The International Jewish Community has bought Patagonia Argentina and Chile to build a Second Israel planned in 1896

A Patagonia Argentina is to unite southern part of Patagonia in Chile whose effects are in fact already working the Chilean army also previously established an underground military base in what will become the most sophisticated military complex after US Area 51.

Such a submarine base may control and destroy submarines passing through Cape Horn from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

These bases established for only a few years by the Rockefeller foundation along with what they have already in the Arctic are the largest in the Southern hemisphere. Rockefeller bases of Patagonia and the Lake District of southern Chile and Argentina are really an extensive network of tunnels and areas DUMB . . . Military and Israeli scientists doing measurements and technical studies in the area have given the go ahead for the establishment of a new Israel. DUMB Construction of the giant excavations is essential to develop underground life in a region of temperature and hostile winds in the Antarctic winter, and may later develop summer infrastructure on the surface.

Cryogenic DUMB crops are essential to the sustainability of groundwater sustainable life without depending on foreigners and adverse weather conditions for most of the year. DUMB will otherwise function as the atomic and natural disaster shelters, with pumping systems for both water and air extraction for food.

The purchase of such territories to ensure private properties which are added carte blanche for the organization itself as a country in two other countries Chile and Argentina, with its own army but also with the collaboration of both Argentine and Chilean armies.

For balance geostrategic area, Argentina has signed trade agreements with China, and the Jewish community in turn to push the British Empire to withdraw from the Falklands or dealings with China and Argentina resources in the area.

The international community, say that the countries whose sovereignty has been extinguished by the international Zionist community have not been informed of any of these plans, and that only some secret services know much about these plans and the Israeli army, Argentina and Chile are responsible for the secrecy and discretion of the project development. . . Full story:

Comment: It appears Argentina’s Jewish President the late Nestor Kirchner sold his nation to the Jews who are initially building underground beneath Chile, ... Read on at Source

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There's at least two reasons you should respond:

1. The act of responding will humanize Jews to your friends. Most likely, after you left their sight, they forgot that you were a Jew. Whether or not they give up the conspiracy theory, they will be forced to consider that Jews are people, people they like, even, rather than mysterious monsters. This will buy every other minority member they interact with in the future a little bit more consideration.

2. You cannot be friends in a meaningful way with people that think people that share your background are insidious nation-ruiners. Better to find out now where you stand.

You don't have to argue them into the ground. You can just point out that you don't like how it dehumanizes Jews by ascribing to them cartoonishly evil motives and bee-like hive-mindedness. You can say there's no evidence for any of what's in that blog post and that there are a million other unsubstantiated theories, some of them unflattering to South Americans.

If they're not willing to acknowledge that right away, unsubscribe and move on. Maybe they'll come around someday, and you did your part.

Fair enough. Had the Germans known what they were facing history would have been different. The Nazis believed some dark haired "Jews" were the masters, not own German players like I.G. Farben - the worst of the slave labor corporations. That did not make sense to anyone. 

The Allied did not bomb I.G. Farben

These are the Zionist Jews aka Globalists.  Chile is known for it's string of volcanoes.  Good -  I hope they enjoy being in "Hell" because that's what it will be like when they go off. 

It may be the case "Anglo-Saxons" were the first wave (just a theory) of Khazarian Caucasians to reach Northern Europa. These "Anglo-Saxons" (misnomer) managed to be in charge of trade and banking (the origin of the "Venicians" is a parallell problem) - forming Black Nobility of Europa. For sure Holland's Nobility belongs to these bloodlines. The point is they were not converts to Judaism, they are Christian Khazars.

Queen Elisabeth: Church of England, Church of Scotland - not Jewish, but a main Zionist - meaning this Emperial Elite


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