The ability of water to disassemble and rearrange other molecules is essential to the chemistry of life. It does this by forming weak bonds with the other molecules. This is often why we refer to water as the universal solvent. Water is a perfect conductor of electricity and this becomes important in the day to day operation of our bodies. For example, the electrical potential is shared between the brain neurons through electrochemical transmitters. This electrical potential of brain chemistry must be present for any of our "thoughts" to take place.

Water is without a doubt one of the very best diet aids and fat reducers: look at what it does . . . Suppresses your appetite. Reduces sodium buildup and helps maintain muscle tone. It helps the body eliminate waste and toxins. Relieves fluid retention. If you don’t give your body water, it holds onto water tenaciously so it wont run out. Reduces fat deposits in the body by helping the body metabolize the fat that is stored in the body, however when your kidneys don’t get enough water, this causes the liver to become overloaded. Since the liver is the organ that metabolizes the fat, it can’t do that if it’s doing the kidneys job.

The real truth is that water is one of the best cures for our most common ailments. The flip side of this is that there is very little money in selling water and for the most part it is free. Doctors almost never write a prescription for water and yet look what all it can treat: allergies, asthma, depression, high blood pressure, diabetes, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, colitis, alcohol dependency, lower back pain, neck pain, and on and on. Now don’t be fooled by considering the coffee, tea or soda pop that you drink as part of your water intake, because if these products are caffeinated (and most of them are) it has just the opposite effect on our bodies. Caffeine acts as a diuretic to our system and actually results in water reduction to our bodies. The same applies to drinks with alcohol. If your drinking these items make sure you don’t count them as part of your eight glasses of water per day.

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I just joined this group. It's very informative. About water I have kidney disease and as soon as I stopped drinking tap water my kidneys improved dramatically. I read a article a long time ago where the Nazis were giving the prisoners fluoride and the survivors all had diabetes and kidney disease. I'm sure everyone knows that fluoride is a toxin and does not help your teeth in this group. Now they are putting it in anti depressants like Prozac. It dumbs you down and makes you docile so you don't want to fight for anything and just accept everything. The NWO knows this. Even the dentists are brainwashed. I don't even give my pets tap water. I'm sure everyone knows this but if not I hoped I helped someone. Lisa K.


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