Paul Anthony Ciancia: LAX Shooter Identified As Anti-Government 23-Year-Old

Paul Anthony Ciancia: LAX Shooter Identified As Anti-Government 23-Year-Old

Paul Anthony Ciancia: LAX Shooter Identified As Anti-Government 23-Year-Old

Paul Anthony Ciancia has been identified as the man who opened fire inside Los Angeles International Airport on Friday.

Ciancia is a 23 year old Los Angeles man who reportedly holds strong anti-government views.

Police said Paul Anthony Ciancia walked into the airport at 9:20 am and pulled an assault rifle from a bag, opening fire. At least six people were injured in the attack before police were able to confront Ciancia and shoot him. Reports also said a TSA agent was killed in the attack.

A law enforcement officials told reporters that CIancia was wearing fatigues and was found with a hand-written note that said he “wanted to kill TSA and pigs.”

The Los Angeles Police Department posted a message to its Facebook page about the LAX shooting.

“Today at 9:30 am a single shooter in LAX around terminal 3 area started shooting. Multiple victims were injuried. LAX PD engaged the suspect. Suspect was taken into custody. For precautionary reasons terminal 3 and surrounding areas will be swept.”

Tory Belleci of the Discovery Channel show Mythbusters was waiting to board a plane to Philadelphia when the shooting took place, and described a chaotic scene..

“I was in Terminal 3 when we heard the shots,” he told HuffPost. “At first it didn’t register. Then, everybody started panicking and running. We ran toward the terminal, but the gate was locked. We were trapped. It felt like an eternity.

“We heard the shots coming from the elevator. One person near me said the shooting happened in the common area.

“Finally, security opened the door and we ran out on the tarmac. And people were just running everywhere. It was crazy. People were looking for something solid to hide behind, something a bullet wouldn’t pass through.

Reports said LAX shooting suspect Paul Anthony Ciancia is a New Jersey native, but it’s unclear how long he has lived in Los Angeles for

ABC News

LAX Shooting: Paul Anthony Ciancia, 23, ID'd as suspected gunman ...

CBS News-40 minutes ago
(CBS) LOS ANGELES - U.S. law enforcement officials confirm that Paul Anthony Ciancia, 23, is the suspected gunman in Friday's shooting at Los Angeles ...

Paul Anthony Ciancia: LAX Shooter Identified As Anti-Government ...

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His last name is CIAnCIA)

Very good observation James Untypeable!!! I saw this also. 

Sounds like a training saniro with actors in the line up.. Does anyone know those " killed?'' I would leave a note to my mum to remember to feed my horse. .. never my "plans"

He's from New Jersey, not Los Angeles.

Police: LAX shooting suspect carried note about ‘New World Order’ during attack

By Arturo Garcia
Friday, November 1, 2013 22:11 EDT
LAX shooting suspect Paul Anthony Ciancia [KABC-TV]
The 23-year-old suspect in the mass shooting attack at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Friday morning owned literature discussing a “New World Order” and may have been specifically targeting Transportation Security Authority (TSA) personnel during the attack, NBC News reported.

The term is not associated with any known political groups, but has been a staple in anti-government conspiracy theories warning against the coming of a unified world regime. Both NBC and KABC-TV reported that authorities found a note at the scene of the shooting in which the suspect, Paul Anthony Ciancia, suggested he expected to die, ending with the letters “NWO.”

CNN reported that witnesses said the suspect approached them asking, “TSA?” and would not fire on them if they said no.

“I just shook my head,” one witness, Leon Saryan, told CNN. “And he kept going.”

Ciancia, who was captured after being shot by officers multiple times in the chest, remains hospitalized in critical condition. One person, an unidentified TSA agent, was killed and six others wounded in the attack.

According to KNBC-TV, authorities said at a press conference that Ciancia allegedly carried hundreds of rounds during the attack, which he reportedly carried out with an assault rifle.

“There were more than 100 more rounds that could’ve literally killed everybody in that terminal today,” Mayor Eric Garcetti was quoted as saying.

KABC also reported that all flights out of Terminal 3, where the attack ocurred, were being re-directed to other terminals. About 746 flights were affected, with 46 routed to other aiports in the area. Aside from Terminal 3, LAX’s other terminals were opened again around 4 p.m. Friday.

UPDATE, 10:34 p.m. EST: The Associated Press reported that the TSA identified the man killed during the attack as 39-year-old Gerardo I. Hernandez.

Watch CNN’s report, aired on Friday, below.

This should happen once more and then the Guv'mint will declare that the TSA goons need to be armed.  Just some more bullies/thugs/punk psychopathic government goons to beat on us some more.  When are "we the people" going to realize that the guv'mint just wants to beat us into submissive sheep.  Crap, they're more than half-way there already.  Everyone needs to read, Gladio, NATO's Dagger at the Heart of Europe; by Richard Cottrell, Progressive Press, (  The false-flag "terror" attacks worked so well in Italy, they have imported it to the U.S.

I read a lot of reports and comments, but the one thing a friend of mine and I were discussing yesterday was the fact that we have read no where which flights were delayed and who may have been on just one of those flights going to what important meeting, they needed to interfere in or delay according to their master plan. This could be the real reason the MK Ultra agent was activated in this airport at a particular time, on this particular day.

The spin off bonus for them is the increased security and the rant for more gun control, more placement of guns in the hands of the government goons.  

CIA n CIA.......Ciancia. Lol
Has anyone in the media caught on to the lone, right, patriot, extreme, tea party shooter bs yet?

I don't think anyone has and if they have they are sure not going to release it to the public.

The msm is useless and pushing agendas. It will not change anytime soon.

Cipher, my friend.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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