Greetings all,

I have recently joined this forum.  I ask that you go to my page: .  Please view the video there that recounts the life and work of Brother Leader Colonel Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi.

Under the video you will see a heading that reads, "Brother Leader."  Please click on that heading and read about the achievements of Brother Leader.

I am 63 years old.  I ask, from the depths of my heart and the expanse of my soul, that you young people NEVER ever forget Brother Leader.  If you are not familiar with him, begin by viewing the video, and then clicking the "Brother Leader" heading.

Unfortunately, I think there's a limit, so I was not able complete all that I wanted.  I had created a conclusion.

Brother Leader is YOUR Brother Leader.  On the Day that the imperialist fell, even white male American conservatives literally cried (See Martin Brodel at YouTube.  Talk to him) on the day that Tripoli fell to the RATS (as TRUE lovers of Libya describe the TRAITORS that the U.S., Britian, France, Qatar and Saudi Arabia paid to destroy the very GREATEST, and longest-lasting experiment on the African continent.

At first, of course, people were duped by the imperialist "news" media into believing that Brother Leader was a "brutal dictator."  Then, once people started reading about Brother Leader and his works, they began to LOVE him.  And when NATO brutally dropped 30,000 bombs on Libya, anyone with a heart--no matter their political stance--was devastated.

I would NEVER have thought that I could have actually befriended an American while male conservative.  But, when Tripoli fell, Brodel's eyes became opened, and his political leanings began to gradually change.  He was not a fan of Brother Leader or the Jamahiriya.  But he was a believer in JUSTICE, and could see clearly the brutal and barbaric injustice of Libya's destruction by the demonic imperialists.

YOUNG PEOPLE: I ask you to NEVER forget Libya!  I ask you to place Libya on your list of countries to be liberated.  YOU can do it.  At this moment (September 11th, 2013), despite the continued "rule" of the anarchist NTC (National Transitional Council, otherwise know as "The Rat Council), there appears to be developing a strong struggle, by lovers of Libya, to reverse the situation and bring Libya back to freedom.

Libya did not have the backing of a large country, as Syria did, and as Vietnam did when China backed the Vietnamese people during the U.S. genocidal war against the Vietnamese people.  So, Libya will need everyone's help.  That help can be extended by always taking time to keep the memory of Brother Leader and the Jamahiriya right in the "face" of the public at large.

If you are not familiar with Brother Leader, I guarantee you, without any doubt, you will fall in love with him, and you will CRY (unless you're DEAD).  And you will included within your personal desires, the desire of the true Libyan people to be free again! 

Should any of you young people become a big leader of some time, REMEMBER LIBYA!! 

There is a saying that lovers of Libya have, and that is used when completing an email, or a letter, etc., and I end with that saying:

Allah, Muammar, Libya wa bas!!

It means, "Allah, Muammar and Libya are all that we need!"

It was the rally call of the 93% of the Libyan people that supported Brother Leader and the Libyan Jamahiriya, and that NATO simply ignored, bombing until the imperialist got what they wanted.

If you're an atheist or a Christian, or whatever, NO BIG DEAL!!  Just say the call ANYWAY, because it ain't gonna kill you.  It is just to identify with the desire to BE FREE.  Say it!!


Okay, peace out,

Your brother,


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Short addendum: For those of you who might REALLY want to get deep, study Gaddafi's Green Book.  His philosophy of government WORK, and there are those on this planet who view The Jamahiriya as a TEMPLATE for creating a just government. 

So, if you want to really get into the philosphy of government created by Brother Leader, then you must read the information provided by The Green Charter Movement: .

A few interesting links that you'll find at that page:

You can read the rest for yourself.  And even if you disagree with some of the ideas, just learn them anyway so that you will be aware of a thrust, on this planet, that is still attempting to grow, on the basis of justice. 

You may also wish to check out The World Mathaba: .

In reading the information at the green charter site ( you will learn what a "Mathaba" is, and you might even consider forming one in your home country as a beginning movement to help create a new and unique form of DIRECT democracy, rather than the current demockery that is practiced in the so-called "free world."

The world is YOURS, young people!  What you can do to take charge:

1. Refuse military service.  It would be better to push a broom for your income, than to "serve" imperialist wars
2. Keep your diet up.  Do not eat GMO foods or junk foods
3. Stay informed through the independent media
4. Form friendships with other young people from all over the world, and create YOUR OWN political consciousness philosophy of life--one that excludes injustice, military participation, etc., etc.

I guess my "short" addendums ain't that short.  Anyway, a couple of more things:

Brother Leader was talking "green" LONG before anyone else was, back in the 1960s.  He "greened" portions of the Sahara desert.  The flag of the Libyan Jamahiriay was solid green--no ego-tripping emblems on them.  Just solid green, to indicate the earth.

