Divide and Conquer: Why Wahhabi Islam and Christian Zionism were created

Time to Think

Thinking is cool again here in Iceland, after the (Silvia)Night´s party is over and the Morning light has come with a throbbing headache

If we want to counteract an agenda of war and oppression, lies and deceptions, we need to overcome our tendency to fall for sectarian hate-mongering. This is exactly the way of how we are being manipulated.

Everybody can be manipulated regardless of faith or non-faith, religious people as well as secular, as we have seen in the anti-Vietnam-war movement in the past as well as in the human-right movements of the present.

Today secular NGOs like Amnesty International provide the cover for... as the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 and of Libya last year, after western intelligence agencies had before been arming violent insurgencies for many years. The same is happening in Syria right now. A fanatical intolerant and reactionary group of Islamists, who commit brutal terrorist acts against civilians is being armed by NATO, Saudi and Israeli agents. At the same time the Syrian government is being demonized by Amnesty and other “humanitarians” in order to demand a no-fly zone or protected area around Syria´s borders from where the terrorists can operate. Syria´s defence of itself against foreign sponsored terrorists would then later on be used as a justification for a potential NATO invasion.

The same pattern is repeated over and over again. A minority in a country with a taste for power or possibly even with genuine grievances is encouraged, supported and armed to rise up against the majority and fight an armed insurgency against a government, that is too independent from western control for the taste of our financial elites. If and when this minority eventually succeeds to overpower said government its members will then become a privileged economic and at the same time a very weak political ruling class, whose rule is totally dependent on a continued military support from their imperial masters.

This is not a new game, it has been played by imperial powers for many centuries.

One blatant example of the successful use of this tactic was the British sponsored creation of the Wahhabi Islamic sect in conne....

A British spy, code-named Hempher, convinced an Islamic preacher by the name of Ibn Abdul-Wahhab  to join forces with a sheikh named Mohammed Al-Saud to spread a kind of puritanic Islam which sees all other Muslims as infidels. The British aim to create trouble within the Islamic population of the Turkish Ottoman Empire and so destroy it from within.

The British then armed and financed a mercenary army under the leadership of Al-Saud to pillage and rape themselves through Arab lands, breaking every Islamic rule of limited warfare in the process, while damaging and even destroying important Islamic holy sites. At their first attempts of conquest Al-Saud and his mercenary army was defeated twice by Ottoman troops. But being able to retreat under British protection, they finally succeeded in conquering large parts of the Arabian peninsula, which is now called Saudi-Arabia.

The Saudi royals who from the very beginning of their rule had lived lives of un-Islamic sexual decadence were disregarding many other Islamic laws, like the ban on the use of mind-altering substances as well. But still they demanded their non-rich subjects to live by the strict rules of Wahhabi Islam. These rules  were and are still enforced through draconian punishments. While the Saudi royals are living the life-style of the western ultra-rich, they have been through all the years of their rule  staunch supporters and facilitators of western imperial interests. At first those interests were British and later on they were American and Israeli.

It is on behalf of British and American powers that the Saudi regime financed and armed Islamic organizations,like the Mujaheddin, the Taliban and th... which embrace doctrines derived from Wahhabi Islam.

The aim is on the one side to undermine and destroy countries in the Islamic world which are not completely under the rule of western elites, and on the other side to create a negative image of Islam in the west to justify a war on Islamic countries as a “war on terrorism” or declaring “a clash of civilizations.

The problem therefor has never been an inherent violent and backward Islam against an enlightened and democratic west but rather the manipulation of small groups of disenfranchised Muslims by non-Islamic powers for those power’s own nefarious purposes.

After the demise of the British Empire the tactic of “divide and conquer” was adopted by the rulers of the next rising world empire, the United States of America. And it became standard procedure for most western intelligence agencies, both the ones that operate externally like the CIA and as well as the internal ones like the FBI.

Most people know nowadays about the FBI´s COINTELPRO operations that send agents into many grass-root groups, among others into anti-Vietnam-war and civil-rights groups. The aim was to create divisions and infighting within those groups while radicalizing the parts that splintered off them to the point where they became violent. Both the infighting as well as the violence turned large parts of the general population against the movements and made them so less effective. Fractured and no longer supported by the public they were also no longer a threat to the American power-elites.

There is, however, an operation that started long before the FBI existed.The aim of this operation is to neutralizing and redefining a certain  group by totally controlling part of it. The method to do that is very similar to the one used at the manipulated emergence of the Wahabi sect in Islam. Only this time the target is Christianity.


Full Article Here: http://notsylvia.wordpress.com/2012/03/12/divide-and-conquer-why-wa...

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Iceland has gotten it right... why can't we Americans figure this shit out already? No... instead most Americans get bogged down in division over whos God has the biggest d**k or my party is more ornate than you're party (left/right BS). All the while the master manipulators behind the scenes are pulling the strings and robbing us blind. This is insanity! When will we ever truly wake up? Arghh, I'm so flustered right now thinking about it.

I hear ya but I am so frustrated about it all right now. Breathe in... Breathe out... now where's the beer? lol

Yep, that's what it is all about Troy; looking within, accepting and changing those things that we have control over. And the only things we have control over are ourselves. We are the change we seek!!!

I know I need more balance in my life because things personally and outwardly are getting to be too much as of late. Panic attacks are a bitch!!!

"If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what is within you will destroy you."

Gospel of Thomas

Thanks for the link!

God speed friend ~ ;)


If there is trouble in the world, you can usually count on Israel and the US State Department to be involved.  Zionist traitors to all humanity.  Israel was established by Rothschild....not much more to say bout that!  The House of Saud has always been zionist.  Great post Tara!  Sharing.

Thanks Sweettina :) I agree with you 100%. It is such a shame that people can not see through all the ways in which Zionism has interwoven its way into the fabric of most established religions and corrupted them to the core. They have got the divide and conquer strategy down to a captital T and the mindless worshipers who think they will be swept up in a rapture because of their blind support of Israel and Zionism truly have another thing coming. Whether it's Wahhabi Zionists, Jewish Zionists or Christian Zionists... they will "reap what they sow" for the bloodshed they have either been complicit in or acted out in the name of 'God'. What goes around will eventually come back around and they will get theres if not in this lifetime... the afterlife.    


"Destroying the New World Order"



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