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Sounds like the false flag ET invasion is well on its way to being seeded in the memescape.

Cable television "programming" has been drilling this into the mind of the collective since 2003 or so, up until the present. On any given day cable has something about aliens on. Just a couple years ago, they would have entire marathons on the History Channel, sometimes for days... between aliens, doomsday scenarios; everything from killer quakes, to life without people, asteroids, Nostradamus prophecies, bible armageddon, super volcanoes, Yellow Stone blowing it's top, bio weapons, super viruses, economic collapse, terrorists; they have set the stage for disaster and when they play a card on the figurative poker table, it will be believable because we are familiar with very plausible hypotheticals due to the repetition of intentional programming for the purpose of conditioning us to acquiesce with what is "inevitable."

Yes.  I have watched this pummeling of the public for a while and know They are doing it for a reason.  With holography at its present state, it would be easy to create such a false flag.

I hope enough of Us are awake to thwart the overall effects...  We shall see.

I see it coming. They've been covering up the existence of ETs and any evidence of ETs so they could pull it out and use it to their advantage when they're ready. Kind of like how they covered up the death of bin Laden so they could spin the story their way at their own timing.

So you think it's a cover up that aliens exist or do you think the government is working with aliens? Personally, after all I've learned I think serious considerations have been made to stage an invasion. I think most of it is playing on our superstitious nature while they continue the arms race and scare the shit out of us with their new toys All the while reminded of the contingency of a staged alien attack when their technology is ready, and if it is deemed necessary. For the last decade, on day time television there is always something on about aliens, or ufo sightings etc. If you have Comcast, do a search on your remote and just type in the word aliens and see just how many results you get lol.

The mass sightings alone are proof that something is happening. I lean towards the more probable explanation that it's secret military projects with some unknown advanced aeronautics. If I recall, William Cooper claimed that NASA was a big part of the mind control experiments as portrayed in shows like the X-Files written by Chris Carter -- the same Chris Carter that wrote the story for the lonegunmen show where they were going to crash a plane into the twin towers just a few months before it actually happened.

Two things:

1. If they stage something, which I doubt, but IF they did, I guarantee the aircraft will be drones. Unmanned UFO's. No biological entities. Based on what I have seen and read I find this to be the most plausible. I watched a show last year with Michio Kaku and a whole crew of sci-fi/physicist/ufo geeks conclude somewhere in the span of the two hour special that an alien encounter would most likely be hostile, they would want our water or some other resource, and that the ufo's once shot down (if possible) would be unmanned drones. I've read about this scenario before, and it was depicted in the movie Battle Los Angeles that came out in 2011.

If aliens arrive, it's a government trick, and the crafts will be drone technology that we have only glimpsed in ufo sightings.

Unless ancient aliens are real and have been here before...

if thats the case then i'm lost and can't even begin to connect the dots for at least a few days until the shock wears off lol...

I'm pretty sure that Nikki has it right.  There ARE ET's amongst Us, and They will "reveal" it with a false flag operation.  I also think that the "invasion" will NOT be drones, but holograms.

Kaku is koo koo and a disinfo agent same as Hawking. They are the ones working with the military, not the aliens.


Some assume aliens would be hostile because they reflect man's own hostility on to them. But if they can get here, they are much more advanced than us and most likely intelligently evolved to the point they don't need to be hostile (if they ever were).

Why would aliens come here and want anything to do with the military?  They don't need the military. If they are hostile or not, the military has nothing to offer them. But the purpose of the false flag will be to get us to believe the military can save us if only we allow them to build more and more powerful weapons and give away more of our rights (not that we have many left).

As for resources, the universe if full of them. If they were needed, the aliens would simply take them from an uninhabited (with intelligent life) planet.

Right, but the theory postulated is the rarity of liquid h20. It's likely if aliens came here, they would be after our water. Water is rare, and our planet is 2/3 water, makes perfect sense. Chances are that is what they would be after and if they wanted to take our water, lets face it, that qualifies as hostile.

Kaku is a globalist, I know that, my point was, this is all predictive programming. They are doing what they always do i.e foreshadowing events before they may happen.