Now, what was the MAIN reason the imperialist destroyed the Jamahiriya?  The MAIN reason was that Brother Leader had created a new society, and sustained it for over 40 years.  The imperialist were like, "Unh uh!  We HAVE to stop that guy!"  His direct democracy became a template that Huga Chavez used in Venezuella.  Chavez openly stated that he patterned his direct democracy ideas from the Libyan Jamahiriya, which got them from Brother Leader.

That template could have been spread all over Africa, and the imperialists KNEW this, conciously.  Yes, money, power, gold, water, geo-political strategy (such as Libya's location on the Mediterranean) where some particulars that the imperialists were concerned about.  But what they MOST feared was the possible expansion of the idea of DIRECT DEMOCRACY, a system where THE PEOPLE are in control of their lives; where they meet, literally, as a people, and plan their own lives. 

Imperialists cannot have that.  THEY are the ones that wish to plan our lives. 

So, Brother Leader had to go.  But, he's NOT gone!  He's here in the spirit.

One more thing.  There were at least 35 independent journalists, some actually in Libya while the imperialists were destroying it.  We all know something for certain: It was the valiant resistance of Brother Leader and the Libyan Defence Forces that stopped the imperialists cold, and that served to forwarn Syria.  This is very real.

In that regard, Brother Leader is THE person who check-mated NATO, even though NATO destroyed Libya.  At an assessment of NATO operations in Libya at that time, that was made at CIA headquarters, NATO characterized its operations in Libya as "pathetic."

Yes, pathetic alright!  Why?  Because the Libyan Defence Forces, despite being attacked by the strongest military alliance in human history, NATO, kept the demons back for ONE SOLID YEAR!  That effort will definitely go down as the among the top defences in world history, no doubt about it.  In fact, the Russian military schools were studying the progression of that war, and MARVELLED at the fact that the LDF was holding NATO back.  It was amazing to witness!!

And a couple of American generals commented, "How on EARTH are they doing it!!??"  So, Syria, and the world, owes a HUGE debt of gratitude to the people of Libya, the Jamahiriya, the Libyan Defence Forces, and Brother Leader. 

This cartoon says it all: NATO defeated by Brother Leader It shows NATO punching on Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi.  In the last panel, NATO is worn out, and Brother Leader is still standing.  This cartoon was created during NATO's assault on Libya.  BROTHER LEADER IS STILL STANDING!!  And, as you have read, NATO has REFUSED to strike Syria, despite O-Bomb-a's insistence.  After Libya, NATO announced, publically, that it would not be able to carry out another major operation for TWO YEARS.  And that is precisely what has happened.  Brother Leader, despite Libya's destruction, KICKED NATO'S ASS, and left it limping.  The Libyan Defence Forces were simply overwhelmed by the bombing.

And think of the COWARDICE of NATO! The strongest military alliance in human history bombed a country that had a population that was LESS THAN the total population of the Chicago metropolitan area.  Libya's population was 6,000,000.  Chicago metropolitan is 10,000,000.  Yet, the LDF gave NATO the BLUES.  If you don't have a photo of Brother Leader in your home, WHY NOT!?

We all had hoped, during the Libya war, that Brother Leader's fight against NATO would be shown, as time goes by, to be THE turning point in human history when NATO, and its imperialist backers, began to be defeated. Only time will tell, but we think we're on the way!

Allah, Muammar, Libya wa bas!

Peace out,


YOUNG PEOPLE: To give a boost to the hearts, minds, and souls of the Libyan people, carry a GREEN FLAG at all of your protests, meetings, etc.  Let the Libyan people know that we have NOT forgotten them!

Allah, Muammar, Libya wa bas!

Peace out,


When i looked into the man Gaddafi i saw a good man a man better than most, a humble man who loved and was loved by his Lybian people and warned his brothers in the middle east about American intrusion.  I saw a country that was debt free and not enslaved to a central bank. A country with great potential through true fairness and sound money THAT made him a threat! he had to go.  I was disgusted by the way he died but was inspired by his life even to the end his speeches were stirring to me.  I managed to breakthrough the mind control telling me he was a brutal dictator because of the 911 lies and now when American media or government tells me someone "over there" is a brutal dictator i don't immediately believe it but question it.  It wasn't easy to go against the grain at first because it means my governing body is full of liars and maybe that finger pointing at leaders around the world has three fingers pointing back at them. Maybe they are just jealous because they are LEADERS and our government has through our United States constitution restrained them and what they actually are suppose to be are our servants not our leaders ..We only allow them to lead which is why they hate the constitution. Admittedly we the people have allowed these servants to lead us down some pretty bad paths and we have by proxy created a monster and now we must find a way to stop them before they ruin the entire world because of jealousy and greed taking things from others by force. things that don't belong to them things they seem very willing to kill 90% of humanity for.  They are madmen, crazed psycopaths and must be stopped by any means necessary for the sake of the entire world before the destroy 100% of everything

I'll keep my reply brief, so that, hopefully, others can chime in.  EVERYTHING you said is ON TARGET, 100%  Thank you SO MUCH for sharing that YOU TOO love Gaddafi as your "Brother Leader,"  as the Libyan people referred to him.

Peace out,



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