My response to Mike Rivero's Petition to do nothing

Fringe was an excellent tv program for the brainiacs out there.  

Today I was watching this episode (with no recollection of ever watching this before) it was extremely poignant in regards to what Kokesh is attempting to demonstrate.  

In this episode a loyalist to the Watchers (the Watchers has invaded and occupied the Earth) so there are people (loyalist) who pledge themselves to the Watchers because many believe that it futile to resist...the earth people will/could never win.  So they resign themselves because they find it easier to just go along.

It stuck me that people such as Mike Rivero is very much like the loyalist.  Too afraid to start, stand or lead a resistance to this on going take over of our nation the United States as he refers to them "the fascist and the commies."

Let me state this, I listened to Mike Rivero for YEARS, I have sent many people to his sight.  I was a loyal listener and reader...

I recall when it was over for me when I listening to him whine about the price of bread I believe it was $7.00 for a fricking loaf.  He stated, "of course we bought it."  This blew me away, not much of a resistor is he?   No attempt to make the fricking bread or even buy a bread maker...this alone showed me who and what he is.  An enabler.  Always asking for money though...

 With that said, I am not 100% sure of this Adam Kokesh what I am sure about are our military our veterans who swear to resist, no took an oath to uphold the Constitution.  I do not recall if Mike ever enlisted or served though I did hear a discussion that Mike had with my sister when he was trying to understand WHY his brother took his own life.  My sister filled in the blanks...but that is another story.

Who ever Adam Kokesh is, is a big question mark for me.  Our veterans who are our fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, teachers, auto mechanic who ever is forever dear to us...they are our personal heros.  I believe it is them that will be the definitive line in this attempt to take over our nation. 

I understand being is frightening.  But, if we continue to take this abuse, if we continue to watch the videos of INNOCENT people being MURDERED, tased, arrested, abused on Mike Rivero's WHATREALLYHAPPENED website and do nothing like he is trying to lead the mass to do (finally he is leading a nonaction), to sign a petition to not resist because he is Hawaii. What are we going to the video.

In the episode I posted you will see that the loyalist at the end comes to a beautiful it. has so much for free.  Search for the above it.  Does it move you like it moved me?  Do you see WHY we have to resist?  Do you get my drift?

Thank  you for reading my thoughts...I appreciate your time.


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I got it.  I realized the tense after you sent me a reply to clarify.

Mike's mission was accomplished...we stay occupied.

My problem Rivero is not that he refuses to take a stand. My problem is that he doesn't want anyone to take a stand.

Whenever anyone proposes to do something other than post to a website, Mike is the first to call that person COINTELPRO, FBI, undercover, what have you.

I don't know if he firmly believes this or he's just saying it because he is scared, but it's a little pathetic. He actually said that ANYONE at a rally, ANYONE that proposes anything more direct than peaceful, passive "protesting" is a government agent. He actually said the people throwing rocks during Occupy were ALL government agents.

I've pointed out to him several times on the sites where he's posted that if he wants to be a wimp, fine. But get out of the way! Just because he's afraid the government is hiding under his bed doesn't mean we all are.

That is exactly what I was trying to get across.  Adam was at a minimum the front; he is only as powerful as the people who shows up.  Adam himself could do nothing...that is a fact.

Optix replied "Adam asked his audience, "should I do an armed protest?" and he listened as they said yes, so he did it, and look how far it has got already, still being a month away."   This scares Michael to death...Optix said further, "The fakes and shills were exposed during the great purge of 2010. Truthers and patriots with 1,000+ subs and/or 1m plus views were shut down, shill sellouts remained and cross promoted each other heavily. Some people worked for the almighty dollar, others for the almighty revolution. Then came revelations as they sent an army of sock puppets to slander us from all directions. We fought and sustained heavy casualties, a few fatalities, but we trek on."

It is this type of sentiment that I know from my Uncles, brother, friends who are veterans who I deeply respect.  I KNOW that they would stand up and I will support the moment that they decide it is is their oath their promise that I stand behind.  Michael is a sloth...that is it.

And, you said it well..."if he wants to be a wimp, fine. But get out of the way! Just because he's afraid the government is hiding under his bed doesn't mean we all are."  I could not say it any better.

