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this is all conjecture on my part, but didn't 5 raytheon execs were on 1 of the 4 planes? didn't raytheonhave government contracts that required them to develop remote controlled planes. or what we now call drones. anyways i worked with a mettalurgical lab and i knew immediately this wasnt caused by fire. only thing that could have done this was demolitions.

but i heard one time and one time only that there were 4 emergency beacon signals that day. 3 commercial airliners over the atlantic ocean and 1 over nw canada

Hollywood, Please, let me tell you what happened to the passengers and planes that 2001 day we all know as the 9/11 Attach on America.

All three planes took off but were soon diverted to the Cleveland Ohio airport were all the passengers were told they were to be diverted to a bigger plane and would soon be on there way to their various destinations.

United Airlines Flight 93 was big enough to accommodate all the passengers from flights 11, 77 and ... and the passengers were told their would be only a short delay while their luggage was placed aboard flight 93.

All the Local TV video footage shot at the Airport that took place in Cleveland that day was removed from the TV station before it could be used ON-Air as a News story. It may have been aired first one time but everybody was watching the fires and collapse of the two WTC building in NYC that morning. However some people in the Cleveland area did see a small report on local TV of a plane landing and all the passengers herded into the emptied NASA building at the edge of the Airfield.

Flight 93 took off and was shot down by a reported white US force fighter jet and crashed near Shanksvile PA were the debris was found 8 miles from the hole in the earth that was supposed to be were it crashed. And the other three planes were flown out over the Atlantic Ocean (2) and the Gulf of Mexico (1) near Cuba and disposed of at sea.

This information comes from Space, on his program, "A View From Space", a scheduled 3 hours radio show broadcast at 11 PM EST every Saturday night on podcast radio station CFMJ640 AM. it can be heard free on at 11Am til 2PM.

Space, Gary Bell, has no archives and has no way of making a repeat report of what he thinks happen that morning. A real pity.

I have a cassatt tape somewhere in the 500 tapes I have but, what the hell, who cares about 9/11 now. They have Newtown and the Sandy Hook Hoax to do the job at hand.

Hollywood. I am sorry, I did not watch the video you posted before I wrote the post below. That was silly of me but what is done is done.

I did not know of the video and its content.

I wonder if Gary Bell will speak of it on the show tomorrow night. I will be listening as I wil send him a email and your link tonight. It might be better if you did to at It might be better coming from you.

thanks Larry...No problem

there are so many conspiracys. funny how so many of them lead back to the bush family, especially from the time hw served as the number 3 man at the cia when kennedy was assasinated . the driver did it. almost certain of that. the laws and false wars created by these conspiracys are nonetheless what they are. and thats treason. there is no statute of limitations on it. send in the park rangers if need be. but when you wont look back at treason and continue to commit it yourself , what choices are there left? according to the us constitution there are none left except thru change. many people in the current and past regimes are guilty of these conspiracys , treason and racketeering. they are the financial terrorists.

does anyone else realize that even without nine eleven the towers wouldn't be there today? they were built in 1971 to withstand any strikes by aircraft but they were built with lots of fireproofing material otherwize known as asbestos. the lifespan according to  the architects who built it were 40 years . they were scheduled to be torn down in 2009 taking 2 years to complete and an estimated cost of 40 billion dollars. its all true. lets not even begoin to discuss tower 7 which many americans still dont even know fell that day .


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