Beast System: How They Are Creating The Future And Final Civil War – ‘A Purge Is Taking Place’

  There is a saying “forewarned is forearmed,” meaning if you know about something beforehand, you can prepare for it…. so let this be your warning.

Watching the events of the last six years unfold, stories in the news and headlines that have dominated news cycle after news cycle, we see a theme play out. A theme of division, racial, political, religious… literally dividing the population into sub-groups, then pitting them against each other, turning brother against brother, familiy against family, neigbor against neighbor and state against state.

american flag
You will hear much of this in the excellent video below by TheScariestMovieEver, who encourages listeners to research every word he says and every example he gives, which is exactly what I did, so before listening to it, let me provide just a few examples I remember from over the last six years where I have noted an extreme acceleration of this dangerous game being played by the puppet-masters controlling everything from behind the scenes.


Trayvon Martin, shot by George Michael Zimmerman, leading to protests and marches, many of which turn extremely violent. Tensions deliberately stoked by Barack Obama, who before the investigation was even complete, came out with a statement saying ” this could have been my son” and “could have been me.”

Multiple deaths of blacks killed by whites, with the media deliberately manipulating the masses to the point where there were riots, vandalism, arrests and wall-to-wall coverage, despite the fact that the latest collection of information provided by the FBI shows that “blacks killed by whites” is the lowest percentage of murders, topped by “whites killed by blacks by over ten times the amount. (Chart below)
Does anyone doubt this is delberate?


Those of faith have been under a massive attack with the Obama administration leading the way. Examples can be found in Obamacare where the law attempts to force religious institutions to provide abortion inducing drugs and devices, with a recent decision by U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, stripping their “religious freedom” from them.

A U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit panel ruled against East Texas Baptist University and a group of other non-profit religious employers in their challenge to the Obamacare requirement that they facilitate health care coverage for employees that includes contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs and devices, or fill out a form notifying the Department of Health and Human Services that they have a religious objection to providing such coverage.

Another recent decision, this one by the US Supreme Court has just mandated gay marriage, once again attacking religious institutions where according to their beliefs, their religion, which is supposedly protected by the Constitution, is an act against God.


Showing exactly how this little game where the powers that be, aka Illuminati aka Luciferians, or as the videographer below calls it “The Beast System,” whatever you want to call these puppet-masters, have accelerated their agenda to the nth degree, they have now declared war against the Confederate Flag, which to many represent their Southrn heritage, because a man by the name of Dylan Storm Roof entered a black church and killed nine people and follow-up photos showed him holding that flag.

Make no mistake, those objecting to this all-out war against the Confederate flag are in no way supporting slavery, the flag to them simply represents their heritage, yet huge retailers across the board are blocking the sales of the flagGoogle is banning ads of it, and now Apple is pulling historical games that feature the Confederate flag.


There has also been a push, from the beginning of Obama’s term, to strip the Second Amendment right to bear arms, with each and every shooting and example deliberately highlighted by the MSM, being used as a political football to pass more and more laws, or sign more Executive orders to disarm legal gun-owners.

Many believe that is what Jade Helm 15 is practicing for. Whether it happens during the scheduled dates of the exercises or whether they are simply training for a future event, the ultimate goal it is believed, is to take away our ability to defend ourselves from a tyrannical goverment.

Again, creating divisions between gun-control advocates and Second Amendent supporters.


These are just a few examples of how we are being divided up like pawns on a chessboard, into sub-groups, those sub-groups being turned against each other, which many, including the videographer you will hear below believing we are watching biblical prophecies play out before our very eyes…. and most importantly, we are being programmed for the upcoming “future and final” American civil war.

Blacks vs whites, gay activists vs people fo faith, gun control advocates vs gun-owners, liberals vs conseravtives, North vs South……  are we beginning to see the pattern?

As he states, there is a “purge” taking place.

Remember, over 600,000 people died in the last American civil war and our population has increased exponentially, so how many will die this time?

Listen closely and do as he asks, research everything he says and see if you do not come to the same conclusion that he has.

