My response to Mike Rivero's Petition to do nothing

Fringe was an excellent tv program for the brainiacs out there.  

Today I was watching this episode (with no recollection of ever watching this before) it was extremely poignant in regards to what Kokesh is attempting to demonstrate.  

In this episode a loyalist to the Watchers (the Watchers has invaded and occupied the Earth) so there are people (loyalist) who pledge themselves to the Watchers because many believe that it futile to resist...the earth people will/could never win.  So they resign themselves because they find it easier to just go along.

It stuck me that people such as Mike Rivero is very much like the loyalist.  Too afraid to start, stand or lead a resistance to this on going take over of our nation the United States as he refers to them "the fascist and the commies."

Let me state this, I listened to Mike Rivero for YEARS, I have sent many people to his sight.  I was a loyal listener and reader...

I recall when it was over for me when I listening to him whine about the price of bread I believe it was $7.00 for a fricking loaf.  He stated, "of course we bought it."  This blew me away, not much of a resistor is he?   No attempt to make the fricking bread or even buy a bread maker...this alone showed me who and what he is.  An enabler.  Always asking for money though...

 With that said, I am not 100% sure of this Adam Kokesh what I am sure about are our military our veterans who swear to resist, no took an oath to uphold the Constitution.  I do not recall if Mike ever enlisted or served though I did hear a discussion that Mike had with my sister when he was trying to understand WHY his brother took his own life.  My sister filled in the blanks...but that is another story.

Who ever Adam Kokesh is, is a big question mark for me.  Our veterans who are our fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, teachers, auto mechanic who ever is forever dear to us...they are our personal heros.  I believe it is them that will be the definitive line in this attempt to take over our nation. 

I understand being is frightening.  But, if we continue to take this abuse, if we continue to watch the videos of INNOCENT people being MURDERED, tased, arrested, abused on Mike Rivero's WHATREALLYHAPPENED website and do nothing like he is trying to lead the mass to do (finally he is leading a nonaction), to sign a petition to not resist because he is Hawaii. What are we going to the video.

In the episode I posted you will see that the loyalist at the end comes to a beautiful it. has so much for free.  Search for the above it.  Does it move you like it moved me?  Do you see WHY we have to resist?  Do you get my drift?

Thank  you for reading my thoughts...I appreciate your time.


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Don't listen to Rivero. Only heard his show a few times. I think he puts way too much emphasis on Israel for starters. To say much more would be some IGNORANT sht on my part so I'll leave it at that. Don't know much about the dude really. I like to get BOTH sides of the story then begin from an objective standpoint.

If I didn't then I juss might be a sht fer brains!

Go to his site...look at his petition.

Watch the video for FREE tell me what you think.


You have to go to look for the season and episode

all free

Many views but no discussion...poignant. 

I hope Rivero is just doing this "in case" something does happen, propaganda points he thinks he may be able to land if it goes sideways. If the govt is crazy enough to start something then this "in case" move won't mean shit.

Support the people who have decided to face jail time for all our rights!

I believe in our heroes...nothing less.

They lie to us to get into office, they cheat their way into office, they steal and murder and drop highly toxic poisons on earth and the victims of these wars, all the while they sit in offices and buildings designed to keep them safe.  Use to be that the leaders were at the front fighting with their soldiers, now they hundreds or thousands of miles away.  And they refer to themselves are warriors.  Fricking sick.

Our nation is being absorbed by evil money whores and we are waiting for what exactly?  

Agree 100%!!!!!!!! I have been reading "The Rise and Decline of The Roman Empire". If you don't learn from history, you are bound to repeat it, just like the stupid USA is doing!

Not much to say other than I agree pretty much 100%.

I used to listen to Mike for years, but miss his show a lot when I have this schedule.  This author is way off base. 1st, to suggest that Mike hasn't done anything to help, or is the type to sit back and do nothings is dead wrong!  His perspective is thought provoking and insightful, and his ability to spread truth message is matched by a very few others, often preferred over many of the top info-men.  He is a credit to the movement.

If Kokesh is a question mark, it is because you haven't done your homework, and considering this is a man trying to get thousands of people to show up in DC with assault rifles, him being a question mark, but you supporting him despite that question mark, is troublesome.  If you were to get behind an armed march against our government, you had better make damn sure you know the guy making the calls for that group inside and out! 

The march itself is a bad move, and I'm willing to bet that this author has no intention of risking his life and liberty by attending this protest carrying a rifle.  It is certainly easier to armchair this protest than play a role in it.  Still, there is remedy to be had in this country before you start showing up in arms at the federal governments doorstep.  If you read the Declaration of Independance, you will read the crimes and abuses of the King, but you will also read the steps our forefathers took BEFORE taking to arms. The biggest problem we face in this country is knowing how to get justice against the government.  We no longer know how to use the courts to force government into submission, and hope lawyers and cops will do it for us, while complaining that they don't.  We must take our courts back!  Until that is at least tried and failed, showing up with rifles is immature, and unduly threatening.

Best case scenario, nothing happens, media ignores it, and no one even knows it ever happened.  Like the Monsanto protest.  Worst case scenario #1 - shots are fired and the media show gun nuts getting lawfully (the controlled media will never show anything to the contrary) mowed down by cops, and gun legislation ensues.  Worst case scenario #2 - arrests made, everyone involved loses gun rights for criminal records for felony convictions.

There is a lot we can do before we start showing up witn ar-15's with talk of revolution.

You are entitled to your opinion.

My question mark to Kokesh is just that...I am not 100% sure who or even what he is.  I trust our veterans more than a armchair observer or talker for that matter.

Watch this video this will scare the bejesus out of you.  But then you could be a disbeliever of your own eyes.

I don't like Mike Rivero, I no longer listen to his opinion, I don't care for HIM not doing something besides spew his opinion>  I choose to keep my money in my pocket and do my own research now that I do not go to his site as often as I use to...I would say I am down to 10% of the time from my daily, constant observations.

A revolution is coming, I think soon if you watch this documentary maybe you can see the why's for this to happen. 

Monsanto and it's ilk are our monsters, Mike won't even acknowledge the lack of fluffy clouds in our skies, maybe due to the fact that he lives on Hawaii...not sure if they can with the winds.  But here, in the states, it is constant.  Just look up...I remember the deep blue skies.  Much like soylent green, I remember.  You would have to be a complete fool not to acknowledge the intense change in our environment.  

Like I said you have your opinion and I have mine.

Good luck to you...

If you read the Declaration of Independance, you will read the crimes and abuses of the King, but you will also read the steps our forefathers took BEFORE taking to arms. The biggest problem we face in this country is knowing how to get justice against the government. We no longer know how to use the courts to force government into submission

I guess you missed the last few years of the protest movement. Anyways, in my camp, we have already done A, B, C, and D. The courts are criminally corrupt. Bar assoc. Adam got free because of mass media attention. Ordinary peons are not so lucky. We're sick and fucking tired of the corrupt court system, for starters. We're sick and fucking tired of being robbed by the elite with inflation and other crap. We're sick and fucking tired of being deprived the ability to pursue happiness. We're fucking beyond sick and tired of being denied the ability to grow a fucking plant. We tired of being told how to fucking milk a cow, how to drive, how to do everything in our lives or face prison and/or fines. Were fucking mad as hell at the people who are doing it and getting just as pissed at the people who allow it.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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