Gun Geo Marker app tries to locate homes, businesses of gun owners

Gun Geo Marker app tries to locate homes, businesses of gun owners

By Jeremy A. Kaplan
Published July 11, 2013

A new Android app asks users to expose the home addresses of gun owners they deem “potentially unsafe” -- and share that information with the world.

The Gun Geo Marker app, released to Google’s Play app store on July 7, invites users to mark the homes and businesses of “suspected unsafe gun owners … to help others in the area learn about their geography of risk from gun accidents or violence. "The app bills itself as merely a tool to collect information, but it was hit with a firestorm of negative reviews and comments from people worried that it could do more harm than good.

“This is dangerous and invasive,” wrote Levi Russell in a review of the app. “Dangerous because it allows criminals to determine where they might steal firearms….you are an accomplice to any firearm theft that will occur due to the existence of this app.”

"Major violation of privacy,” wrote Danielle Sigman in another review, one of more than 700 one-star reviews of the app. “Could cause a lot of safety issues for non-gun owners.”

Brett Stalbaum, the developer of Gun Geo Marker and a lecturer with the Visual Arts department of the University of California, San Diego, said he had received threats over the app.

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So called "Convenience Technology" is actually becoming a leash to reign in our freedom. Every speaker is also a microphone. Every camera is a recording device, every GPS is a tracker, every car built in recent years has a black box and various levels of remote control capability. I can continue down the list. The first rule is to recognize these facts, the second is to take appropriate steps to ensure these items are serving you, and not someone else. This app is just another intimidation technique used by certain groups to force us to bend to their will.

Make no mistake the majority of sociopaths are Passive Aggressive, they always attack sideways. The best method to keep them under control is be aware, solid, and active.

Since this app works by allowing anyone to tag any address or location they wish. Any nut job can target you anonymously. Therefore I would say exercise the first rule of intel. Use their tools to your advantage. I actually downloaded the app, so I will be able to monitor when and what homes pop up, most importantly if mine pops up. By checking the map regularly I will be able to narrow the source of the postings. I live in a neighborhood where we all know each other and have a network for various crisis, so I will also be able to let my neighbors know if they have been marked, theoretically by knowing who got marked, and when, we should be able to narrow down the list of who is marking us. 


"Now listen up, for the last time, we got your address as a Gun Owner and after searching your house we find nothing. Tell us where it is and you can go back to you TV Program"

"I don't have a gun I tell you again and again. I've been set up my ex-wife put in my address".

.......    ............

SO MUCH for him.

He's my address come and get me - I'll be waiting and you won't take me Alive.. First eyeball I see, Well, Bang..



We are Legion


This is incredibly Evil, extremely Dangerous and is an Invasion of Privacy!!!!   Sue the app Maker and the company that is selling it!!!

There are many ways to neutralize this app. one, down load it and go for a walk in the neighborhood. stop in front of every house and mark it. The more people who do this the less the app is worth. Go for a walk downtown, stop in front of every store and mark it. The app makers and providers will get inundated with complaints and suits.

Any tool designed to harass one group can be turned.

I am going to be busy this week. Very nice idea.

I was thinking the same thing. DONE.

Easy to find any Gun Facts in this handy ebook.

Gun Facts - Gun Control | Facts | Debunk | Myths

that would be a bad thing to do,for if a criminals would want to find his way to my home it would be very dangerous for them and very harmful for it's life if it gets in my home.

Absolutely brilliant ploy for anti-gun nuts to yet again violate our 2nd Amendment Rights and mark our homes for police, if a shooting happens near a marked home!




You can see some example of my weapons at work above.

Any Two legged rats will also become "Floaters".

I saving you the trouble of marking my home on your system, just come and visit.

Enough of all this They DId This and They Are Going To Do That - WHAT are you going to  do.

How about those Citizen Grand Juries.

Brazil, Egypt and dozens of other less developed countries are making the governments react and we are all just Entertaining Ourselves.

We are Legion

Organize a Citizen Grand Jury in your community now. Invite "friendly" business people, teachers, doctors, lawyers, and other citizens of concern. We need to do this on our own, and quickly at that!



Where is the called for Citizens Grand Jury? Time to Bring Back the Runaway Grand Jury by Hugh Turley January 2007: (In Part)

The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states, “No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a grand jury.”

A presentment was a communication to the public of the grand jury’s investigation and was a means to present grievances against the government. Presentments could lead to an indictment or exoneration.

Unlike a petit jury, which considers evidence of both guilt and innocence during a trial, the grand jury considers only accusatory evidence to determine if there is enough evidence for a trial. ‘YES’.


A grand jury had powerful oversight over the government. Ordinary citizens were allowed to pass information to a grand jury, meaning that every citizen could act as an attorney general. The grand jury served the public in two ways: by limiting government’s power to prosecute and by issuing presentments about its activity.


Now, only a prosecutor can pass information of criminal activity to a grand jury. Grand jurors are mostly unaware they still have the power to investigate any criminal activity they know of and that they can issue subpoenas. They can also refuse to indict persons that the district attorney wishes to prosecute.


When citizens take charge of the direction of a grand jury investigation, it is called a “runaway grand jury.” But it’s a grand jury acting like a real grand jury, consistent with the long history of common law. A runaway grand jury is running away from the prosecutor and the Federal Rules in the same way Harriet Tubman was a runaway slave running away from a corrupt institution. Imagine a whole grand jury of Harriet Tubmans. What administration officials might get indicted, and for what?


WANTED – Out of Work Lawyers – Paralegals and Retired Judges – Concerned Citizens.

You will be Sworn in to work on Citizens Grand Juries to weigh evidence, issue subpoenas and Indict parties that have worked and conspired to Destroy America.


Right now we have Lairs Lying to the Lairs. In the Congress Critter hearings, on the news programs and in the papers, they are all telling stories and in some cases claiming that they know Nothing. Well it’s high time to correct their lies and momentary lapse of recall. Any of them in their limited roles of power are not only breathing, eating and drinking the same air, food and water as the rest of us; they are also very much Vulnerable to Public Exposure. If they live near you go picket their house, print their photo with what they have done and post it around town. If they or their family wants to shop in your store or business, discourage them with a polite rebuttal, sorry we cannot serve your today. This should be true of FBI, DHS, TSA and all the rest; ID them, find where they live and let them come home to the public outcry. If the Paparazzi does it so can you. With Internet the sharing of info on these Statis is not complicated. Uploaded photos and names will soon produce the much needed results. Tom, down the block travels a lot, who is he really when he merely says he works for the government. You can bet that someone in another city will recognize him as William ‘The Beater’ and he will be exposed. He can have his fifthteen minutes turn into a Lifetime! No agent can be effective once he is exposed to this kind of publicity. How did the FBI find one of their most wanted in South America, yep, Facebook. They have given you the weapon – now use it.

We are Legion..



"Destroying the New World Order"



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