Drone users face jail time, fines if they don't register

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Drone users are facing the possibility of fines up to $27,500 and even jail time if they have not registered their devices with the federal government. 

The Federal Aviation Administration's Feb. 19 deadline for drone registrations, which was set in December, has now passed. 

The agency says "failure to register an aircraft may result in regulatory and criminal sanctions." 

"The FAA may assess civil penalties up to $27,500," the FAA said in a frequently asked questions post on its website. "Criminal penalties include fines of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment for up to three years." 

The FAA is imposing a $5 fee for registrations, over the objections of drone advocates, but the agency provided refunds people who registered their drones within the first 30 days of the new requirement.

The agency said Monday that 368,472 drones were registered by midnight on Feb. 19, surpassing the number of airplanes that are on record with the federal government. 

FAA Administrator Michael Huerta says he is encouraged by the response to the drone registration rules, which were implemented by the Transportation Department in December after an increase in the number of reported drone sightings by commercial airline pilots. 

"The speed with which we were able to roll this out is a testament to the invaluable input we received from the diverse task force of stakeholders we brought together to work on this issue," he said in a recent speech at a drone policy summit in Washington.

"It’s proof that when government and industry partner, we can innovate, cut through red tape, and use technology to tackle emerging risks."

Drone users have complained about the fees, labeling them a "drone tax." A drone hobbyist in Silver Spring, Md. and a technology group have sued the FAA over the rules, arguing the mandate violates a federal law prohibiting the FAA from regulating recreational drones.

The FAA has defended the legality of the system, saying the agency has the authority to regulate all "aircraft's" that are flown in the U.S. The agency has also defended the drone registration fee is nominal.

By Keith Laing

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Register MY "Stuff" with Criminal ratbastiches???...Pay extortion monies to these Felons if not you say??...LMAO, The Devil you say??

Just like the CA CT MD & NY gun registration - how's that working for them.

Is a R/C aircraft a drone?

How long before R/C wheeled / tracked or water borne craft are designated drones, for revenue purposes?

Well when We, The People assemble a Legitimate, Balanced, Governing body that is kept in Check, is Fair & Just FOR ALL, follow's the guidelines of Our US Constitution to the letter, is NOT populated by Mentally ill Elitist's and Traitors, controlled by We, The People and NOT Criminal Central Bankster's, Felonious Corporate whore's and moronic buffoon Presidential Impostor Puppets, whose string's are being yanked by Zio-j00 puppet masters is when I'll actually start complying and being part of a Greater good!

Not of this evil (and illegal) "System"! I quit supporting or complying this illicit establishment when I realized these were moronic Chess pieces and puppets back in 2000. These thieves are merely low-life scumbag criminals that are posing as Representatives of We, The People as they wipe their pathetic rear-ends with the Constitution DAILY!

Obo, the Illegal Impostor, usurping the Executive Office, fully immune to any Law apparently, then we had an idiot moron distracting the dumbed + brainwashed, while the warhawk NeoCon pricks blew up NY and killed 4k+ of our own and a couple mill in Iraq in order to Conquer American's and the World....ALL IMMUNE (in United States anyway)

then a known, vetted, felonious. career criminal biotch running for President, also fully immune apparently. The Succubus who had a gov't based, inet connected mail server computer w/ above top secret files, and virtually NO Security or encryption..... IN THEIR PRIVATE HOMES, caught w/ super top secret National Security files and also selling shiot to China, Radiation to Russia...all this rampant collusion and espionage, yet STILL invincible, impervious + bullet proof to any Charges or Prosecution or Prison.


I see some changing going on tho..I think We, The People are finally, slowly realizing what's TRULY wrong and is now starting to rectify this paltry dilemma ;)~  ....hopefully
Godspeed America!!!!

While I agree that the mess the psychopaths are making is unacceptable, the myth of "America" having the best possible way of doing things is something I reject.  The populace has been indoctrinated into thinking the top-down controlmind is perfect in its conception.  And, as ALL such top-down systems draw and promote psychopaths, it is clear that it is flawed and that We need a bottom-up system, driven by Human caring and not money/profit/power.  Ergo, I work towards that.

"Money is the great unequalizer."

"If You want peace, take the PROFIT out of war."

Not very long.... robot registration anyone??

IF They prove I am subject to Their system, I will happily register anything They want.  Until such proof is forthcoming, I trust I will not be bullied to comply.  That just proves Some can be bullies.  And given I withdrew consent...there is no proof I am subject...


"Destroying the New World Order"


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