Bless your heart...

Well listen, the sad thing is you are probably writing your response on a computer made by slave labor and sending it out on a bandwidth owned by DARPA.  So here is my philosophy---be good to people, live ethically, eat healthy, exercise and keep seeking out the truth. Most important be careful and wary always.  Joseph Heller in Catch-22 said it superbly....the enemy is anyone who gets you killed.

Disinfo is everywhere and regardless of who is paid shill or useless idiot, or right or wrong about armed marches into Washington DC, take a listen to EPISODE734 - AIB RADIO D.C. ROAD TRIP Rod Class took a gun or 2 into D.C.

Thank you Skekzyz this is truly AMAZING information...I was seeking information I just don't listen to music or blah blah during the day...I learn.

I want to post this on my blog as a alternative source rather than listening to people who really do nothing but talk or inactive bully protesting.


Rivero was one of the actors at 9/11. These guys like him can tell his listeners to do something and control millions. THe truth is out there. You really don't need to learn anymore. I mean I knew the boston bombing was bullshit when I saw it occur. I saw the smoke going straight up. I didn't know about the actors. I did know we would learn by the next day it was total bullshit and it was. THe same day I believe the missile hit that plant in Texas and it was a missile folks or some kind of energy weapon. I mean all you see is some light force coming in and either it was like a missile and the thing was burning up the smoke cloud or something, because the mofo was bright and when it hit the shock wave destroyed some homes a mile away. It knocked down a helicopter probably the ones who sent the missile. So you have things occurring the same time. The boston false flag got all the attention nd the missile very little.

I totally get what you are saying.  The proof is everywhere all you have to do is QUESTION EVERYTHING.  Scary for too many people.

Above your comment is Skekzyz's link well worth listening to...someone ACTUALLY doing something.

Mike is off my hoo is all he does.  Then stands in the way of any real constructive action...disallowing THEM the actual protesters to brainstorm or evolve...squashed like a bug.

I actually have the slow motion video of the plant blowing up...there is no denying of the fact that this was Monsanto's goon squad who then screwed up.  But, the coverup was achieved, largely.

Good luck to you.

Now remember Payne Stewart's plane within 20 minutes they lost contact and they had an F-16 right there. But we are to believe on 9/11 four jets for over and hour and they say on here should we scramble jets when it is a protocols when planes change course. This guy says should we call military and the guy says I don't now everyone left the room. They are supposed to call NORAD. It's a protocol. If you were a civilian and you took a boat.

I think this recording is totally bogus. You notice the tin foil hat comments are not so frequent. They got more shit planned. I ask people what would you do? They say they would probably haul arse, but they aren't and in a few months the iron curtain might drop.

One thing that is like totally lost s our politicians are supposed to handle this. We complain to them and they do what we want. We are not supposed to have to boycott Monsanto with their poisoned food. They do nothing and then people start making threats and they come after people. They arrested a boy for a facebook song. What if Rolling Stones wrote a song " Fuck the government kill All the Jack booted Thugs" Would the government arrest them? If not then why can't a citizen?

Now they hadn't sent jets up and two other planes had already crashed. So we're over an hour into this.

Reread Catch-22.  I think it was a book about an average guy trying to survive in a world not controlled well by even the controllers.  The most poignant statement in that book repeated frequently was, to paraphrase, " the enemy is anyone who gets you killed". 

In any huge crowd of demonstrators today, who can be sure who is demonstrating and who is a provocateur?   Bake your own bread, grow your own food, brew your own beer, mind your own business, and be wary and welcoming too!  

Mike Rivero, Alex Jones, even David Icke all have pointed us in good directions most of the time. I thank them for that.  Adam Kokesh reminds of the Yuppies like Abby Hoffman and Jerry Rubeun,  Influential but ultimately opportunist. With that said, I would not be in armed crowd of demonstrators in Washington. You might as well ask for the taser and water cannon now....

I envy ANYONE does all that stuff, I could have lived on the water for free with access to all the seafood I wanted I was happiest when I was debt free, I had so much debt and could hardly breath and the bitch moved out and I was happy because she took her used up box withher


"Destroying the New World Order"



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