with all that is going on in the world today there are many groups - party names - left wings - right wings - we got wings - so i started talking to myself again just how comical yet so dividing these different groups are as to be lumped into and neatly comparmentalized - how convenient - here's my conversation with theresa:

Theresa: are you a heavy left wing liberal?
Musselwhite: no, i'm on the right side of things.

Theresa: o, so you are a right-wing rightist?
Musselwhite: i don't think so - i'm just on the right side.

Theresa: ok, i don't understand what you are trying to say; you must be a liberal?
Musselwhite: no, i'm an aries; my son is a libra -

Theresa: are you a democrat or a republican?
Musselwhite: tell me first which one represents the jackass?

Theresa: are you a socialist?
Musselwhite: yes, i would consider myself social - very social indeed.

Theresa: are you a communist?
Musselwhite: no, i have never lived in a commune; i have lived in a homeless shelter - does that count?

Theresa: do you consider yourself as being a part of the southern religious belt?
Musselwhite: well, i was american by birth and southern by the grace of God.

Theresa: what do you think of politics?
Musselwhite: sancho broke it down for me one day - poly means "many" and ticks are blood suckers - we got lots of em!

Theresa: what do you think of the campaign trail so far?
Musselwhite: i'll have to check my underware..............depends.

Theresa: are you a capitalist?
Musselwhite: hell no - that's against T&C - i think it says no caps! no, i never use caps when i post; makes it easier to read.

Theresa: do you believe in a totalitarian society?
Musselwhite: i sure as hell do - i believe everyone should see the total picture and be on the same page - everybody in total agreement - that way we could all move simultaneously in the same direction - know what i mean?

Theresa: what do you think about the rockefellers?
Musselwhite: i don't take too kindly to rocking the fellers past the age of 2 years - dr denmark says don't start the rocking of your baby unless you want to keep it up - gets habit forming -

Theresa: are you a marxist?
Musselwhite: well, around these parts you have to be one - it's a territorial thing in the south and all my neighbors mark their terriroty -

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I love your sense of humor Theresa.... very funny post!

Thankyou Theresa...:D


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