ALSO A MUST-READ FROM OMEGASHOCK – The Hidden Hand and Current Events

Susan Duclos

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I say We can create better peacefully with a revolution in ideas, not blood...

It makes NO difference what we do, their sole intention is to continue to control, poison and kill us....until they are left with a manageble number of slaves.

It is now 2015 - it is highly doubtful that many more are going to awaken if they haven't already questioned the absolute insanity of the world.

The majority of awakened people I meet, admit they no longer see any point in wasting time pointing out the obvious to those that LOVE their slavery, and who respond to any observation that shatters their precious little paradigm of narcissistic materialism with burning hate and vitriol.  

It is too late - advise those who want to know the truth and are in need of information and solutions.

The PTB initiated the pain, misery, violence and bloodshed...they are of a mindset where it's all or nothing.

They would drag you off a cliff with them, because their twisted logic would be that they have 'won'

You don't reach a compromise with cancer...

Awesome ;)

I see.  So We just throw up Our hands and await Our death?  Or maybe share a SOLUTION to the psychopaths in control?  People do not need to see the depth of insanity and all the details to see that They will benefit GREATLY from a solution such as I offer.

I cannot go forth believing it's "too late."  If it is, I guess the hands up, kill Me, is the best approach.

Is this an attempt at an ad hominem attack? 

Oh please...pray tell, WHERE did I say we (the awakened) should accept what is happening/ wave the white flag/ sit in the corner, rocking backwards and forwards/ throw our hands up and give up?

I stated that it is TOO LATE for the niceties of working through the system (just we can have some elite owned clown co-opt any effort / act as a safety valve and drain money away, that could be spent on personal preperation - i.e Ron Paul, the Tea Party, Russell Brand) or believeing that there will be some miracle new age awakening among those that covert material goods and narcissm over all other things and wouldn't know what empathy (and respect for others was), even if you beat them over the head with lead typset forming the word. 

Your solution relies on the efforts of those who actually DO something.

One thing I have learnt in recent years, is that if you freely do things for others (especially those locked in the materialsm worship / narcissim / 'I have to keep buying crap to show how successful I am' mentality - your time/ your energy/ the value of anything you do for such people - gratis - is not appreciated.

Especially by people who believe themselves so superior, but can't boil an egg, make a fire, change oil on a car, wire a plug, do basic carpentry or DIY etc

So am I going to assist such people again...?


Would I assist likeminded awakened folks...who understand the basic concepts of barter, mutual assistance and reciprocation - the value of an individual's energy / time/ work


But I no longer possess any altruistic need to converse with or assist those who will NEVER awaken...

...I certainly have NO plans to 'compromise' with those that plot our enslavement and/ or destruction, and those that ally themselves with or serve them. 

This is 2015, not 2005...

Look at where we are...1 minute to midnight...and the PTB have made their intentions very clear.

Like every revolution before, this one will be bloody, unpleasant and fought by a minority of the population.

It's horrible to contemplate...especially when it will be on a global scale, but sadly that is the nature of this reality and the incarnation we find currently find ourselves in.

Free will and the basic universal morality demands we do something.

The one constant in history, is that people do NOT learn from past or even current events, and then act all surprised when tyrants screw them over.

Tyrants only seem to learn in those few brief seconds before their destruction.


Ad hom is attacking the Person - i.e., "You're a stupid fuck."  Do show where I claimed YOU were anything...

As to where You suggested We give up:  "It makes NO difference what we do..."  "It is too late..."  I guess I misread them?

We cannot "fix" Their system - at best We can create setbacks to Their agenda.  So yeah, I suggest We do things differently.  The ONLY time ANYTHING gets done is by Those who want to solve problems, so yeah, if enough of Us are aware of a solution, it WILL be implemented.

I do not ask any to do things directly for Others - no "Go work at a soup kitchen" or "Go buy that One food"- but to do things that assist Humanity - "Release knowledge of free energy tech."  "Open-source program a central site."  "Coordinate distribution."  "Create open-source robots for NEEDED work that no Humans want to do."  (A commode-cleaning robot would be awesome!)

Those that do THAT work will become renown. They will earn respect, thanks, gratitude, fame.

