Lunches Seized and Tossed in Trash at Salt Lake City Elementary School for Kids with Unpaid Balances

While I understand the need for parents to pay for their children’s lunches, what do you think the appropriate response should be by adults running an elementary school upon realizing that some young children with unpaid balances had already been served a full hot meal?

Personally, I would assume that any reasonable human being would allow the children to eat the lunches while at the same time calling up their parents to sort out the problem. However, that’s not the action deemed appropriate by the “child-nutrition manager” that visited Uintah Elementary in Salt Lake City this past Tuesday. Nope, this person decided that the best course of action was to seize already served lunches and throw them in the trash in front of the victim’s classmates. Mind you, this person is called a “child-nutrition manager.” So someone in charge of “child nutrition” thinks he or she is doing their job by ensuring malnourishment due to unpaid balances.

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Truly is time to start taking names, addresses and other pertinent info, and its also time to begin holding people accountable for their actions.  It needs to start as soon as possible before we can't. 


"Follow the money..."

---Deep Throat

Passenger screening at JFK International Airport?

THIS is where massive action can help us! Imagine what would happen if the next day, ALL THE PARENTS OF ALL THE CHILDREN REGISTERED in the school SHOWED UP AT THE PRINCIPLES OFFICE TO DEMAND THIS NOT BE TOLERATED!!! Parking in every available space, including the street, jamming traffic, stopping ALL classes, and focusing on the real issues that need to be addressed.

OR...........If the Parent's feel they need to work, then what if the next day and for the continuing future, THEY KEPT ALL CHILDREN HOME, AND THOSE WHO DON'T WORK HELP HOME SCHOOL AND KEEP TRACK OF YOUNGER STUDENTS WHO are young enough to require supervision. NO students, NO school until THESE TACTICS STOP!!!!

What say you?



That would force the school's hand. When I was a child, that is what parents would have done. However, today's parent is, generally speaking, too stupid or too lazy or...too do anything but maybe make a telephone call. I seriously doubt that most of today's parents even attend school board meetings.

Just my opinion.

Yes!! Self Ownership, Cooperation,and Non-Violence are ALL WE NEED...along with EACH OTHER!!!!



Sounds like the LDS church is just as warped and twisted as the rest of the chwistian fundie loonies in the US. Sure, they preach love and forgiveness to all men but BY HECK YOU BETTER PAY UP ON TIME OR ELSE! lol

Throwing their plates of food in the trash shows the stupidity of the person in charge ...wasteful and ignorant...Trash can before the child stupidity...Discuss with the parents yes... take it out on an innocent and hungry child...Ooooh I wish I would have been there...Grrrrrr

The entire society is being brainwashed into acting like the khazars do to their Palestinian inmates who are locked  up behind concentration camp type walls.  their children are treated exactly like that and most times worse.  Many are killed, maimed, sexually assaulted, imprisoned etc.   They would be lucky just have their lunches thrown away.  Hasn't anyone else noticed the cold heartless condition of our so called public servants that we pay with our taxes?  Time to quit paying taxes.... and stop all this.


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