Voters in Iceland back new constitution, more resource control

* Vote is non-binding but backers hope it will force change

* Voters want more control of island's natural resources


By Robert Robertsson

REYKJAVIK, Oct 21 (Reuters) - Residents of Iceland have voted for their constitution to be rewritten in the wake of the 2008 banking crisis, electing to take greater control of natural resources such as fish and geothermal energy, results of a referendum showed on Sunday.


The collapse of the island's heavily indebted banks led to demands for change after accusations of cronyism between the political elite and business.


The referendum is non-binding but backers of change hope that politicians will find it hard to ignore even though parliament is responsible for adopting a new constitution and the main opposition party has said it opposes proposed changes.


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:D  You caught that did ya'?


LIBYA~ lets see what  Gaddafi has to say about "Direct Democracy" It worked for them ~ so Gaddafi had to go!!

04:06 min: "...and they can do away with an election system in order to elect someone who could rule over them"  LOL

Odd how 'direct democracy' always comes down to that. Kind of sounds like his description of representative Republics doesn't it? 

Direct democracy only works at the smallest level; community or small city. Whenever it is applied to a Nation-State it equals Oligarchy and tyranny.

Soooo, who did the Libyans 'elect' to rule over them after they threw out Gadhafi?

you mean before the rebels funded armed and trained by NATO the united states and the NWO had him murdered in the most humiliating way a human being can be murdered~\

He said he would fight to the end and he did ~

He is considered a martyr to many ~

the more i learn about Gaddafi the more i realize his dream was of a united Africa

not dependent on Rothchild petro dollars~

This was his mistake as i understand it~ there was no debt in Lybia ~

gas was .14 cents a gallon

and they had no central Rothchild bank ~

they do now!

I am starting to think the "Gaddafi had to go" was about who controlled the money

and the people ..

 perhaps Gaddafi's direct democracy worked not only because they were a small country but also because they are a spiritual people as well~ there majority believe in there ALLAH and a moral code i do not understand ~there ways are not our ways ~

it is eerily similar to representative government that was here once under a different moral code ~ The Bible  but a moral code non the less ~ which we have just about outlawed in America

No government can work if the people who are trusted are criminals ~~ who lie cheat & steal from its own people ~ I think Gaddafi has more honest than most and he took the poorest country in the world and made it one of the richest and spread that wealth around ~ Obama must have been so Jealous ~ Gaddafi was murdered for his beliefs~ He was a true revolutionary in my opinion ~ He fought the New world order and died doing it ~  

Gadaffi was also setting up a bank of Africa with backing from a few other of Africa's richer nations to make loans to other African nations. The idea being to give the poorest of African nations the ability to borrow without resorting to the World Bank and IMF with all of the austerity and transnational neo-liberal rape that goes with it. Just another reason for the PTB to take him out.

Yes it does, so does Iceland and they ain't doing bad at all

Population of Libya - 2006 Libyan census, 5, 670, 688. 2012 CIA World FactBook est, 6, 733, 620.

Poulation of Switzerland - 2011- 7, 655, 628

Poulation of Iceland -  2011 - 313, 183

In regards to Libya, why was it necessary to have such a large secret police force (not to mention Gadhafi and family living like royalty) in a people's directed direct-democracy govt?

I respect the anti-NWO aspect of the Gadhafi admin but in no way believe it was a people directed direct-democracy paradise either. Anyone here ever set foot in Libya?




What does population have to do with it?

See my earlier comment.

Like I said, I'm not knocking the good aspects of the Libyan political sys. but question the honesty of the same. Seems the govt had lots of profits to be spent on many things....much that did not go to 'the people'.....


I agree that 'people' have a right to direct the govt but 'direct-democracy' plays well in theory but not so much in reality. It works in small theatre, towns, community etc. When applied to a Nation-State it has always been a cover for consolidated/centralized govt. The few 'ruling' the majority; in the name of the people of course ;)

You know where I stand on govt forms. If our govt had not been usurped our system has much that could be labeled direct-democracy inherent in it. But, people have to be engaged and take on responsibility for our system to be equitable.

Just because our system is fkd at the moment doesn't mean its an inherently flawed system. Operator error not system failure, imo.

Abusus non tollit usum


i happen to agree with that statement Nathan ~ one might say we have a form of direct democracy now and it sucks ~ seems as though the mob rules and  the system we were given in 1776 is all but a faded glory of the past ~It is the MATRIX IMO~ i do believe we had a system of checks and balances that was an amazing tool for freedom for about 100yrs but usurpers stole it through very crafty long term plans to over throw us by stealth ~ our constitution was incorporated IMO and now stands like a front~ like  gangsters who own a candy store and has an illegal printing press in the back room ~ It looks like a candy store there is candy in there all the people see the candy and even buy some candy but in reality its not a candy store at all~ its a FRONT for a criminal org. If you try to tell the people it a criminal org they will defend the guy who sells the candy and say "how could you accuse him of such a thing ~ in the mean time the candy becomes so expensive that you cannot afford to buy candy any more and your starting to sense there is something really wrong.  But it can't be the candy man he has always been so nice ~ i don't know where i am going with this ~lol  I guess it is just that unless we realize as a people that what we have held so dear as the corner stone of our very existence may be deeply flawed~ we will either try to fix the one we have always loved or seek something else ~ what we may miss is that the thing we loved was not the real deal and we may have to go back and read the directions again ~ i loved what i thought america was not what i found in seeking truth ~ ;)

Well, we three are on the same page then :)

Troy, it all comes down to an active informed populace. It's the only thing that will ensure the best form of govt works for the people and doesn't rule them. Alas, it seems human nature works against that happening and no form of govt will run on auto-pilot and remain a fair, representative of the will of the people govt.

It seems their may indeed be force of destiny in this world. All govt/nations follow a similar life cycle. Or so it seems ;) 

Nathan i am a truth seeker and i have a hard time believing that people i was brainwashed into believing were murderous dictators and horrible people were anything but just that ~ I was never in Lybia but i wish i had been before the new world order destroyed what was Gaddafi's African Lybia ~ how can i believe any thing any one says anymore such a web of lies is enough to make one mad ~ have you seen this video? its not a big hit here on 12160 but it caught my eye 

look at it and tell me what you think i wish there was more discussion on that blog so i could have more input :)


"Destroying the New World Order"



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