Regarding promotion of other social sites on 12160

We have once again made a decision not to allow the promotion of other social sites here. For the newbies, we made this decision because there has been and are so many different members here with their own social sites that it has become an issue.

We see it as splitting up our members and hurting the growth of the site by replicating what's already available right here. We are a social network and we don't need more like us.

We see promotion of other social sites, going off site for our radio shows and seperate chat rooms as contrary to this sites goals such as growing membership, increasing member activities and dialog as well as retaining our current membership.

Over all our thought is it is intentionally or not divisive .

When some one new joins up, often they see our success, and whether concisely or not they want to replicate it in their own way by creating another social site.

The recent decision was prompted when a newer member to the site did promote a social network. They were asked to keep it on their profile page and not promote it on the main pages.

This member took this as direct censorship and violation of their rights.

We disagree. Its a public space versus private space issue. This site is private, like our home, and the family its members. We are not a public place like your local park, or your city hall and you simply do not have the right to claim such an infringement.

You certainly have rules for visitors to your house and it would not be violating their rights to ask them to leave if they were disrupting your exercise of freedom.

Would you demand your neighbor place a campaign ad in the window of their house for a candidate they would never vote for? Would they be infringing on your rights for saying no?

Don't take it personally, we don't.

It isn't about egos or personalities, its about a self preservation and advancement.

With three years under its belt, this site and a core group of people have decided that this is their home, to meet, organize and advance our common goals. And its our collective feeling that keeping people here on this site, and not having them diverted to other locations, particularly social networks is what's been part of our current success.

Your comments welcomed!

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Well thanks for clarifying the guidelines for the promotion of off site social networks.
The thing id like to see is a joining of all forces in this push for the exposure of the criminal elite that are working very hard for our destruction and implementation of their totalitarian wet dreams.
There's nothing wrong with promotion of other sites in and of itself, but lately it has become more of an issue only because it is drawing attention away from 12160 to those other sites, causing division instead of a united front here on 12160! Why can't we all work together to make 12160/Fearless Broadcasting the best that it can be together?

I believe that James stated that you can still promote your sites on personal pages but to please refrain from posting it on the main pages out of common courtesy. It's as simple as that.

I hope that we can all work together to find a happy medium/middle ground and don't allow this to divide us any further. Too much hard work, dedication, sacrifice and passion from many members have made 12160 what it is today. Let's keep rock-n-rolling together peeps, we are all the change we have been waiting for.
Curt Williams said:
this is understandable to the point...but if you want us to promote this site on OUR show then give us the common courtesy to post that shows site on MY personal page...that is our issue...AND James u had an issue with not having 12160 on our site...why is it a prob if we dont have a link to u...u dont want ours here...right??and PH no need to stoop to James' level and start callin names and shit...I have pulled the show so no reason to even talk about it...good luck finding more we have noticed NO ONE wants to do shit for the media...not u james or PH or Kim or anyone...if its a producer thing learn it...but we know u james are too scared or shy as u put it...good luck in the future...

I didn't name names in the post, but being my name has been used here... here we go.

As I stated in my email to you curt, your site having a link to us or not matters very little. I am afraid such a new site can not compare to ours being the sheer numbers of visitors we have compared to yours. I only asked originally out of concern that I saw a pattern, such as not mentioning the site during 3 plus hours of Christies interview, and never once hearing Donna promote the site. Lets face it we dont know you all that well and instead of having doubts I came straight forward and asked you out right what was up.

Yes I did apologize for name calling , in fact I did three times now. Your on air references during your last show was a personal attack Curt, implying the site was filled with viruses and your partner calling the site was unquestionably directed at me and the other sites admins as well as a disrespectful to all the hard working members here . So in the long run, it was you who stooped to childish behavior first. And after your so called jokes about promotion the site continued the next day during shadows show I lost my cool. And for the fourth time I once again apologize.

As far as the media side of the site. I did/ do promote the hell of of your show as well as all others on the network. Minus a few others no one else does. I produced, promoted and uploaded 5 shows for luggs since you all started here. I like to think I have done my share for the media side of the site. Not to mention the constant promotion I do for the members contributions on the site itself each day.