So comparing what reactions Individuals have to help in a scarcity paradigm to the reaction of Humanity to wide-scale improvements is a logical error.

Please don't patronise me, it was a rhetorical question.

You implied that I suggest we all give up and accept what is coming without making a stand - I find that far more offensive that being met with a torrent of abuse.

Why would I even be here on 12160, if I was of that mindset?

Since I obviously need to reiterate the point - I said we (the awakened) should focus solely on the likeminded - those who know things are wrong, who genuinely give a damn, and plan to do something about it.

NOT those who are happy in their ignorance, and will continue to expect to have everything handed to them on a platter, whatever the outcome may be.

There will always be a scarcity problem in this life - it is not solely an issue with resources and other materials.

It requires knowledge, ability, and talent to make things - whether that is mining raw materials or making a bespoke item by hand.

Unfortunately, a large proportion of people, have NO wish to educate or improve themselves, even when other offer to teach them skills - but they'll quite happily take.

Even today, those that produce open-source software/ are involved in the maker/ DIY scene, only recieve gratitude and thanks from those in that subculture - who are aware of the work / energy / time involved.

The majority place NO WORTH on such skills or effort.

We have a global culture, largely in the west comprised of apathetic and selfish morons who think they are owed something, when they offer nothing themselves.

We have had a culture of convience - cheap goods and labor saving devices for over 50 years - wonderful technology - but have the majority of people in the west counterbalanced this gift by spending some of their free time learning a wide range of other skills and improving themselves - no.

It's time for a reboot, and it's time humans grew the fuck up and lived up to their potential - and I include myself in that.

When humans again place value and importance on what really matters, and show respect for the skills of others, then things might begin to change, for us to approach the model you suggest.

But first we need to eradicate the parasitic infection that afflicts this planet.

Wrong.  I ASKED if that was what You were suggesting.

It does not take the majority to keep things running - 10% max once all the jobs that are in place for the sole purpose of moving wealth to the few have been removed.  Cashiers, sales, accounting, collections, insurance, Wall Street, and banking are all non-productive work (unless You count moving wealth from the poorest to the richest).

It takes People who love to program, love to administer, love to organize, love to teach, love to build...  And I think enough of Us love those things.

You seem to think Humans need to change first - and to be sure, if We wait for that, it will not happen.  Change the systems FIRST and Humans will follow.

As for the People giving Their work to the community, who cares if People who don't understand the work don't appreciate it.  That the People who DO understand offer appreciation is far more valuable.  To be sure, the successful programmers ride VERY high on the praise of Their peers when They succeed, and do NOT bemoan that Joe Average does not appreciate.

So calm down and stop interpreting questions as some kind of accusation.

Don't tell me to calm down...I'm under no illusion as to what is about to take place.

Humans do need to change, and bluntly if they cannot see that something has been desperately wrong for a long time, and are not using that thing called 'free will' and are changing as a result of their own intent, they never will.

The unawakened will continue to remain ignorant sheep through choice, and it NOT the responsibility of those who are awake, to provide everything on a plate.

The unawakened should be doing it for themselves...and the first step is that self-revelation - that everything is not what it seems...and like all revelations of truth, it can only be accomplished by the individual - no-one can do it for you.

Form a new society full of ignorant sheep and we will have learnt nothing and will end up right back were we began.

What I don't understand is why any religious folk have an issue with People They don't know doing something that is not unEthical somewhere beyond Their personal awareness.  If One does not believe in "gay marriage," do not marry a member of One's own sex.  The unEthical behavior of forcing One's ideologies on Others seems unbecoming of any who claim to follow a man who accepted even the cast-offs.

But yes, if We make an issue of it, We will feed the divide/conquer.

Also, I sometimes wonder how much of the "unrest" is merely what the media SAY is happening.  I think We are likely NOT responding as They claim, but if We believe everyOne else is behaving like that, We may be more accepting of the "solution" They have for the "reaction" They claimed We had to the "problem" They created in the first place.

All the People I meet are NOT angry, ready to fight on these divide issues.  They are all discussing the psyops and fakery We're seeing.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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