Mideast. The two most powerful men next to Obama are two Jewish supremacist, Zionist backers of Israel uber alles.

Obama as president brings home the fact that it is long past time for European Americans to stand up for our interests!

So, what then is the greatest danger posed by Obama?

The most severe danger posed by Obama as President of the United States wold be his assassination.

The assassination of Obama would be an evil deed, a terrible tragedy for him and his family. Also, I can’t imagine an event that would cause greater damage to White Americans.

If that terrible event happens, God forbid, I frankly believe it would trigger the transformation of America into a Soviet-Style state with brutal and draconian suppression of American civil liberties, rights and freedoms.

I think this is true especially if the assassin were a deranged White person. However, great damage would be done even if the assassin were a member of a minority race.

I am old enough to remember the shock and horror of the Kennedy assassination. At the time of his death the people of the South overwhelmingly despised Kennedy. He was loved by a segment of Americans, but he was detested by just as many Americans who hated his plans to change our immigration laws and open our borders. Millions thought rightly that his proposals for forced integration and busing would eviscerate the nation’s public school systems, destroy the vitality of our inner cities and result in massive criminal victimization of Whites. His unpopularity was shown even on the day he died, for the streets of Dallas were practically empty as his fateful motorcade went past. The assassination changed all that.

Even before it was alleged that a radical communist who had traveled to Cuba and Soviet Russia had done the foul deed, newspapers headlined, “Hate killed Kennedy.”

Before his assassination, Kennedy’s immigration reform bill was dead in the water. His Immigration Reform Act was a bill that discriminated against European immigration and favored Third World immigration. Kennedy’s also sponsored forced integration initiatives, so-called “civil rights legislation.” They also languished in congress. The great majority of Congress opposed these racist, anti-White bills. Prophetic senators and congressmen said that the legislation would actually diminish the civil rights of Whites and eventually result in massive discrimination against European Americans. Time has proven them painfully correct.

After the fatal bullets were fired in Dallas, even though the alleged communist assassin supported those very same leftist policies, it was only a matter of time before all of Kennedy’s pernicious legislation passed and America was well on the road to demographic Armageddon. The Kennedy assassination also brought on the first laws in violation of the Second Amendment, our vital right to keep and bear arms. It also brought a change to American policy toward Israel. Perhaps one redeeming trait of Kennedy was his intense opposition to Israel getting the atomic bomb. My good friend Mike Piper of the Barnes Review, in his books, shows the involvement of many Israeli operatives in the very center of the conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination.

In America today, the chief advocates of laws to end constitutionally guaranteed free speech have been Jewish led groups such as the ADL (anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith) and the Southern Poverty Law Center. They have supported so-called hate laws that have literally criminalized politically incorrect thoughts.

If Obama were to be assassinated, I believe that draconian laws would be enacted in America much like that in Europe where simply speaking about racial realities would become a criminal offense. I believe that there would be successful efforts to restrict freedom of speech on the Internet, and I think the powers that be would use such laws to stifle and criminalize criticism of Israel and Jewish extremism.

There is another very scary scenario we should all consider. We cannot put anything past our enemies. Israel has a record of committing terrorism against the United States. The Israeli terrorist attacks in the Lavon Affair and the Attack on the USS Liberty are indisputable facts of history. The Israeli treachery against America in the Jonathan Pollard Case is undeniable. There is no doubt that Israel’s intelligence is ruthless enough to do any deed, no matter how foul in the service of the Jewish supremacist agenda.

We also are aware of the plentiful evidence that Israel had a role in the 9-11 tragedy. The facts are indisputable that the Mossad shadowed and wire-tapped Mohammed Atta and at least half of the alleged hijackers for months prior to the attack. They were certainly in position to know about the attacks ahead of time. We also know that on the day of the 9-11 attack 5 Mossad agents were arrested by the FBI after filming and celebrating the attacks on the WTC as they occurred. Why would Mossad agents in America be filming and cheering the attacks unless they had prior knowledge and saw it as “mission accomplished”? As Benjamin Netanyahu was quoted in The NY Times just a day after the 9-11, “the attacks were good for Israel.”

Of course, as horrific as 9-11 was for America, it was a godsend for Israel. It took the world’s attention off the murders of war criminal, Ariel Sharon. It made the world turn a blind eye to Israel’s systematic destruction of the emerging Palestinian State. It upped the ante for unquestioned, massive American monetary and military support of Israel. Finally, it enabled Israeli Partisans in media and government to embark America on a catastrophic war against Israel’s enemy: Iraq.

It would not be hard for a sophisticated intelligence agency to find some deranged loser, ply him with money and set him out to do an evil deed of murder, of political assassination. Over the next few months it would be naive not to consider the possibility of this rogue state’s potential to do evil.

The most radical Jewish supremacist feel more comfortable with McCain’s much longer record of subservience to Israel, and in an effort to consolidate their grip of power in an increasingly totalitarian America, who knows what Israeli intelligence might do. Their record is not in the least reassuring.

If Israel decides to embark upon it, there is not much we can do to prevent such an Israeli scenario,

If some nut somewhere in an increasingly Hollywoodized and crazified America assassinates Obama, we have no affect on that.