Again as I stated in a private message this site is primary and the fearless side a small but growing part of what we intend to do here. It is not fearless presents 12160 , its members of 12160 presents fearless broadcasting.

If it is final, and you are quitting the shows, fine. I would like to hear it from your partner as well before I alter the schedule.

Had you discussed this with me first, and not taken to rant on your last show(s) I would have fought to keep you and perhaps even altered/ compromised on our promotion policy . But I wont now, and its a shame for us all to loose you and a bigger shame for you two in my opinion. If you also wish to leave the site, I am more than happy to show you how to do it.
donna vanmeter said:
Why do you have to have my permission to pull a show off of your network and site?

- I just wanted to make sure this was a mutual decision.

I have bigger things to worry about than some petty ass drama, like working on my husbands case?

And before you all act like you were concerned so deeply about me and mine, did you ever write him?

- No I didnt, and I did say I wanted to write . However, in my defense, since I believe you are addressing me, that I did promote your shows and this included your weekly
reno update to the very best I could. Is this not true? Was I not often the only one in there, live each night, and in the chat room you had set up? I will also add that i never had much sympathy for you, for you are free. My sympathy and support was for Reno. Many people are separated from their loved ones and I guess it never occurred to me to care how it affected you.

How about ANY of the political prisoners I begged for you all to contact? I doubt a one of you wrote, ....

- hey breaking news, people suck, even so called truther's/ patriots. You think I don't get angry shit doesn't get done as much as it should around here, hey welcome to my world!

in fact I'm sure you all got a kick out of watching me pour my heart out on their behalf, never motivating you to reach out to them, thanks for exploiting me and mine to draw people to the show. Look everyone we got ourselves a real legitimate wife of a political prisoner....

-Wow, you have any proof of this assertion? Frankly I am sick to think you see us in that way. Wow, I am floored, it seems if you felt this way today, it is more than likely that you felt this way for some time. Why did you wait to say it now? And again, where in the world do you get this idea? Please oh please point it out to me.

-I can say with out a doubt the notion never once occurred to me that we were fortunate to have you just for the sad reality of your husbands incarceration.

I think I did plenty of promoting for your site, for one tell me one member that has been stolen and taken from you on account of me? Now compare that to the number of new members we had brought over from the other networks, I can name a few of them: They Live, David Somerville, Jose Gonzalez, Jah Jah, Curt, JR Kraus, Jodi and several others whom shall go unmentioned.

-It is appreciated but other than offering us their name, another number to our membership, what has the over all majority of them done to participate here? Not much that I have seen , but it isn't really the issue. I would take 10 less people to have one active member.

I guess I am used to working with people dedicated to getting the information out there, not concerned with egos, public image, drama and competition, whom keeps their eye on the goal. I take personal pride in those whom I associate with for usually they are just as hard working and tenacious in the field of problem solving and solutions to our many woes. Normally my judge of character is spot on, maybe some flaw in my thought process to think I had found such a group of persons, thank you for the realization early enough on in this endeavor because there is nothing I hate worse than wasting my time.

- I see a lot of opinion here yet you FAILED TO ADDRESS A SINGLE CONCERN I addressed in this post. I will state my opinion, perhaps its you that have decided to ride the wave which is the sad circumstance your husbands in, to inflate your ego , to find your identity, and to find friends due to simple loneliness. But hey thats just an opinion and f-k everybody's got one and it hardly matters in this discussion.

To be honest, I didnt even feel like going on the air the last show, I was sickened to my stomach that one, the whole discussion I was not contacted with the concerns of Adaps/james and when asked to discuss the matter before the show start, everyone seemed to vanish, only upsetting me even more so.

-I didn't contact you because curt was the one promoting your new site. I did invite you and him to discuss it before hand and if he didn't relay this to you what can I say? All I know Curt was understanding in the first reply to my email and than went in to overdrive the next day. I returned an email to him asking and addressing many issues he had and he NEVER replied. I thought he didnt have time to reply and/ or that the issue was on hold. Ask him, did he reply to my second email many many hrs before your show time? I hardly excepted any drama until I hear your childish rant on air.

Did I apologize? You bet your sweet ass I didnt. What the Hell do I have to be sorry for? I was totally caught off guard by being told I cant promote my own site that was built for the show. Sa La Ve, eh. Like I said, Im shocked I even bothered going live, I had in my right mind to go and pull it but thought that maybe Curt had a few things to get off his chest and I am glad he did.

