I have a plan to install some freeware in the collective programming and am looking for a little collaboration on it's design and development and deployment - here is my idea:

Battle School
My first attempt at establishing a factory of resistance to crank out more factories is organized as a military academy - to train the next generation of resistance fighters we need to radically recreate education - and social networks and mobile computing make possible free online education that challenges the old order and the established university system

I work with an international group of science and engineering educators demonstrating the efficacy of new educational institutions - the goal is to recreate entirely the way we think about education - studies have revealed many problems, but the funding and commitment toward solutions fail to materialize, and institutional, political, and parental resistance blocks progress

To fill in the gaps of the digital divide and catch those left behind and plug and pump the pipe line through which students flow into their careers we have to admit mistakes honestly and not fear failure - we need to see that the past experiments taught us lessons and equipped us to design the next generation of experiments - we need to fearlessly face the risks involved 

Some worry about losing control others about corrupting the youth but the youth are corrupted and we have no real control - discovery Science involves exploring unknown territory - if you are afraid of change or your job security relies on status quo do not read on 

Currently students are forming self organized networks using mobile devices anyway - and how are the old paradigm educational authorities are responding? They are confiscating these students devices and attacking these networks - but the smart teachers recommend infiltration instead, and to that end i am establishing a free cooperative boarding school next to the intentional community Ecovillage lovingly referred to as Nickelsville - no adminstration or established curriculum in fact the goal will be to design the curriculum and the learning activities will be project based design challenges with competing teams - the test bed pilot project demonstration model will prepare us for the next steps

The longer term goal is invasion:
To make the educational experience exciting and adventurous and challenging there has to be a mission - our particular one is the invasion of a hidden cove in Alaska with very special legal status - a township grandfathered in against various regulations - our plan is to reboot the township by re-staking the claim

Imagine a school where you learn to face evil in all it's horrors - a command school where you learn to train and organize other commanders in the infowar - a Harry potter wizard's school where anything goes and anything is possible - the only thing that could possibly stop us from doing whatever we want is not knowing how

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In the 18th century coffee houses were called penny universities because you could learn more lingering over a penny cup of coffee than you could in a whole month at the university. And during this age of revolution an "invisible college" operated across Europe and in the Americas using hand delivered letters. Today's open social networking platforms allow us to put knowledge creation tools into the hands of our students and stand back and let them show us what they can do.


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