Not sure how many of You are familiar with the Secured Party Creditor status, but I thought I would offer a site where You can gain more information.

Basically You move from a debtor position, where You are chattel, into a position where You are a creditor, as a flesh-and-blood Human.  This gives You great power against the order-following bullies, even the power to fine Them huge amounts if They arrest (stop) You on the street and do not do certain things...

For more, contact the People at that site.  They are very helpful! 

Here's some vids to help get a picture of what becoming a SPC (Secured Party Creditor) means, from YT channel:

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There are MANY experiments, most hidden and suppressed, that prove free energy is there to be had.  My father worked on electrogravitics which was offering gravity control and energy from the aether.  That has been in black projects since 1959.

Why do We need to account for Our energy in the first place?

Money accounts for Our energy added into the community/system, whether trad, barter, and on up to electronic bits.  I ask, why do We need to account for Our energy - with tech making Human energy nigh worthless, and all...

Well...  I would surely like to know WHY.  What is it that You see as flawed in what I present?

I grasp that the foundational reason We exchange to survive is to account for the energy We add into the community/system to ensure We add Our "fair share," and also that any such accounting for Human energy added WILL promote psychopaths to the top of the money/power heap, Those being the Ones who will do literally anything to get and keep the power over Others money (in ANY form, from trade and barter on up to electronic bits) provides.

I also grasp that, given the tech We have now (some hidden and suppressed), that accounting for Our energy added, that ensuring We add Our "fair share," is archaic, but that the reason We yet retain such energy accounting systems has everything to do with the Ones presently at the top wanting to retain power/control over the rest of Us (thus the hiding and suppression).

On top of that, I grasp that Those of Us who are not psychopaths (about 99%) do things for the social currency We receive - thanks, reputation, appreciation, attention, respect, love, lauds, adoration, fame, bragging rights, Self-satisfaction, &c. That We don't need money to motivate Us to great works (I do all My work for only the awareness and appreciation, etc., I receive...).

And finally, I grasp that there is enough on Our planet to support 1,000 times the number here now, that money/profit/control motives create artificial scarcity - as one example, We , even before tech such as vertical farming, produce about 125% of the food We ALL could eat, but, by distributing by profit and not need/desire, 30-40% spoils before sale and goes to waste. There are other examples...

And so... I aim to remove the accounting for Human energy completely in terms of slave tokens used to pay Us for Our energy in moving the bulk of Our planet's wealth to very few (and it IS Our planet, stolen from Us through "trusts" and deceit).

So...  Where do You see the error in My view?


"Destroying the New World Order"



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