I don't dismiss the ancient alien theory entirely. However, i see no definitive proof that these mythological tales are stories of aliens. I've watched nearly all the episodes of Ancient Aliens (some multiple times)  and countless documentaries and read their books etc. as I'm sure you have.

It's all VERY compelling, and I get lost in it sometimes and I think they raise some of the best questions pertaining to prehistory etc... however intriguing and thought provoking speculation may be, such logic still bears the burden of proof. 

@ Amaterasu Solar I don't dismiss the idea that they may resort to using holograms to serve some function, but they can't stage an Alien invasion entirely with holograms. They need real life organic or non organic aliens to flex some extraterrestrial muscle. Can you imagine North Korea bowing down to holograms lol? This is why the airforce projected back in 2000 they wanted over half the U.S airforce to be drone tech -- and look what they have done since. Discontinued manufacturing our two top fighter jets. They aren't building fighter jets any more but guess what they are building? Yep, you guessed it, drones. So holograms... yea, sort of but, Area 51 wasn't created to play with holograms -- they have been building these "ufo's" for decades and there have been no reports of abductions until modern flight was possible. With a couple rare exceptions that are clearly speculative such as Enoch's encounter in the old testament.

There are other more plausible explanations to all of this. And there are people that have successfully debunked much of Eric Von Dankin's work and Zecharia Sitchen's. They have in many ways done very biased research; unscientific, compiling evidence that supports their view often dismissing very obvious facts and pertinent details. 

Anything we are force fed is a lie. The war on terror on every channel, the garbage sports craze, the nightly news, the commercials advertising their phoney products and lets face it -- they have been shoving aliens down our throats since Roswell and now it's on, in your living room and everyone elses every single night -- they want you to believe.

Again the question is why? Why are they shoving it down our throats? Why do they shove these other things down our threats previously mentioned?

btw thanks for the replies, i like talking about this stuff, and i'm not trying to be an obstinate little shit either ;)

H20 is not rare in the universe as the majority of the water on Earth came from comets. And frozen H20 would not be a problem for beings intelligent enough to travel through space (scarcity is an elite meme to frighten us) . Science fiction, like all fiction, wouldn't be very interesting if there wasn't a villain. So make the alien the villain.

You may dismiss the myths but you can't dismiss the pyramids and other stone structures all over the world that scientists and engineers have no realistic explanation for as to how they were built and how megalithic stones were moved and put in place ever so precisely.  If not ETs, then the other only logical explanation is that there were very advanced civilizations in the past.  And this is definitely NOT one of their 'scientific ' explanations. So if you think they have any other plausible explanations, please share them.

I too would like to know why they are shoving them down our throats.  If they are considering false flagging them, then that's fine by me. I think this one would be so obvious that even the sheeple would actually figure out they are being scammed.

The liquid h20 that we have is rare. They have found what they believe to be water, in different parts of the universe, but that h2o could very well have any number of elements in it that would render it useless to most life as we know it. 

Another thing I consider is the Fermi Paradox -- basically, if there are Aliens out there in abundance as proposed in the drake equation then why no signs of Aliens in the observable universe? No space probes, no communications, no confirmed contact -- nothing, really. If aliens did exist and they are here, or were here, why didn't they leave a calling card? Were they not smart enough to leave something behind other than a few strange stone structures that ancient man drew on? If they are not hostile and they are smart enough to make it all the way here then why aren't they helping us out?

In a Darwinian universe, I think the physicists the RT reporter is talking about are correct. Nature is very violent so much so that we have predators and prey and that's basically it -- scavengers too, but they are normally somewhat predatory as well.

I think the explanation to the stone structures are hidden right in front of all our eyes. What secret society prides themselves on their ancient stone building skills? The very tools they used to build these mysteries structures are the symbols of their fraternity. They even put a pyramid on the back of our money...

If aliens were here, then why don't we see pictures of UFO's drawn everywhere in ancient caves and stone structures? Ancient Alien believers have literally a hand full of items and depictions that look as if they COULD be some type of aircraft, but that's it.

If the pyramids in Giza were accompanied by a monument to a spacecraft, I'd say yea, I think that solves the mystery, but it's a giant half man half lion, not a UFO.


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