Moscow, Russia – A Russian government official bragged that Barack Obama was a KGB operative and that his presidency had been planned since birth, an American p...hysicist and government contractor reports.


Tom Fife, an American computer networking specialist and international businessman, reported the alarming facts about the Kremlin’s connection to Barack Obama. The boast from a Communist Party official reportedly occurred during a business trip to Russia, 16 years before Barack Obama was ushered into the presidency of the United States.


"It was like an elastic band snapping all the way from 1992,” Fife shakily admitted, upon recall of the exact moment he realized the Communist official had been telling the truth. “It was a very, very scary feeling.”

Fife, a physicist and computer engineer, had been traveling to Russia for a joint venture with a state-owned company when the shocking revelation was revealed to him. After several business meetings, Fife and his partner were invited to the company owner’s home at the end of the journey for a farewell dinner.


The owner’s wife was a Communist Party official and was “climbing two ladders”, as Fife puts it, one ladder being the KGB and the other being the traditional Russian society and business ladder. As the evening wore on, the female Communist official became increasingly agitated over a perceived slight and her emotions spilled over.


“You Americans like to think you’re so perfect!” she snarled. “Well, what if I told you that very, very soon you’re going to have a black president… and he’s going to be a Communist!”


The KGB operative was not finished. As she had now dropped this bombshell on the entire gathering, she felt compelled to continue.


“His name is Barack,” she sneered. “His mother is white and his father is an African black. He has gone to the best schools, he is what you would call ‘Ivy League’.”


Fife recalls being stunned and shocked at the words flowing from the Communist’s mouth as she continued to rattle off an incredibly precise set of details about this Communist operative who was to supposedly become president of the United States.


This conversation took place in 1992. Barack Obama was 31 years of age at the time of this conversation.

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Please provide source/s (original primary if possible) when posting.

Tom Fife first published his essay entitled, "The First Time I Heard Of Barack", on 11/20/2008

The following url links to both Fife's essay on Scribd and also a series of Youtube vids containing a radio interview Jeff Rense of conducted with Fife on 03/10/2009

I will try to remember that DTOM,  I just do Hundreds of posts a week, I am just usually rushing around trying to do as much as possible.

Cheers DTOM.

:-)  He is an illegitimate President and needs to not just be arrested, but be done for Sky High Treason and Executed by Gullotine for his part in helping the Foreign power (Israel) to Take over America by firstly Stealth and then by the obvious tyranny which we can all see today.  Stay Postive and meet other like-minded people in your area so you can discuss issues like this face to face.   Form Groups who will stand by one another.

Many thanks Bettie! 


It is a real shame. Important post for sure. TY Charles Magus.

Exposing this Treasonous Puppet of Israel and the Rothschilds is a Duty for everyone, be they Americans or not to expose this guy and other traitors within High Office. America has many Foreign agents of Israel making laws for America, this is illegal under the US Constitution! No Foreign agent (Duel Passport holder) may hold high office!  If it were a Mexican with a Mexican passport, he would not be allowed to hold High Office, but Zionist Israelis have exempt themselves from this ruling!! This is not only Illegal, but Repugnant and Racist. 

Only those born in the US may hold high office, so that America could never be taken over by a foreign power, this was originally to keep the British Agents out, Britain was ruled by the Rothschild Jews even back then. The Ashkenazis and the Khazars were always the Enemies of America and the Free world.

Cheers Patty!


"Destroying the New World Order"



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