Four days after his death, I visited the site where Michael Hastings Mercedes crashed into tree supposedly ending his life.  There, a make-shift memorial was set up, and although it was dark, it didn't look like a deadly crash.  First, the tree itself although very old and deeply rooted wasn't even nudged by the force of the car.  

A force so strong according the the LAPD, it pitched the engine about a a half a block away from the vehicle.  In some of these photos, you'll notice the charing on the tree bark isn't global, but it only appears in spots.  

There is impact damage to the bark, but it appears to be merely scratches.  The images are in hi-res and free to download from my flickr site. 

Michael Hastings Crash Site Images

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Your greatly under estimating the strength of palm trees!

Please, tell me more.

Palm trees are monocots as opposed to other trees, such as paloverdes or oaks, which are dicots. Basically, monocots, which include grasses, orchids, irises and other stuff, have embryos that sprout straight up in a single shoot, instead of up and out with branches, as dicots do. A palm grows straight up, gaining its height on overlapping leaf bases. Hence, it doesn’t have branches

If you took a cross section of a palm tree, you would find a number of brownish spots instead of the growth rings like you’d find in a dicot.

These are bundles of vascular strands that carry nutrients up and down the tree. It’s like a thick steel cablewoven from a lot of smaller steel wires.

Anyway, each strand in these vascular bundles is connected to the root system. Dicots have woody roots, and in most dicots, 80 percent of the root system is within the top two feet of soil.

Anyone who has ever tried to dig up a palm can tell you it has fibrous roots that not only fan out to great distances but also go down deep. Like to somewhere down around the tectonic plates. So all this combines to give a palm tree a very solid base in the ground and a very supple trunk that will even bend in high winds without breaking.

IMO that tree looks like it took a high impact blow!  Am I saying this tree is a lot stronger than a Merc?  Indeed, I am!  You can even see the fibrous makeup of the trunk to which I speak of, unlike other trees, in the pics!

Hogans kid hit a palm tree. There was extensive damage to vehicle and passenger. Tree withstood impact.
From what I read you can manipulate a vehicle via computer and make it do strange things.

Many new cars can be turned on and off with a tap of a smartphone. Others can apply the brakes while a driver is distracted, park themselves and maintain safe distances from surrounding vehicles. But with their increasing reliance on electronic controls, cars open themselves up to malicious manipulation.
Boston brakes? ;)
Hello T I T.
Anything is possible I guess.
Didn't witnesses say they saw and/or heard an explosion and a loud boom,before the vehicle impacted the tree? P
How did the engine get past the tree? And was Hastings carrying a dozen open petrol cans when he lit up his cigar?
"For secret assassination, either simple or chase, the contrived accident is the most effective technique. When successfully executed, it causes little excitement and is only casually investigated." CIA Assassin's Manual
How the hell are ya chip?
T I T,
I'm doing good. I tried to catch you the other day on chat. I missed you. I hope you are doing well. I will see if I can catch you from time to time on chat. I'll leave you some messages on your home page.
Good to catch up with you.


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