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Perhaps a survey?

Jim and Pam left 12160 because:

no communication going on.





Communication hmmm -How so, please communicate :)

Okay. I've had enough. I don't know what the hell is going on at (whatever the name of this site is called, since the promise to change its name never materialised). However, not content with screwing up the look of the site to the point that I need eyedrops, now when I try to post an article, I'm limited to 140 characters???????


eyedrops? pls explain.

140 characters is for posting a status update, which can also be a tweet.

As far as name change, well, you were told it wasn't for sure .

140 characters is for posting a status update? Hmm! Don't think so, since all my other posts right below it have more than 140 characters.


As for the eyedrops. Why change the format of the site to this annoying white?


I think it is becoming perfectly clear that you aren't prepared to listen to members, as you've consistently shown, and seem to want to antagonize. At the time, you did not make it clear about the name change, and just wasted people's time in suggesting possible names that you obviously had no intention of using.  You failed to recognise the obvious problems with the current name. A number as a name for a website aint exactly going to draw attention and just is not logical. I have to look through my emails to remember it.


re the name change. One admin erroneously thought we came to the decision to change the name. When I and the other admins saw his post a day or so later we corrected it in the comment section. A site with this much daily content will lead to post being over looked.


I support the name change, so we are on the same side here, but alas, this is a social network and many other opinions are still uncounted. So for time being no name change yet.

RE background.
I know its not great but it is better for most than the previous look. We just dont have the help with css we need, to fix the background issues. Would you perhaps skilled in this ?

I recall a previous complaint of yours, about not being able to upload videos now. We are reliant on your donations to offer these services, but they arent coming in. None! We are in need of a skilled IT person to rebuild the site, which we dont have, and requires cash to hire some one that we dont have.

Perhaps you can add something positive to the site and make some suggestions on how to achieve these simple things you and others desire or otherwise bitch about?

I changed the theme to area 51 on my page. Now its been changed to resisting the new world order. How did this happen? I did not make this change nor authorize it. I have tried to change it back but nothing I try works. Whats going on here? I want the area 51 theme back on my page.


SkyBlueEyes: You are blowing smoke.


 There is no area 51 banner on my home page. I customized my page in late June this yr. It has changed to the new banner and all the above links on my page are the same banner resisting the new world order whats going on? I did not make this change and why have a customize page if it does not work? I did not make this banner change to my page so who did? I want area 51 back. Whats going on how can I change it or why cant I change it?



Ok, I have looked all over this front page and i do not see Krypke as a Gate-Keeper. He claims to track down suspicious and salacious characters like me. I am whining and complaining that you immediately Out Kryke as a Gate-Keeper of all threads and the moral center for this site!


As for Marklar.....How dare you voice your own opinion? By what right do you or anyone else impose your semi-flaccid views of moral sustenance upon the peoples of Planet Earth? What was that you say? Right to Free Speech? The right to express your views as you see fit? The right to actually poke fun at people that are funny?


As for you James, Good Gods! How could you actually be so accomodating to the religious zealots and the commies, and the fascists, and then try to moderate between them all? it comes. There is infinite diversity in Infinite Combinations that work towards a better understanding of the human condition. Leave it to you to use that argument that no one can really refute!


Again Marklar, what is your problem Dude? "What's weak this week". C'mon, let's get down and dirty and call it "What really Grinds my Gears"!!!!! Man up, Dude! What really grinds my gears? "Everytime I get to the checkout counter of any store, especially when you are in a hurry trying to get a bottle of Champipple so that you can get the chick next dorr drunk enough to actually go nuts on yours....there is always some little old lady that has 57 coupons, two personal checks to write and pays the balance in nickels and pennies, then has to go out to her car while a line of 20 people waits for them to come in and spread out a whole jar of pennies to cover the 3.67 cents she is short! By the time the champaign and Ripple finally get back to your love nest, the neighbor i already in bed for six hours and blaming you for another stood up date!  Now that REALLY Grinds MY GEARS!


If you haven't figured it out yet, this is all in fun, unless the self-professed Gate-Keeper, threadkiller Krypke comes along to point out that it was actually his grandmother i was behind at the liqour store and reports me for grinding my gears!!!!


LOL, how's that for the non-complaint of the week?

A suspended member has sent you a message on 12160.  kurt steiner ( writes:

Kiss my ass you phony commie piece of shit. You are not against the new world order. YOU ARE the New World Order and you will pay for your deception. :)

Message  received from a now former member.

It seems this member left when he did not get an immediate response. I have had a bit of an emergency situation going on at home, and to be honest I was not interested in dealing with an email , particularly this one. 

If you desire a response from the admins, it would expedite things to provide more information than was provided here. I assume, it was more than likely sent to get a reaction or to satisfy a need to vent.

Irregardless, what is one to do?

bye bye JD

Question: Who Featured Michael Harper (../profile/MichaelHarper?xg_

source=activity) ? All he is here for is to pick a fight with someone.

I don't get it?
I featured the guy, and well, generally have no real pattern or guidelines for doing such. I feature based on activity (ie participation) often, as was the case here.  


"Destroying the New World Order"


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