But there are some things we can do, and some things we must do.

Everyone in this Movement for European-American rights and heritage must understand that an assassination of Barack Obama would be an evil act, catastrophic act for White Americans.

Understand that anyone who is even remotely associated with our ideas who would promote any thoughts of violence or vicious or truly hateful rhetoric is either working for the other side or is so stupid he should be. Either way, we must protect ourselves from such psychopaths.

Internet Chats are basically anonymous, and they are perfect pathways of Black propaganda. You never know for sure who is posting on any site.

For instance, if someone is a secret operative and he wanted to really hurt Obama he could place posts on Obama’s websites openly supporting anti-White policies or justifying violence against Whites. It would be wrong to do that and such tactics are completely unnecessary, for there are acres of clear evidence of Obama’s racist sentiments and affiliations.

The same kind of vulnerability existing for Obama also is true for White activist sites. Our enemies can anonymously and easily plant hateful and violent rhetoric which can be easily used by the powerful mainstream media to demonize us. We should keep our eyes open for inflammatory, clearly hateful, expletive or violent rhetoric. Such should be moderated and forcefully condemned.

If the worst would happen, and Obama would be assassinated, it would be an incalculable tragedy. Hateful or violent rhetoric would be dragged up and used in a direct assault against every White activist organization. Just as important, millions of our people would be stripped of their psychological moral defenses. To even simply say that White people should have human rights too would be viewed as some sort of justification of murder. The media would depict White activists as synonymous with a murderer of a man often portrayed by the media as the Second Coming.

I heard CNN refer to Obama as the biggest celebrity and most admired man in the world. Remember that Martin Luther King was a man who plagiarized his doctoral thesis, routinely had liaisons and physically beat prostitutes, a man whose top aide, the very Jewish Stanley Levinson, was revealed to be a long time member of the Communist Party, USA. Because of his brutal assassination this reprobate man became the most honored American, even more than Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, who were lumped together for “President’s Day” while King gets his own. The King assassination was very damaging to the every day rights of White Americans. Imagine if the worst would happen and Obama was killed. My God, the White self-guilt would be overwhelming and they would probably make his birthday a world holiday.

It would usher in a media hate fest against the European American people and those of us who are activists for our rights and heritage, it would accelerate every government policy for the destruction of our people, and it would spur on the greatest suppression of freedom in American history.

There are good and bad among all points of view and among all people. I hope and pray that anyone who deems himself a patriot for our people’s heritage and freedom undertands that nothing could damage the people we love more than an assassination of Barack Obama.

It is vital that all awakened European Americans understand these fundamental things. All of us must think, speak and act morally and ethically, and we must repeat again and again our opposition to any sort of violence against anyone, and reiterate again and again how any sort of plot against Obama would be evil as well as being catastrophic for our own people.

Hopefully, the worst will not happen.

But, I have learned long ago, that our enemies are capable of doing the most evil things imaginable to advance their agenda.

Vigilance as always, is the cost of freedom!

Be what we European people are naturally: fair-minded, decent and moral. At the same time we must be unselfishly and courageously dedicated to the heritage and rights of our people.

Thanks for being with me today, and thank you for having the ability to think independently

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I agree with this article 100 percent. Also there is no doubt in my mind that the people that put Obama into power intend on assassinating him and that his assassination will be the next 911 by design to take away what little remains of our freedoms and rights.

Obama's assassination will be our next 911. It will inspire americans to feel guilt and demoralize America like the perpatrators of 911 only wished they could have.
Yes just as the Arab Islamic world never benefited from 911 or 7/7 or any of the bombings the same can be said of a black president being killed. The only people to benefit are the people whom make the laws and control the earth.... the Illuminati the NWO. I'm sure the US gov / the NWO won't do anything to him until he passes the majority of his laws and HIS (the NWOs) agenda. I assume 2-3 years from now we may see an attempt or even the real deal. Even a serious attempt is just as good with the media today.

White people don't hate him at all they don't like his position on many things and his bias towards helping his people first. I'm just being real he does have a bias and so do the people around him now. His church is the best example and the organizations he gives to and is a part of.

I doubt anything will happen to him but its a great chance for the media to make sure they reinvigorate the almost non existent racism between white and black. They really love to demonize the white gun owning male and nothing is better than suggesting a white gun owning male hurt Obama... I mean really the media is as bad as any part of the NWO at this point.
Is there something in the article that leads you to believe that? Is there anything you have read that leads you to believe that of which you can post? Why would you say that and not offer any evidence to back it up?
Actually I used to believe like you but to date have not been able to find anything except people like you calling me an asshole against him, though if you could be reasonable I might be inclined to listen to you.

Can you give me an example of anything he said or done as leader of the clan? I understand that many neo nazis support his ideas but have seen no evidence that he is one of them. Your example is like me saying that because I post on a forum that contains assholes that I am one. I have researched things for myself and I have even posted it. Did you even bother to read it before calling me an asshole?
Would it be to much to ask you guys to take this debate to private message?
Your flame war is the only thing on the front page. And please.,, no name calling and personal attacks.
Which word sounded threatening,... would or please?


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