I've  read  all  your  statements  and  don't  you  think  some  of  them  are  a  little  bit  radical!!

Sure,  prices  are  going  up  -  price  of  gasoline;  for  one.  But  I've  also  read  that  the  U.S.

has  enough  reserves  take  care  of  the  whole  country  without  purchasing  it.  So  why  are

they  buying  something  they  all  ready  have.  CANADA  is  the  same.  We  don't  purchase

near  the  amount  that  any  other  country  does!!!  We  have  our  own.  As  for  a  W.W.III -

who  started  it  and  why???  There's  no  doubt  the WORLD  is  in  trouble  -  very  serious

trouble;  but  a  WAR??  What  are  we  fighting  for?  Is  that  going  to  solve  anything - NO!!!

It'll  cause  more  poverty  and  starvation  and  homelessness.  What  we  need  is  a  Brand

New  Form  of  government.  All  new  people  that  believe  in  Peace;  Justice;  and  Freedom

for  all!!!!



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Ths reason 'they' will start such a war is easy....DEPOPULATION is the goal, after which they'll all sit back and say that to  prevent any more wars, there should be ONE world government,  military and currency that will be the end result of their plan to dominate the world.  The worst part of all this is, NONE of the ones doing this are elected officials, they in fact are the ones in control of the  money.


So when I hear someone complain about president <insert name here> screwing things up, I correct them, it is in fact their 'master' telling them what to do about everything....and if they don't play ball...well then I guess their widow will just be  "The next Jackie Kennedy".   So, you best believe playin ball is all they can think to do!


The big question I have is.....when the US armed forces are tasked with policing our city streets...will they do it? or will they uphold their oath to  support and defend the US Constitution and it's citizens against enemies foreign and domestic?!


I pray each day that this is what they do, then this country just might have a chance of becoming what it should be a Republic with truely free people and a government that represents the US, not some foreign country or corporate interest.


I guess it is going to get a lot colder now the gulf streams are dead. Have to have a middle east attack soon or one in Korea.
A fake flu may come on the scene and no vaccine for it as big Pharma lost too much money with the pathetic Swine flu (they knew it was mild and want an excuse for a really nasty one and to not have a vaccine. Plenty of strains sitting on the shelves to do this. It was NOT a money making scam. They are too clever for that nonsense.)
Well unemployment obviously has to go up.
Chemtrails really get worse even though more are lookin up. GM plants taking off in wild as well destroying habitats.
Sales of supplements may be restricted unless they are one that contain large amounts of iron such as many pregnacy ones. High iron is a carcinogen and causes terrible disease.
Home grown food laws stricter.
House prices drop so banks are owed more than home worth in many countries
Plenty of HAARP earthquakes in third world countries and outbreaks of convenient disease.
Derivative bubble may be burst bringing in total financial ruin of more countries.


DEAR  GISELLE:  I  totally  agree  with  you.  Look  at  "SCARS"  -  people  were  walking  around;  in

food  stores  wearing  masks!!!  I  went  to  the  food  store  (with  a  bad  cold) - caughed,  &  people made  a  WIDE  PATH  for  me.  Funny  as  hell....  Iron  is  dangerous  taken  in  large  doses  for  anyone.  Folic  acid  is  usually  taken  for  pregancy.  The  FCC  should  be  regulating  them  but  they  aren't.  In  Canada  we  are  having  a  damned  COLD  WINTER!!!  After  having  a  beautiful Spring;  Summer  and  Fall!  STRANGE.  No  one  expected  this.  The  ground  has  so  much  contamination  in  it  to  grow  your  own  food!!  (Acid  Rain)...  Yet  Nova  Scotia  is  having

lovely  weather  and  they  always  get  all  the  storms  off  the  Ocean.  (My  Brother  lives  there).

So,  I  believe  we  are  in  for  "Hell"  no  matter  where  you  live.  You're  right  about  our  "derivative  Bubble"  -  bursting  &  bringing  in  total  financial  ruin  of  many,  many  countries.




DEAR  TROY:  The  U.S.  forces  are  so  fed  up  with  the  War  in  Iraq  &  etc.,  I  say  no  -  they  will

NOT!!  Just  at  the  end;  the  troops  "found  their  voices"  and  used  them  very  well.  I  was  very

proud  of  what  was  said  when  they  spoke  out  about  the  9 years  of  Hell.  So,  why  should  they

go  against  their  country  &  POLICE  IT???  Their  fellow  people  don't  deserve  that.  Let  the  Polititians  do  that  themselves.  AND  DON'T  ASK  CANADA  -  we  feel  the  same  way!!


The US imports the majority of its' oil due to a theory that popped up in the 1970's called "peak oil consumption". The US oil men believe that the world is running out of oil and that it will happen sometime around 2020. When this happens, they will finally release their oil reserves to the market at a substantial profit. I'm talking like $20 a gallon gasoline at that point because they have all that is left. This theory is probably bullshit but they believe in it enough to wreck our economy over the past 30 years in the name of profit.

As for your question about a war........Israel will attack Iran...It is only a question of when. This is one factor. Also, the US has to remain in a perpetual state of war to keep the dollar propped up. In times of war, the world rushes to the currency that is attached to the strongest military. Since our economy sucks and the dollar is worthless, the only alternative for the bankers is more killing and more destruction. You see, once our military destroys a country, our nice bankers make loans to that country to rebuild the infrastructure that we destroyed and the circle of debt continues.

The tipping point will be the meltdown of main-street in America that will bring about civil war. Then, we are fair game for Cihna to run us over. It is only logical since they own half the country anyway.

If any of the predictions you have read bother you or seem far fetched, I would suggest brushing up on current events and taking a good look at just how prepared you are to deal with the changes that are coming not just in the US, but in the rest of the world as well.


I  have  done  just  that.  I  know  quite  a  lot  more  than  you  think!!  Electric  cars  were  invented

decades  ago  and  the  plans  were  bought  by  the  Big  Auto  Industries  and  "Put  to  Bed"!!!  If

someone  had  been  thinking  ahead  we  wouldn't  be  running  out  of  oil...  But  GREED  is  the  problem  there.  As  for  this  WAR  -  still  going  on;  someone  mentioned  that  Israel  will  be  'nuked' and  that  will  be  an  end  to  that.  Who  -  no  one  knows!!  The  Press  is  told  what  to  tell  us  and we  are  to  "Believe"  everything  they  say!!!  News  is  news  &  they  have  to  have  a  'story'  to  tell.




I never said we had enough to meet our consumption level. I said that the oil barons will hold onto the US reserves until the very end (when everyone else is out of the game) in order to skyrocket the price. They want to get filthy stinking rich right sown to the last drop.


As for Lynn's comment about the electric car being suppressed: They do not need to suppress it. It costs too much, doesn't have the range that consumers are looking for, and batteries don't last the life of the car. The technology that has been "suppressed" would be hydrogen electrolysis, bio-fuels, wood gas, permanent magnet motors & generators, and a number of other fossil fuel alternatives that have been put on the back burner until they have squeezed the last dollar out of the last drop of oil.

I have a diesel that runs off of used vegetable oil and another truck that I can run off of wood gas. The plans were available in 1981and put out by FEMA. Hell, you can run gasoline engines off of methane which is renewable as well.

Nothing is so much suppressed as just not invested in and brought to market. You can't suppress human thought and technology. Watch youtube.....People all over the world are using this "suppressed" technology right now.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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