- Curt wasn't the only one to go off sister, and I see from above you had issues or lets call them conspiracy theories rambling in your head much sooner than this latest trip . You lacked the professionalism, and lets face it, the adult maturity to deal with them with me or any of the admins here till now.

I do give great credit to Curt for realizing he should have taken his anger/ concerns to us off air. All of this could have been dealt with had he returned the email to me before show time. I certainly didn't see any email or attempt by you to deal with this. Curt did tell ya right? So where were ya til today?
I support 12.160 and those who make it possible, as well as, any other site that mirrors, copies, plagerizes and otherwise cuts and pastes any information posted here that human beings can use to fight against those un-human forces that war against us spritually and physically.

If the enemy has their way the internet won't be around much longer at least not in it's present semi free form. Lets work together on all these sites and not get caught up in the infighting and jealousy that so easily causes division.

James 4

1What causes fights and quarrels among you? Don't they come from your desires that battle within you? 2You want something but don't get it. You kill and covet, but you cannot have what you want. You quarrel and fight. You do not have, because you do not ask God. 3When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.

God Bless everyone who joins the fight against the NWO here, there, everywhere.
We do appreciate your thoughts here thanks FG!

fireguy said:
You've Tried All The Rest Now Try The Best

A bit of history - 12160 is an offspring of infowars social network.
Good name "infowars". That is what we are fighting, an information war.
An eye opening platform for those seeking and sharing truth vs. the MSM propaganda machine and the evil that is HELL BENT on world domination.
nuff said, now get back on task.
@Shadow: I think James summed up the answer to your first question in a previous comment in this thread: "It is not fearless presents 12160 , its members of 12160 presents fearless broadcasting." 12160 is the driving force for the Fearless Broadcasting radio shows. If there was no 12160, there never would have been Fearless to begin with. When a radio show host doesn't care to give a plug to the core site that gave the show a platform and instead plugs their own sites on the show, in the 12160 chatango and on 12160 itself, what is one to think?

To your second question, I don't believe there is any problem with you multistreaming your shows through Poly and I don't think that anybody has an issue with that, but maybe I'm wrong. By the way, kudos to you and Tweek for you Esoterica shows. They are really coming along. Great job!

I have no ill will towards anybody and I wish Curt and Donna the best in whatever they choose to do in the future. I just wish that we could have worked things out instead of letting these issues fester and blow up! I believe there was a bit of a communication breakdown. I guess that we are all still learning as we go.
Shadowsenshi said:
so if i read that right...i am NOT allowed to multistream on poly or anything?

Shadow ITS web site is by its nature a social site, members can post blogs, and "network" with others all the same features as here. To reiterate the state,(lol) Curt promoted and asked our members to join his site. If the site was not open to membership, and once again, not a replication of sorts of this place , things may be different today. I guess it never crossed their minds to ask us if we cared, or if we could help/ suggest methods of doing what they want. They could have had all the space they wanted here on 12160 to list their schedules post related articles or the like in the form of a group. Personally it seems about ego, and lol, this is what their issue is with me.

Promote what you like on your shows, your profiles but not on the main site. It isn't censorship nor is it trampling on your rights (to those that say it is).

Our members are what you could call a captive audience, and we look out for them and our own self interest by not having them constantly asked to go off site or to join other networks. Your visitors on your profiles and listeners to your shows are there voluntarily and express a desire to see what you offer .

We have a polygraph streaming player here on the site and would be happy to link to it if and when you have this running. I would have let you know if the polygraph thing was a problem when you first mentioned it to me.
Thanks for the feedback.
AMEN Im with ya on this100% This is my Home and the People are like Family...why would ya wanna break up a HAPPY HOME ?? !!
Thanks Gael,Harry Tex and all! I am ready to get back to work. But think airing our concerns here rather in private is best. We get many more viewpoints this way and perhaps it will hold off another "communication breakdown" as Tara said in the future.

Swtnlovabl said:
AMEN Im with ya on this100% This is my Home and the People are like Family...why would ya wanna break up a HAPPY HOME ?? !!


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