When is it time to come together, plan, and what will you do if the SHTF?

With so much of the population on medication,flouride,aspartame perservatives etc.it is amazing people can still function. We have become smiling depressives who enjoy their servitude.There is no resistence and protest. It is scary to think Americans have been conquered and subdued without a shot being fired. Weve been systematically numbed of reality and RWP (Real World Problems).

We accept things that we shouldn't, We eat things we know for a fact are bad for us, We have let the Government take control of things that we shouldn't have. What are we going to do??

Sit back and wait? And if so, Then what? 

We need to stand up for what's left of our Constitutional pride, before we no longer have anything to stand for.. Think about our family and friends, our children, are neighbors children. 
It isn't going to much matter if your a prepper or a survivalist etc, if we don't have connections with others that think alike. We need to come together, talk, plan, decide... on what we would or could do if the SHTF.. We need to network. Share our ideas with one another. Even meet with others in our own areas.. It's not going to do much good if we dont. We can band together if it comes to that. Pull resources together, and tallents and skills.

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I do. In reply to DTOM6.

amen to that guerilla  force  DTOM

Pick a target and wait until the time is right.  The most difficult enemy to fight is one with NO organization.

I 100% agree with the sentiment here. But it seems that we are spread SO thin & too far between. (at least where I live).

Our government is ready for us to rebel.  We have to understand that.  The only way I can see for us to accomplish anything is going to be peacefully.  Stop paying taxes.  Stop paying any but the basic utilities.  Stop voting, except locally.  Form local coops for food, mechanical services, medicinal services.  Stop eating poisonous foods.  Refuse vaccines.  If you are on medication find a way to get off it.  Stop buying all the junk everyone thinks they simply must have like new cars, iPhones, crappy houses made of plastic.  Let the women in your life know it's okay not to spend a lot of money on their hair and fingernails and clothes.  Let the men in you life know it's okay if they don't sell their soul to make a big pile of money.  Let your children know you love them no matter who they are.  Put an ad on Craigslist to form a group of like-minded people who have had enough, meet at a local diner and watch in surprise as the numbers grow.  Don't let the group get cocky and allow itself to be infiltrated by government operatives.  Keep you eyes open.  Form neighborhood watches to keep each other safe.  Demand accountability from local politicians.  Get the minimum wage raised in your town so people can have a decent life.  Demand the local municipality remove fluoride from the water.  Let natural leaders emerge.  Develop a local currency.  Take your money out of banks and use cash.  If you feel you must use a bank, do some due diligence and make sure it's locally owned - no Bank of Am. or Wells Fargo.  Try to buy a little gold or silver in order to save.  Don't invest in the stock market.  Demand debt forgiveness for the whole world. There are so many things we can do besides stockpiling guns and thinking violence is the only way out of our dilemma.  That's exactly what our government wants us to think, so they can take over.  But don't let them take our guns, either.  It's amazing what an old shotgun can do in a pinch.

I agree with all your suggestions to put this rotting corpse down, once & for all.

But I strongly disagree with your assertion that this govt, is ready for Us to rebel.


Not even close.

I keep reading things that make me think they want us to start a civil war - stock piling bullets, foreign troops on US soil at Sandy Hook (don't get me started on the deliberate provocation with that "event") and at other "drills" around the country, etc...

So tell me more about how they aren't prepared.  Maybe it will illuminate a chink in the "armor".

Thank you for excellent ideas. 

I also disagree with your assertion to abandon voting on a non-local basis.

It doesn't take much effort

to vote 3rd-Party,

or even a 2-Party candidate like a Ron Paul.

I say go the Xtra millimeter to scratch the itch.

Ya never know when that 100th Monkey threshold is gonna get stroked.

Never say, "Never".

I went back and edited the part about voting locally.  You must have read my post just before I put in the part about voting locally, as I think that's a very important thing to do.  I meant to stop voting federally.  You're right about Ron Paul.

I'll keep that in mind about the 100th monkey.  Great image to keep going when it seems like you may be getting nowhere.


Double smiles here :) :)


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