After I logged in there was a message saying that I was banned from using the forum. There was no warning or no private message from any moderator. I think I posted twice in the past week and a moderator even stickied one of my posts. I can't think of any reason I would be banned because I had no interactions with anyone. I didn't even do anything! Has this happened to anyone else?

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The site was not brought down by Alex. It was hacked, most likely by pro Israelis.
They are working on getting it back up.


This is a Mossad run site and i wanted to show you all how these people are hacking websites critical of the Israeli genocide and mass murder.

they use DOS attacks by over loading servers and also do professional hacking in the case of the PPF. They use programs like the above and get control of peoples machines and turn them into bots / slaves. I'll bet the dumb sheeple that help them are going to get a very strange CC bill at the end of the month that says they're maxed out and another one thanking them for taking out a 2nd mortgage on their home.

The ones whom don't have guns in their hands have keyboards....
Its Back Online !

But still getting hit.
I just got banned from on MLK day and was banned from the day after the election. I must have tried to sign up for half a dozen forums before this one let me on.
You're funny, "if the NWO really does exist" haha, Like they tell him anything. I assume you got banned because they thought you where a troll as you sound like one. Alex Jones is the real deal and he gets most of his money from donations. Learn some more about the world and do some heavy research before making accusations.

Geofftop said:
Does anybody know how Alex Jones makes his money? Somebody should do some research, I have a feeling some interesting stuff would be uncovered. The guy just does not strike me as on the level, that is just my first impression of the guy. Besides if the NWO really does exist, they sure as hell would not be telling Alex all their secrets. Smells like a scam to me.
I keep dancing the dance over there Mario. Love your interactions with dig, aka sane lol!

James adap2k said:
I keep dancing the dance over there Mario. Love your interactions with dig, aka sane lol!

The people at War on You have said the same thing about me vs. dig/sane.

I lurk there, but I quit posting there about a month and a half ago! I got pissed because my threads were always getting bounce around and posts kept being deleted when I was winning debates.

Some good posters over there but at the end of the day it's a limited hangout/disinfo forum. It's bad news.

Maasanova said:

The forum nazism is much better tan when I first joined yet all the same issues as you mention still do happened .
It is a frustrating plcve and from an outside perspective I may agree with your assertions. I still find great articles, and on occasion, as I did, school a mod .

This has happened to everyone else.

The mods over there have an official version of truth and if you deviate from that in any way, you go bye bye.

The prison planet forum is controlled opposition for cataloging purposes only.

What better way to compile a list of potential threats to a monolithic government than to have them all log into the same central hub each day.

The place is a joke....Just look at the posts of jimd3100 attacking "pentagon no planers", JTCoyotee attacking anyone who disagrees with him or begging for money for his defense fund (accused of child molestation but doesn't like to talk about it & will ban anyone that even asks what he is being charged with), SANE calling everyone and their mother cointel, etc. etc. etc. These are the moderators! I could go on and on about that zoo.

Call Alex Jones and tell him how his forum is out of control. He will call you a spook or enemy of the movement on the radio and hang up on you.

Just be glad you're out of there.

Check out or just hang out here. You get the same information if not better without the Alex Jones spin........Or constant requests for donations.


ur not missing much, unless you like being the sheep in that almost NWO-ish site. Tyrannical Admins there have mental problems due to superiority complex's. You must agree w/ them or be banned. They don't like your will be deleted, Didnt like your last post? will be deleted. I used to be on there, w/ over 2100 posts, but after seeing how that place was operated, and by whom. I didnt get banned, I just quit it. There's about a nanometer of difference between that site's principles and a NWO web site....."AGREE w/ US OR BE SHUNNED & BANNED....InSanes & Coyotes fuct tht place up


"Destroying the New World Order"



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