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deborah tavares - who's running america- please post - 12160
18 hours ago - JIHAAD.. The Goodly life!! Started by Not mainstreamer in Current News/Events 5 hours ago. 0 Replies 0 Favorites ...

JIHAAD.. The Goodly life!! - 12160
3 hours ago - ... JIHAAD.. The Goodly life!! Posted by Not mainstreamer on April 19, ...

JIHAAD.. The Goodly life!! – 12160
JIHAAD.. The Goodly life!! by Not mainstreamer. 25 minutes ago. (video 8:33).
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First question: Is life expectancy increasing in U.S.? ... JIHAAD.. The Goodly life!! Started by Not mainstreamer in Current News/Events.

Only 1-2 valid/permanent 12160 hits here. The other hits 5-6 hits will soon be invalidated by Ning.  Googlebot is working and working and Ning deletes the findings (=destructive)


There should be a front page [some kind of sitemap/index?] that is a landing page for 12160, and high value pages should have a link to that frontpage, so frontpage will be a high ranking page as a start. Next the incoming links should define what 12160 is about [by page content]? As it is, it is a mess for Googlebot / search engine bots

Now 12160 ranks high for "12160" (easy), but not for "New World Order"

Google search for "New World Order" returns Wikipedia, Wikipedia, Wikipedia, Wikipedia, and

The "" hit is a static page, like all Wikipedia pages. Wikis are big indexes. Search engine bots loves that?

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You are 100% correct but the solution won't work. It has to do with the way HTML and HREF is formatted, from a web spiders perspective.

View source on this page. The source code is hideous. The HREFs are jibberish. Thats all ning engine.

This page for example, is linked off the homepage as

which redirects to

Thats a no-no because its exploitable, from Google's perspective. Google fought many a war over the years, with bots and spammers, to keep relatively decent search results. Why even do that redirect in the first place, Google asks?

Ning also comes across as spammy because you have tons of sites that are using the exact same code format. Back to the spam wars.. people would clone their websites across 100,000s of different domains, cross-linking to each other, to build relevance and try to spam millions of keywords, only to redirect to an advertisement. I did it, it was ridiculously profitable, google blocked it, I stopped. Ning must be hiring noobs from diploma farms.

I coded spammers for like 10 years but stopped in like 2004 for legit work. Around 2007 I wrote a spammer to crawl YouTube channels, extract their subscribers, send them a message with a revolution video, friend them, and subscribe them. I think that had a massive effect on the "Wake Up" campaign, cutting right through the censorship of MSM and opening up the social media revolution. Food for thought for any email spammers out there. Stop spamming porn and gambling shit for a day, spam some Revolution.

Another thing I've always done, is promote sites like this, where there is no real leadership and anyone can jump in to chime in. Also, in case something happened to me, all would not be lost. Certainly not spam Alex Jones shit or other "Patriot Celebrity" crap. This shit aint about fame and credit, its about our survival and freedom.

Thats all ning engine.

I guess all interactive sites will work the same way - php generates the pages. Googlebot will evaluate the generated page (html code) and ask:

  • what language is this?
  • what is page about?

How the bots are contructed is a secret, but we can assume their "reading" abilities is a bit dyslectic. Pages are classified according to keywords I guess.

What not to do:

  • mix languages .. so the bot will not know what language this is
  • mix topics .. so the bot what not know what page is about

Ning creates a permanent URL from the headline (good). Words in URL are the first clues about content of page (what is stated in "keywords" is not that important for Google I have learned - Google re-evaluates pages independently).

(Of course no one puts much thought into that effect of headline, but it can be done by site manager when it comes to a main keyword like "New World Order")

Well I don't mean your solution wont work at all, it probably would help a little bit, but I think theres a bigger problem that we cant really get at, and maybe guerrilla warfare style might be a little better.

I think this is the biggest problem, as you said -

Only 1-2 valid/permanent 12160 hits here. The other hits 5-6 hits will soon be invalidated by NingGooglebot is working and working and Ning deletes the findings (=destructive)

Thats gotta be a huge penalty once the page is relisted.

I would give this page an A+ from the perspective of keyword, content, and organization.

It gets an F for the redirects and nasty source code because if the bot trips up on determining the start/stop of a code block, it could skip processing the text block. It would still save that text block since google caches everything, but wouldnt rate it.

Taking a keyword like "New World Order" would be absolutely huge and we might see 1 million hits a week off it, but would require a highly concentrated effort towards it and a 100% score from the googlebot perspective.

Group Rankings

#8 ------ About 232,000 results
#10 ------ About 8,810,000 results
#9  ------  About 135,000,000 results

Maybe think about groups with more of an SEO perspective. Such as a NEW WORLD ORDER group. And have enough people "in the know" to put content in there wisely, from an SEO perspective.

Seems like we are being consistently ranked in the bottom 10, which aint too shabby. We can branch that out some and try to claw up a few spots. The difference between top 5 and 5-10 is pretty big in terms of hits.

I dunno, food for thought.

More food for thoughts
I just added "Search Engine Visibility" in my hosting plan over at GoDaddy for some of my domains and I applied one of the credits to my ning network that I have. The scan results from GoDaddy show a lot of errors that need to be fixed, such as: keywords, titles, tages, etc... the list goes on and on.
Ning is well optimized for SEO (search engine optimization), but you can go further to improve your search engine ranking. First, take a minute to fill out the basic keywords you want Google to associate your site with. You can do this from the Settings > Network Details section of your dashboard. Not sure how this works? We have an article to help you Choose the Right Keywords for SEO.

Second strategy for better SEO: Use tags whenever possible. You can tag individual blogs, forum discussions, photos, events — you’ll see the option to tag content in a lot of places. Include a few words that accurately describe the content on the page, and separate them with commas. The content on the page is more important than the tags you use, so don’t expect to get awesome results with not-so-awesome content. But, in general, tags can help your content get found.

Opt out of Google entirely
Maybe you want to completely Prevent Google From Indexing Your Site. If that’s the case, simply make your site private, and Google definitely won’t index any part of your site

Create or link to resources as a content strategy
You may already have a bunch of great content you’re itching to add to your site. Research articles, white papers, studies, stories, and slideshows are all great resources that can be introduced as pages, uploaded as attachments, or added using the File Manager. Incorporating previously published materials like this can improve your search engine rankings and ...

One of the cleanest and most straightforward examples we’ve seen using standalone pages to list resources is done by FabLab@School, a site that serves as a meeting place for students

Sure making links from old pages (<topic>) to new pages (same <topic>), and links from new pages (<topic>) to old pages (same <topic>) will help the search engine bots. It will also help the readers. Structured information is better.


Website: Keywords (most hits on SE list?):

  • "the hour of our time"
  • "total us bloggers"
  • "bell logo"
  • "912 movement"
  • "13 bloodlines"
  • "unexpected members of the new world order"
  • "neither corp youtube"
  • "brand names logos"
  • "the freeman perspective"
  • "cspan live"
  • "becky shay interview"
  • "bluebeam hacked files"
  • "a true ott apf"
  • "max igan"
  • "american police force dyncorp"
  • "dyncorp american police force"
  • "bud dwyer"
  • "13 illuminati bloodlines"
  • "jason bermas podcast"
  • "glen beck 912 project"


Search engine rating for "new world order"

  • #20 (!)
  • #62
  • #90
  • #87
  • #100 > #100


"Destroying the New World Order"



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