Seem's I'm the only one getting prepared, son tells me if something does ever happen he knows where to come.

Okay. I just want to rant about a frustration I have with my children not following my example in preparing for a disaster.

They were raised from day one about being prepared. At least haveing a can of beans and a jug of water in case of a disaster.

They were taught to buy things in bulk when on sale. We always had a garden and I canned and dried, and put up the food we grew.

We raised chickens, sheep, pigs, and turkey.

When we lived in Oregon there was a fairly large earthquake that did quite a bit of damage and when FEMA came to town I was told by them I was the only on in our small town that they met that had bottled water, not to even mentioning the other things. The government had to bring in a truck to provide water because the towns wells were contaminated from the quake. I felt proud that I didn't need their help.

I know times are tough but recently I had to send home with my son and his wife several food boxes because their cupboards were bare. They make more money than I do. They both work and have a new baby.

For both my kids when they were babies I used cloth diaper. The original investment of about $200. saved me a lot of money not having to buy disposable diaper. 

My son tells me if something ever does happen he knows where to come. Home. I have always been prepared. But what get's me frustrated is my kids are not helping... I don't mean to help me to be prepared, but to help them selves. 

I keeps saying have extra gas in gas cans at least, so they can get here. I know they don't.

When ever I think of something new to add to the survivor supple list I tell them. 

My newest addition had been hand help CB radio's. Notice I said radio's plural. Yeah I buywith my whole family in mind. 

And alligator clips. I recently learned you can run a small TV off of regular alkaline batteries and alligator clips. I even pick up a solar cell phone charger off the Internet for just $15. 

Thermal blankets that are suppose to keep in 90% of you body heat for just $1. each. But then I think they would be good for fire too or covering broken windows

I have been also putting together a survivalist book.  Different ideas of gadgets, canning, making necessary things from scratch. Ever how to make lye and soap, shelters, Morris code. etc. So if something happens and I'm not here my kids will have the book. 

Sigh... I just hope if something ever does happen, and I hope not, they will come home with things to trade with.... maybe a trunk full of cartons of cigarettes. 

When it come to things to barter with someone said to think about what people in prison what the most.


By the way my son did get the Zombie Survival book. It had a lot of great survival ideas in it for just about any situation and location. Others might look into reading it.


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I see one plus, your kids at least understand where to go if needed. Seems most dont even believe that this day could ever come. Family the hardest to deal with, and you must at some point, IMO, just stop and move on to more receptive listeners

I been waiting for this day for decades, so who knows, maybe we have a few more decades. Good luck !

nice rant! i'm guessing you have plenty of ammo. thats good for a trade.
How much would be enough? That is one item I don't think I would trade it might be like gold depending how long and how bad things get.

Grasshopper and the ant!

I get this all the time from friends and family.

"We know were to go."

Funny thing is that all they will find is a note that says good luck when they get here.

If I have to bug out, the wife and kids are all I'm concerned with. I have tried to help others prepare and all they want to do is play with their i-pods, ps3, x-box, etc. and forget about their troubles....Just like the grasshopper who played the fiddle while the ants prepared for winter.

Sounds like its a combination of society and the way we label people who are prepared like they are nut jobs and since he didn't have to experience it first hand on why he should be prepared its going to be a life lesson learned the hard way maybe?  Good thing he has you though.
Thank you. Yes he never believes me until someone from the outside tell him the same thing I was trying to pass on. Then He comes back and tells me he now believes what I said only because it was confirmed by another. After this happening so often you would think he would have learned by now that Mom is not a nut or in La-la land.

I think it's most kids these days, spouses too. I just ordered a bunch more seeds from 2 places next year. Heaven forbid my wife finds out, I have a whole freezer full now. With the new law I'm about to order what I use in vitamins and herbs (the ones I don't grow). I even took it to the extreme and had a second house, not a big one, but a completely remodeled house, more updated than ours. Came in handy when my oldest lost her house. I had planned on doing the same thing for the other two, cancer changed all that though.


  I have 1 daughter that helps with the garden, canning, cows, and sheep. Now if I could get her to drive. 2 grandkids that briefly showed an interest in growing, but that ended. At least they're close though, just walk back to our house. The middle one lives with my mom, also a walk back to the house. 


  As for ammo, that was first, well kinda. I save my own seeds too. If we lose power I have inverters that can keep 2 freezers running with meat plus the one with seeds and meat. We stock water and other liquid but I also bought a hand pump for the well... just in case. We can and buy in bulk. Just added another 100 lbs of sugar last weekend. Shoes were last year. Everybody got a pair of shoes, kids also got 2 pairs of boots. I have enough parts for each of the vehicles, except for my dad's truck he left me 7 months ago, to rebuild them top to bottom. There are 18 vehicles here now. 7 stay full. Solar and battery lights for outside, even the chicken house, lol. Tobacco to trade with too. Silver, though not much. 


  We can but even though I have dehydrators (2) we never use them, wife don't like it. If I need 1, I buy 2. Our pantry is 21 x 13 and it's full, so I will be adding another one this winter, God willing. Meanwhile, I and my youngest daughter are it. My wife jumps on board briefly even so often. Hopefully I will last long enough to do at least one more garden, even more would be better, lol. I think it is a sign of the times. "In the end days the weaker the wiser", my great grandmother always use to say. We didn't have a clue what she was saying back then, but I do now.

I heard that gas, oil will be very hard to come by. All your cars reminded me of this and to pick up a few more bike's and spare tires. I already had a child carrier hooked to the back of one. You know the type that has two wheels in the back and a plastic cover. I suppose it would be good to put supplies it too. Hummm.

I hope your seeds aren't GM so you can keep part of your crop for next year seed. I have some seeds in the freezer but I know I'll need more. 

Canning lid seals. I bet they will be in short supply.

Sugar, I have a case of packets and maybe 50 pounds in 10 pound bags. But that would not last very long. I need a lot more. The packets of sugar are for trade.

Packets of condiments too even packets of Maple syrup. 

A whole case of Worcestershire sauce to make yucky things taste better. 

Cheese, lots of cheese.

I am tempted to take a spare bedroom and make it into storage. I already have two pantries full but gosh I always think of more things one would need. I have a very large dresser stuffed full of noodles, chocolate, bread and muffin mixes that only take water. No eggs or milk.

I need to take inventory of how many canning jars I have and salt for curing.  

I don't think there would be much wild life left to hunt after everyone who never stocked up went out looking for fresh meat or just something to eat.

I have a bunch of those $1. door/ window magnet alarms that I think I can use for the pens of animals for intruders looking for food too.

Even now in the small town of just 1,000 people I have had food stolen from my garden in the past. Onions of all things. So if people take things now can you imagine how bad it will be later? I even caught a neighbour stealing my hay. And another I suspect of taking lumber.

Security for you garden and animals it another thing to prepair for. 

I was having a problem of gas being stolen and found out who it was after I deliberately set out a can of gas mixed full of sugar. 

I hope there is still enough time to set up for chickens and get some. I have a shed that I will use but need to clean it out etc. I have always liked the Road Island reds. They seemed to give eggs just about everyday and were more friendly than the whites. we had a white pullet rooster one time that was very mean. He would attack you, going for your face with his spurs. He was killed one day by our landlord I think who was sneaking over every morning and stealing our eggs. I found a well worn path from her house to our chicken coop though the back woods.

Anyway the building I was thinking of using now I was using it for the dogs until the one dog learned how to climb the wire fence I put up around the outside, like a laddershe climbed it to get out. LOL The one dog is a great watch dog. She hates anyone that comes to the door or yard and tries to eat them. 


Good idea about buying 2 of everything. Don't forget socks.

I have a old fashion washer out back you know the type with the rollers you run the clothing through to squeeze out the water. I bet I could hook it up to a bike to peddle to make it wash.

Sewing machine, fabric, needle and thread, 

Oh I wish I had more help. LOL

But just your ideas are a help and keep my spirits up

Thank you.



Look up the wood gasification plans that FEMA put out back in like 1981. If you can't find them, let me know and I will post them. I think it may be on my website already. on the downloads page.

You can run a carburated truck engine (V-8) for 2 hours on one log. The same principle works for generators. There are a tonne of youtube videos demonstrating this.


If you can do this, why bother stocking gasoline which inevitably goes bad?

You can divert the funds to something else.

Found it! Thanks

  Thanks for the head's up on the gas, I'll check to see if I can find it. We have some older cars and trucks that have carburetors, 14 to be exact. Yea, my wife could kill me. The other 4 are fuel injected though, that's what we drive normally. The kids have some bikes and we have 1 motorcycle, plus a boat that is older (no electronics). 


  We're pretty lucky here as we have prowlers occasionally but most know that I will give them what they need if they ask but taking comes at a risk. 3 people have found that out and it is amazing just how fast word spreads, lol, that's not counting the ones that got into traps. They weren't anything to kill, just hurt a lot and the ones shot were pretty sore for a while. One did apologize to me after he got the shot out of his butt. I really don't look for a Mad Max scenario though, most people seem to be like preNazi Germany and just blindly go along. When they quit the shows that are semi-waking people up the fun will start because they will finish their sleep, going back and questioning the shows they watched. If it does shut down though many who are on medications to live will not last long, and I am included in that group, but it's all good.


  All my seeds are Heirloom seeds from my garden and just 2 places I order (out f being lazy, lol) Baker Creek and Southern Seed Exchange, the latter a bit disappointing on, they added GM seeds.  I grew up on a farm so I know which are which. Plus after 1 heart attack and 2 cancers (hopefully 1 cured) I've learned. Thought it was time to and maybe nobody else will suffer it in my family and others, I'm pretty well screwed, my price for not learning and actually applying it over the years.


  Worse case scenario is move the cows back to this 13 acres from their 30, a Jackass protects it and screams out at a prowler. If he misses or they come another way we have peafowl to watch, along with Guineas. I intend on adding another Jackass as soon as I find a Jenny. Maybe some Geese too. Not 100% plan but a plan none the less. We keep a loaded gun in every room, plus bows. Thing is, it will take people working together to stop this, not opposing.


  Often overlooked are shoes. Battles have been lost by shoes, Check, I overlooked the importance of the right kind of salt.




Merry Christmas

That's too bad about your health. I hop your stocking up on medication. If possible looking into natural medicines. Jason Winter's Herbal tea

This is a good one I have used for what I was told was a rare cancer of my kidneys. It cured myself. the doctor was amazed.

Then there is also heavy doses of vitamin C for cancer as well. Doctors don't want people to know it works better than kemo. 

New research that I just hear about was silver of all things for aids and malaria etc. But according to my uncle you can't take it with salt. This new cure might just push the price of silver higher, Here is one link I found.


Good idea about the geese. I had forgotten how noise they get when someone or thing is around. I'mm going to add that to my list along with the chickens. 

I sure am glad you have a lot of good ideas.

Keep them coming.


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